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The Friendship Between Pixies and Mr E

  In a recent conversation with Mr E, he discussed his relationship with the pixie nation. I  knew that the pixies were under the protection of the elves but I didn’t really understand how interwoven their lives can be.  Here, he tells about their unique relationship including  how they  provide him with  information (both light […]

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Mr E Talks About 2014

Happy New Year, Everyone! I thought this would be a good time to post an audio clip that Mr E made recently about 2014. Katie and I recorded this audio a few weeks ago and I had to edit it pretty extensively as Mr E was, shall we say, rather “unfocused” that day so I […]

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Mr E Talks About How the Elves Celebrate Yule

Since it is Yule today (also known as the Solstice to some), I thought I would upload a recent conversation Katie and I had with Mr E about how his people celebrate this important day.  Happy Yule, everyone!

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Conversations with JP – Another Elven Viewpoint

Today I would like to introduce you to JP, an elf who recently came to talk to us through Susan, the same way that Mr E does.  Mr E has enormous respect for JP and has mentioned several times that he is one of the most powerful elves he knows, both magically and politically. JP is […]

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Mr E answers two of your questions…

Hi Everyone! Today I am posting Mr E’s answers to two of your most recent questions. The question will be listed below, followed by his response. He loves answering your questions when time allows so please feel free to ask any thoughtful question and perhaps it will be chosen the next time. Enjoy! Join the […]

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Mr E Discusses Coming of Age and Magic

In one of our recent discussions, Mr E talked about a yearly coming of age festival that takes place in the small town that he lives in while he is working with us.  The town, which he calls Lakeside, corresponds geographically in his world to where we live in ours so it makes it easier […]

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Mr E Talks About 2013 and the Story of the 13 Suns

 Well, it certainly has been a while since we posted!  Although we haven’t been as visible as before, we have been busy working behind the scenes and there will be some  changes in store for Real Fairies in new year  (more on that later). Today, I have two audios to share with you from Mr […]

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Baking with the Elves – Making Elven Love Bread

Last week, we asked Mr. E  if he could share some more information about his culture and society which we always find fascinating.   Since he  has mentioned bakers quite a bit in the past, we thought maybe he could tell us about the special breads that are available in his world.  He prepared for […]

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