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Mr E tells us why you should never milk a cow when you’re angry…and how you can apply that to your life!

Mr E: There’s an old elven saying that we use a lot which is, “never milk a cow when you’re angry or the milk will go sour.” NL: And that means…? Mr E: Basically, whatever emotions you’re feeling  as you are milking the cow will go right into that milk. So, if you are pissed off at […]

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Audio – Mr E Talks About Protective Shielding

As I mentioned in an introduction to an earlier audio, Mr. E and the Elves of Fyn have become very focused lately on sharing information about defense and protection as well as empowerment. Here is a 4 minute audio conversation that Mr E and I had on the subject.

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Mr E on Egg Divination

Here’s a fun little conversation I had with Mr E on May 1st about the elven tradition of using an egg as a divination tool. I hope you enjoy it!– Join the forum discussion on this post

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Mr. E Discusses Evil and Magic

Hello everyone! In his 2012 post, Mr. E mentioned that, by the time 2012 arrives, “magic will be more accessible to humans who know how to use it.” His use of the word “magic” has seemed to make quite a few people uncomfortable, or worried–probably because  people often associate the words “magic” and “evil” together. […]

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Mr. E Talks About 2012

Early last week, Mr E. sat down and talked to me about what is going to happen in 2012 and he was very intense and excited to share this with us.  Hope you enjoy it!–Natalie NL:  Can you tell us what you believe is going to happen in 2012? Join the forum discussion on this […]

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How to Make an Elven Amulet

Since we’ve gotten a lot a questions about making amulets, we decided that maybe a post on the subject would be in order. Making an amulet can be as simple or as complicated a process as you want it to be so I have included a few options for you to consider. Note:  If this […]

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The Fairy Communication Amulet

Since so many of you are looking for ways to connect and communicate with the fairy realm, we thought it would be a good time to share this wonderful Fairy Communication Amulet with you. Given to us by The Elves of Fyn, this amulet was designed to assist you in communicating with the fairy realm […]

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Fairy Magic – The Elven Truth Amulet

Here’s a wonderful amulet to use whenever you need to discover or uncover the real truth.

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