Mr E’s Blog, Post #14

View From Lakeside Vol. # 14 Hello again, my friends, Let’s see,  what’s been going on here in Lakeside lately? Well, there are elves milling about talking about an upcoming wedding and an unfortunate death that occurred a few cities over. The reason we even heard about the casualty was because someone in this town was related to […]

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Mr E tells us why you should never milk a cow when you’re angry…and how you can apply that to your life!

Mr E: There’s an old elven saying that we use a lot which is, “never milk a cow when you’re angry or the milk will go sour.” NL: And that means…? Mr E: Basically, whatever emotions you’re feeling  as you are milking the cow will go right into that milk. So, if you are pissed off at […]

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Mr E’s Blog, Post #13

  Hello my people of Real Fairies! Today I am going to do some answering of some of your questions and I am sorry it has been a while since I put up a post. Susan has been unavailable due to a death in her family and she needed time to go to funeral and […]

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New Blog Post from Mr E coming next week…

Hello everyone, You may be wondering why Mr E hasn’t posted since June 28th so I thought I should make a short explanation here. Susan and I have recently suffered a loss of a family member (sister) and we have been quite preoccupied with that for the last several weeks.  We are now ready to […]

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Mr E’s Blog, Post #12

A View from Lakeside, Vol. 12 Hello my people of Real Fairies, how are things going on your end? I’m gonna do my best to take you through an ordinary day with me because it seems to fascinate you so… First of all, I sleep in a bed that is sort of like what you […]

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Mr E’s Blog, Post #11

View From Lakeside Vol. # 11 Hello people of Real Fairies!! How has your week been going over there in your world ? Today, I’m thinking about how  fascinated I am with your ability to create such amazing inventions. Your world fascinates me along with the fact that you think my world is so charming.  I’m used to my […]

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It’s Mr E’s Birthday!

Yes, it’s that time of year again, it’s Mr E’s birthday today–he’s 3,004!  Well actually, he’s only 3,004 according to the passage of time in our world, not his.  Time passes slower in his world so he’s still pretty much a youngster (plus they live a lot longer than we do anyway). So, how does one […]

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Mr E’s Encounter with the Bird People

Here’s Mr E’s account of his first meeting with a large, winged fae that he calls the Bird People.  I found it fascinating and I hope you will too! –nl NL: Can you think of any type of fae that we haven’t talked about before? Mr E: Yes, the closer you get to the mountain […]

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