Caution: Trimming Your Garden Can Make Fairies Angry

Lisa originally posted this as a comment under the “Fairy Communication” section but it was such a great fairy sighting story that I wanted to repost it here so that everyone could be sure to see it.–Natalie

Here’s her story–

I believe I made communication with the White Fairy Queen last spring.  My husband and I spent the day tidying the back yard, cutting back shrubs and trimming trees and bushes.  After a long afternoon of hard work, we decided to lay the children down for a nap, and dose off on the couch ourselves.  I awoke to hearing a woman’s voice calling my name–I was and am the only woman in my house–as I awoke, laying there on the couch, facing straight out the window towards the back yard.  There was the White Queen, on a white horse, which actually looked like a miniature unicorn!  She had three “soldiers” with her, on brown horses… and they were in mid-air, looking in my window… very angrily.  I felt terrible; it was obvious that they were upset we had done all that cutting down of what was probably their yard as well.  I have not seen or felt their presence since.  I had a feeling as we were cutting back, that something was wrong… now something is missing from my back garden; fairy magic.

The birds that eat off my cherry tree were scarce after that, the doves have not chosen our chimney to lay their nests in, either. The yellow and white butterflies have not returned in their 100’s to feed off of the honey suckle tree as they had the year before; and I was invaded by massive wasps that would fly into my house on a daily basis. The forced shaping of mother nature had angered that “love buzz” that used engulf my backyard. There was an energy there that I only felt before, a comforting, close to nature feel.  I thought it was because of my good natured family, my playful kids, our loving pets. Now I know, only because I feel that they’re gone, that it was more than that.

Never before had I seen fairies, or even knew that I sensed them.  Only when I knew they would be gone, had I even known they were there.

We’re moving this spring, in search of a home with the fairy essence, and I promise, I won’t cut back too much this time!


Update:  Hi Everyone!  Because of the number of comments on this post, I am moving all further comments to the forum.  It would be very  helpful if you could try to stay on topic or create a  new topic if you would like–it makes it so much less confusing that way.  Thanks so much!



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125 Responses to Caution: Trimming Your Garden Can Make Fairies Angry

  1. Navneeta ray August 16, 2009 at 11:20 pm #

    HAHAHA :) I also have a kind of
    phobia of WATER so I am trying
    to learn swimmimng but I haven’t
    really coped with it yet as i’ve
    past drowning issues, maybe some
    day in future i’ll till then I am
    going to try, GUD LUCK with bees
    :) keep smiling, bye

  2. Bri3 August 17, 2009 at 9:28 am #

    hahaha good luck to you too naveneeta. i haven’t ever been afraid of water, my whole life. my mom says when i was a baby i would just o and walk into the water not even care about drowning and my dad would come in to get me. it was HILARIOUS. lol

  3. admin August 17, 2009 at 11:13 am #

    Hi Navneeta,

    You asked how to connect with tree spirits – -

    I see that you are familiar with meditation so I would go to a wooded area, surround myself in white light for protection, go to a meditative state and then ask to connect to any tree spirit that wishes to communicate on a positive level.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Navneeta ray August 18, 2009 at 3:08 pm #

    Hi Natalie THANK YOU :) so much
    for helping me, one more thing
    is happening to me these days
    like i see the trees in a very
    different way their appearance
    looks quite different to me, even
    the grasslands in my backyard looks
    different kinda like the THISTLES in
    movie TINKERBELL i know it sounds crazy
    but thats what is happening also we’ve
    a very amazing GREEN & BEAUTIFUL land-
    scape at the back of our house if you
    & Mr.E want to see i can always send
    you the picture on your mail id, lots
    of birds come into our neighbour’s
    backyard as they’ve many birdfeeders
    even the HUMMING BIRDS.
    also comes to my window and TAPS on our
    window pretty much everyday, yesterday i
    saw 2 very BIG DRAGONFLIES and i couln’t
    imagine becuz earlier there weren’t any
    dragonflies in our but now 2 very BIG
    ones but later i didn’t see also there
    are lot many BEES too lately, we are
    going to build our GARDEN next year &
    i’ve decided to make it totally FAIRY
    Lastly Natalie when i go
    to the WOODS to MEDITATE then should
    i leave my IRON BANGLES at home ? becuz
    i think i should as it might REPELL them
    away, thank you for your time :)lots of
    fairydust, lol, tc, bye.

  5. Navneeta ray August 18, 2009 at 3:11 pm #

    Hey Bri THANK YOU so much
    sweety :) for the encouragement
    but yesterday i was able to do
    front and back float & i also dived
    in DEEP POOL of 12.5 feet which was
    a gr8 feeling, fairydust, tc, lol,

  6. Bri3 August 18, 2009 at 5:28 pm #

    great job!

