Mr E’s Blog, Post #8

Note:  Apologies for the lateness of this post.  Unfortunately, Susan became ill with a stomach virus and high fever last week and was hospitalized for a day to stabilize her symptoms.  On the day she came home from the hospital, I also got the virus and high fever and that lasted for 3 days for […]

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Mr E’s Blog, Post #7

The View From Lakeside- Vol.7 4/02/14 Hello my friends from Real Fairies and welcome back to Lakeside! Ta asked about my dragon buddies and some history on them so I’ll have to start back in Fyn with this one… Alright–well, these beings have been around almost as long as time itself but my relationship with them […]

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Mr E’s Blog, Post #6

Note:  This post was a bit late this week because of a heavy workload on our side, sorry.  The next post should be on time. The View From Lakeside – Vol.6, 3/25/14 Hello people of Real Fairies!! How’s your week going over there? I recently got a question from one of you–her name is Paige–about […]

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Mr E’s Blog, Post #5

The View From Lakeside,  3/14/14… Hello again! I hear that you will be celebrating St. Patty’s Day very soon and over here that’s always a happy occasion for us.    You see,  St.  Patty’s day is  when humans slightly remember we that actually exist, or at least they want to believe that we do!   […]

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Mr E’s Blog, Post #4

Hello people of Real Fairies!!! Well, Lakeside has been pretty quiet this week–just folks going about their business. Crime has been a real low since I moved here and I’ve been here a while…I guess when you have a friend who’s a dragon, people take you seriously! Even though my dragon friend is not with […]

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Mr E’s Blog, Post #3

Hello, it’s that time of the week again when I get to tell you more about Lakeside. This just in …. (smiles) I spotted the kind tailor woman receiving a shipment of special fabric that you usually make wedding garb out of so I’m wondering if the smith has gotten up the courage to ask […]

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Mr E’s Second Blog Post

Hello again, I’m back for my second blog post: As promised, here is some information about the businesses and people in Lakeside… Now if your coming  into downtown Lakeside heading west, on your right side, you’ll see the first business with a living quarters above it. This is known as Handpul’s Bakery where Mr. and […]

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Mr E’s First Blog Post

Ta, one of our members, recently suggested that Mr E start  blogging something of his daily life so that she could  get a better picture of his world.  I thought this was an excellent idea and mentioned it to Mr E yesterday and he liked the idea so much that he wrote his first post […]

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