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The Akashic Library

This is a library that can only currently be accessed by us by going to it through astral travel or meditation.

The Akashic Library can basically be called the library of souls. It has an uncountable number of books, and every single entity that ever lived has a book there. Each individual’s book contains every single action, thought, and deed that they have ever done in all of their lifetimes. Each individual can only access their personal book of life, and when you view the pages, you don’t read the pages, you instead watch them. It’s almost like something out of harry potter, when you read your memory on the page it comes out at you and puts you back in that same time and place to view the indecent from an outsiders perspective.

Now, I know that there are many other ways to gain past life information, but this is the most concise, and thorough way to gain information about yourself.
Ways to Get there:

1. Astral Projection (only for those with no fear)

Okay, so if you don’t know what astral projection is already, then I suggest that you do not even attempt this, but I will explain what it is anyway, and then tell you one of the easiest ways to astral project.

Astral projection is when your consciousness leaves your physical body and you can travel to wherever you want to go in the universe (alien planets, akashic library, the faery realm, anywhere!).

Now here’s how you can achieve astral projection (Note: although astral projection is very very safe, you will feel very unusual while you are leaving your body) :

Step 1: Lie down flat on your bed or the floor and imagine that there is a spiritual rope hanging  from the ceiling down to your body.

Step 2: Imagine that your astral body or spiritual body is trying to climb slowly up that rope until it climbs out of your body and is free.


1. as soon as you feel a sort of numbing vibration going through your body, you’re on the right track and you are indeed leaving your body.

2. You will eventually feel paralyzed but do not let this scare you. Keep climbing the rope and get out, but if you wish to stop you can just imagine yourself going back into your body, and you’re done.

3. Your astral body is always tethered to your physical body no matter how far away it is, so going back to your body is as simple as just thinking about returning to your body

4. your astral body can not be harmed during astral travel, and your physical body can not be possessed or invaded (only you have the right “key” to your body).

5. If someone touches your physical body, you will be brought back into your body immediately.
Okay, so the next technique is…..


You can simply meditate and have the information from the library streamed to you. I have never tried this, but it’s safe, and i hear it’s effective. I’m to skilled on this stuff, but I’m sure that someone on here can add something in this thread that better explains meditation.

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