  7. Jordan August 22, 2009 at 1:11 pm #

    hi Natalie
    my dad always cuts the garden grass when it gets to long and me and my brother HATH TO pull out weeds as are chores. And we use to have a tree in are garden that we loved, but are washing line pole went right threw the tree (stabed it) so now are tree is dead :(
    no leaves no brown bark and no movement, its just a big, grey , scary dead tree outside my bedroom window.
    will this make the fairies mad, we have a big wild bush and rose bush an lily plant in are garden:)
    answer soon

  8. Jordan August 22, 2009 at 1:18 pm #

    if i meet the the fairies, do you think they could help me make my tree come back to life.
    It might be impossible cause the pole went RIGHT threw the tree, but if fairies are possible mabey they will make my tree possible agein :)
    i would realy apreciate it if they did
    Plz answer soon

  9. Lisa A.- Grey Eyes August 23, 2009 at 9:59 pm #

    Hi Jordan, Though the tree is dead- it will provide new life in other ways. First the birds will still be able to use it to roost and rest when they feel like it, and when it is cut down, parts of it could be used to fertilize the ground.

    If there is yet a little life in that tree, the fairies can usher it back–just like fanning a tiny flame.

    I don’t know if they could ressurect it if it was totally dead. Only God could do that. You can plant a new tree nearby and it will make up for the loss of that tree.

    You may want to save a branch from it and put it in your room as a memory of this tree. The fairies won’t be upset when something happens like that where noone did it intentionally.

    Things like this happen quite often in Nature- where lightening will kill a tree. We had a lilac bush where lightening killed it, but my father planted a new lilac bush,and it is doing nicely.

    The reason those faeries were upset with that woman was because she and her husband intentionally hacked away at the garden on that property —over pruned, and pulled up every sing wild flower out of there– considering these plants only as mere “weeds” .

    The disrespect they showed offended the fairies there. Lisa–the woman who posted her story about it, felt bad afterwards but it was too late. I think because she has good intentions and wants to make things right again, that they will come back for her on her new property.

  10. Lisa A.- Grey Eyes August 23, 2009 at 10:09 pm #

    ps.. When your brother has to pull out the weeds, go outside ahead of time and tell this to the Faeries, that you and your brother are forced by your parents to pull out all wild plants growing in the yard. You can reccomend to them if they could have these same plants growing near your parent’s yard, but not in it, so that the wild plants could be safe from your father.

    Tell them that one day when you are older , you will have your way and will appreciate all the little wild flowers in the garden. I’m sure they will understand because they know your intent is good– and it’s just your father who doesnt understand.

    You could also repot the pretty “weeds” in a plastic pot with potting soil or dirt from the garden- and water it and keep it outside. Use wet tea bags as fertilizer.

    I did this with some of the wild clover , wild mint and purslaine growing up in our garden that my father always pulls out. I watered them right after I put them in a pot, and they picked up nicely and are doing fine!

    Weeds are most often Native plants to an area and the local insects , birds and animals need these native plants to survive. People don’t realize this when they garden.

  11. Lisa A.- Grey Eyes August 23, 2009 at 10:26 pm #

    Bri3, this is in response to your post:

    “lisa a,
    in another forum i believe i asked natalie about it but i can’t find it now so i guess i’ll tell it again.remember,i think it is only a supposed contact for now. once when i was living in my old house (i just moved a couplle months ago)i went to sleep around eleven.when i woke up again around four am (dawn)to find myself not only laying on the floor but i was laying on top of my covers which were completely flat and smoothed out.i was too tired to think about it so i just lumped my covers back on top of my bed and fell’s really weird now that i think about it,i was too tired to look around but i was a little suspicious the next mmorning.i get scared and worried easily so i was very cautionus to step into my room.what do you think about it?”

    I’ve heard of things happen like that with others,and something like that happened with me when I was younger. I slept with my covers off of my bed but I was cold– yet so tired that I fell asleep anyway. When I woke up , the covers were nicely tucked over me.

    It could have been your guardian angel too- you may have fallen out of bed when you were asleep, and when you were still asleep, your guardian angel lifted you and placed the covers nicely under you to cushion you.

    It is quite common for kids to fall out of their beds– my sister and I shared a double bed when we were young and used to fall out onto the floor every once in a while.

    Lisa Grey Eyes

  12. Lisa A.- Grey Eyes August 23, 2009 at 10:32 pm #

    Navneeta ray, I do think you are able to sense the trees’ spirits. I ‘ve felt similar in the wooded areas where I live- When I walk by the trees where I work, I will often pat them on the trunk or limbs to say “hi”.

    Sometimes when I am too busy or forget, I will actually feel the tree’s dissapointment! So I will back track and greet the tree again.

    When I hug a tree, I actually will feel it hugging me back– As though I am hugging another person and I feel thier response.

    Plants and Trees, and all life has a consciosness and soul. When many people have back-to-life experiences where they are taken to Paradise before they return to thier bodies, they often note that the flowers, trees and plants there are full of life and will respond to them when they touch them.

    So this is not far fetched- Science has alot to learn yet and they will never be able to learn about the souls of all living things.

