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Mr E talks about Halloween…

Happy Halloween Everyone, My daughter Katie and I recently had a long chat with Mr E and we will be sharing several audios with you over the next couple of weeks.  First up, we thought we would get his take on Halloween–since the season is upon us –so you will be able to listen to […]

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Audio: Mr E Comments on New Fae in Forum

Many of you have been waiting for Mr E’s thoughts about two of our new members who are channeling various fae beings. We recently had a conversation on this subject and below are a few audios that address this subject.  This is probably going to be ongoing so we will continue to add more audios […]

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Audio: Mr E Discusses The Group of Eight

Because there is so much interest, Mr E recently sat down to talk with me about the Group of Eight which were formed of eight seelie nations in his world.  During the discussion, he lists which land masses in our world comprise the eight in his world.  They are, in no particular order: Australia and […]

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Audio: How Mr E learned English…

Hi there! For those who were wondering about why Mr E speaks with an Irish accent, here is his explanation: learning_english_in_Ireland Join the forum discussion on this post

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Audio – Mr E and the Chant of the Eight

Hi Everyone, It was great to hear all of your comments when you got to hear Mr E talking for the first time, thank you for that!  Since quite a few of you were interested to hear him speak some words in his native language, he thought he would share  with you the chant of  […]

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Audio Hello From Mr E

Hi Everyone, Click the link below (if you can’t already see the audio player) to hear Mr E’s greeting to you: Hello_Real_Fairies Join the forum discussion on this post

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Mr E Talks About His World…

This is a recent conversation I had with Mr E. Here he discusses the differences between his world and his people and our world. Hope you enjoy it. NL: Would you say that your world is of a higher vibration than our world? The Seelie world, at least? Mr E: Hmmm, the seelie world? Higher […]

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Site Addition – The Hall of Knowledge

I just added a new page on the main site called the “Hall of Knowledge.” The purpose of this new area is to create an archive of some of the frequently used information such as the elven symbols, the connecting with fae information and some of the Elves of Fyn/Mr E info as well.

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