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In the Faery World magic is an everyday thing. Whether it is a ritual, a simple chant, or a symbol, magic is everywhere.

The Basic Concepts:

What Magic is: Magic is concentration and visualization to direct energy toward a goal (sometimes using tools, symbols, and other stuff)

What is energy: Energy is something I refer to a lot. This can be emotions, intuition, and other “feelings”. Unlike many beliefs, in magic energy is a physical thing. It is physical yet abstract. While doing a religious practice, do you feel peaceful? whole? This is energy. It’s like being burned by fire. You feel the pain and know it is there but there is not way to measure it scientifically.

3 times 3 (Karma): It is known that there are many forms of magic. There is bad magic which intends to hurt or control someone or something. There is good magic which intends to heal and do good acts. Then there is magic which is inbetween which is when someone intends to do a good thing but the outcome is bad. I know this is very oversimplified but I do not want to get into a debate about good, bad and inbetween. Anyway the Rule of Three states that whatever energy you release comes back to you three times stronger.

Wiccan Rede (the laws of Wicca):…..a/rede.htm

The most important of all the laws is harm none!

The Elements, Pentagram, and Balance:

Have you ever wondered why the pentagram is such a big deal in wicca? Well here is the reason. It represent the balance of the four elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. The top point of the star represents spirit which is seen as either God or Goddess. For more information about each element see this link:…../4elem.htm

The Many Paths of Wicca:

There are many paths associated with Wicca. Some people are solitary wiccans and some are part of covens. There are paths which are more traditional and some which are less traditional. Some paths are ritualistic and some paths are more everyday (such a the path of the Kitchen Witch. Yay magical food!).

Link to a list of the traditions: http://www.joellessacredgrove……tions.html

Tools and Materials in Spells:

Symbols: Like the elves of Fynn with their symbols of protection, love, healing, ect., wicca also uses symbols. Symbols is more or less a loose term. It just means you are using something physical to represent an abstract feeling. For instance a rose representing love, a crystal representing courage, an herb representing lust, a dog representing loyalty (not an actual one but an image of one. Although if your dog doesn’t mind, he can join you in your spellwork but animals are not used as objects. Especially not, ever, as sacrifices. Yikes!)

Herbs: Herbs can be stirred into a potions, burned, made into a powder, or simply eaten. Besides their medicinal benefits, herbs pack a powerful punch to a spell. Each herb has different meaning. Sage for example is known to banish unwanted spirits and provided wisdom.

Stones: Stones and Crystals are one of the most overlooked tools. Simply placing a crystal in a room can help clear the room of bad energy or help you dream. As with herbs each stone has a different meaning.

Incense and Candles: These are great for awakening the senses. Providing more energy to a spell these tools are great symbols for the elements!

For a more complete list of tools,  go to this link:


More about Energy:


Auras: http://www.reiki-for-holistic-…..nings.html

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