  13. Navneeta ray August 24, 2009 at 3:24 am #

    Hey Lisa THANK YOU :) so much for
    believing in me becuz every word
    you said is right & u totally
    understand hw i feel, every mornin
    wen I rise I always wish d trees
    gudmornin & gunite wen I go 2 sleep
    is dat FUNNY ? bt as my gud pals I
    feel wishin dem always u see, yup u
    r right SCIENCE has lot 2 learn but
    I doubt if they’ll ever learn such
    IMPTNT things of life.
    Also I always try
    2 THANK our gud NATURE SPIRITS :) as
    becz of dem we r breathin dont u agree ?
    & 1 of d ways we can be grateful to dem
    is by makin our planet GREEN again like
    GOD gifted us, wat do u say ? catch ya
    later, tc,lol, fairydust, bbye.

  14. Jordan August 26, 2009 at 11:27 am #

    Hi Lisa
    thank you so so so much for your advise :)
    birds do love my dead tree, and im glad the fairies would understand. Im going to try and plant a apple tree.
    Thanks agein :)

  15. Jordan August 26, 2009 at 11:28 am #

    Thank you

  16. Bri3 August 29, 2009 at 12:29 pm #

    woah that is so cool lisa thank you

  17. Bri3 August 29, 2009 at 1:35 pm #

    navneeta and lisa,
    science may have alot to learn, but it’s still worth knowing on my opinion. :)

  18. Navneeta ray August 29, 2009 at 9:29 pm #

    Hey Bri ofcourse I agree wid ya :) its gud 4 u becz this is wat makes u a well-determined individual & brings out ur personality

  19. Lisa A.- Grey Eyes September 4, 2009 at 9:31 pm #

    Hi Bri3, Navneeta and Jordan! :-)

    You’re so welcome, Jordan! I’m glad I could help you with that- I love trees also. If you grow the apple tree by a seed, I reccomend you grow it in a pot with potting soil, and keep the dirt moist. After it sprouts, keep it evenly moist- but not soaking, so that it doesnt rot.

    Then in the Spring, you can plant it when it is bigger- You may want to start growing it now and keep it in the pot all Winter near a window.

    Navneeta, I also greet the trees in my yard too every morning! :-) Keep on doing that– The trees do feel you and as with all living things, they do respond to love– and they feel love too.

    There is this Birch tree right at my driveway- and whenever I am too busy and forget to touch it and say “hi!” , I feel this sense of sadness from it, so I end up going back to the tree to hug it- and say hi !

    Some psychics are able to communicate with all plants and also trees. If you ever get the chance, Get the book, “Talks with Trees” by Leslie Cabarga– it is a very touching book- and the author shares his conversations he recorded with plants and trees. He also

    Hugs everyone!
    Lisa A. Grey Eyes

  20. Patrick September 4, 2009 at 10:46 pm #

    Wow, I am surprised to find this site and hear everyone’s experience with fairies. 3 months ago, I would have thought everyone was crazy because I was not a believer. I am now.

    A month ago I witnessed something that I still struggle to believe. I am somewhat of a skeptic with these types of things so I really don’t know why they would show themselves to me.

    I was laying on the couch relaxing and getting ready to go to bed when a glowing yellow light flew by my head. It didn’t scare me because I could feel peace and warmth coming from it. I could hear a child’s laughter in it as well. It was about 2 feet from my face and was about 2 inches in diameter or a bit smaller than a tennis ball. It was as clear and real as anything tangible you could imagine.

    It changed my view of the world and what science tells us to believe. I consider myself to be a reasonable person, but what I witnessed was beyond reason and definitely not a hallucination.

    I now know what my cat has been playing with at night. I thought his behavior was odd as he seemed to be chasing invisible objects and playing at night.

    I have seen lights flying around since and can only assume that fairies are living somewhere near my house.

    I live in Colorado as well as some of the other posters here. Its nice to hear other experiences about this situation. I don’t feel alone and I don’t feel insane.



  21. Bri3 September 5, 2009 at 8:47 am #

    Oooooh I want to visit Colorado it is very natural and a good place for fairies! But I really like where I live because it’s rreally warm here!

  22. Jordan September 7, 2009 at 12:57 pm #

    Thanks Lisa,
    im going to start now :)
    and i WILL love it and keep it moist,but not soaking wet.
    Thanks so much :)

  23. Gloria September 23, 2009 at 2:20 pm #

    Hi. I need some advise. about 3 days ago i woke up at about 4:00 in the morning and after being awake for a while a heard a voise. It was kinda like a screm. And a few min after that i heard a buzzing sound. It lasted for about 1 and a half sec. I am not sure if it was somebody yelling down the street or a TV. I did not see anything. But i felt fear. Please tell me if it was a bad fairy. Thanks.

  24. dante September 26, 2009 at 9:33 am #

    heres some IMPORTANT info…never give a fairie some clothe cuz they prefer there own …and dont give them to much food,dont call them fairies cuz its in the word “fairytale” wich make them feel fake and they prefer to be called “wee ones” “small folk”or anything else like that

    hope i help<

  25. dante September 26, 2009 at 4:50 pm #

    dont worry as long as you tell them that “those with bad intents are not welcomed”and also if you have a dream about evil fairies(happened to me) tell them you do not apprecaite it…all they try to do is to put fear in you…if it doesnt help that use iron,holywater,salt ,tomato juice ,vinegar or something elseto protect yourself but those may injure a nice fairie