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Is This A Real Life Fairy Encounter? Yes, I Think So…

  If you’ve ever wondered what a real fairy (pixie) encounter might look like, we have a great example to show you, thanks to a very nice woman named Ashley, who lives in Virginia. Ashley recently contacted me when a video of her dog revealed “something unusual” that she could not explain and could not get out of her head. Her first […]

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Photographs Of Beings Beyond Our Realm, Part 2 – Conversations With Ruth And Mr E

Welcome back!  In the first part of this series, we showed you several interesting  photos of unexplained phenomena taken by Ruth who lives in northwest Washington State.  As you might remember,  Ruth has rare abilities that include being able to see the phenomena prior to taking her photos and also the ability to receive compelling messages to come and take […]

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Photographs Of Beings Beyond Our Realm, Part 1 – We Are Definitely Not Alone!

If you are looking for something that might suggest we are not alone, that other realms or dimensions exist, then you might want to consider these impressive photos sent to me by  a remarkable woman named Ruth. Ruth took these photographs in northwest Washington State, where she lives, and she says her encounters with these beings […]

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The Fifth Cottingley Fairy Photo

Although the hoax involving the Cottingley Fairies Photos, circa 1920, is well known, many are unaware that one of the girls involved insisted that the 5th photo was genuine.  As you will see in the  2009 video from The Antiques Roadshow  below, Frances Griffiths admitted to the deception in the 1980’s, along with her cousin Elsie Wright, […]

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Mr Butterfield at Ilkley Wells

A Fairy Sighting at Ilkley Wells (circa 1815)

The following fairy encounter was written by Charles C. Smith and appeared in  “The Folklore Record of 1878,” which was published by The Folklore Society in 1878.  Smith writes of a fairy encounter that William Butterfield, the keeper of  Ilkley Wells in West Yorkshire, England experienced around 1815, as told to him by a local […]

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