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Mr E’s Blog, Post #9

   View From Lakeside Volume # 9 Hello people of Real Fairies! I’m glad to say Suzy has completely recovered from the nasty stomach flu and we are able to work on blog posts again… Whats going on in Lakeside?  Well, on a personal note, I have been seeing a very nice lady friend and we have […]

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Mr E’s Blog, Post #8

Note:  Apologies for the lateness of this post.  Unfortunately, Susan became ill with a stomach virus and high fever last week and was hospitalized for a day to stabilize her symptoms.  On the day she came home from the hospital, I also got the virus and high fever and that lasted for 3 days for […]

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Audio: Mr E Comments on New Fae in Forum

Many of you have been waiting for Mr E’s thoughts about two of our new members who are channeling various fae beings. We recently had a conversation on this subject and below are a few audios that address this subject.  This is probably going to be ongoing so we will continue to add more audios […]

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Most Frequently Asked Fairy Questions…

We have noticed that some of the same questions keep getting asked over and over and we thought it might be convenient for you if we had them grouped together so it would be easier for you to find the information you need: Join the forum discussion on this post

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Is it Fairy or Faery???

Ok, some people use the word “fairy” and others use “faery”, so why the different spellings?

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Fairy Houses- A Good Way to Attract Fairies

Handmade Fairy House

If you want to encourage fairies to visit you, try putting a fairy house in a place of honor in your home. A fairy house not only shows fairies that you believe in them, it also shows that you are making an effort to extend your hospitality and provide them with a fairy friendly environment

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I Believe in Fairies. . .

Well… I’m probably leaving myself open to all sorts of criticism from the non-believers out there, but I think it’s time I admitted the truth, my truth anyway–fairies exist, they REALLY ARE REAL.

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