Contributed by CojoTheBozo:

Have you ever wanted to get rid of bad Habits? Well if you do then today I will teach all of you a centuries old spell that you can do to get rid of your bad habits very easily and effectively.

First you must select how quickly you want to get rid of your habit. If you want to get rid of your habit very, very quickly then you should skip down to the Fire Spell section of this post. If you choose to let your bad habit sort of gradually go away then use the earth spell that I am about to teach you.

EARTH: This spell works best between the 25th and the 28th days of the moon cycle (pretty much the week after the moon is full that month).

Step 1: Get an apple and squeeze it in your hands while thinking about your bad habit (do not transfer your negative energy into the apple just yet).
Step 2: After 2-3 minutes take a knife or any sharp object and carve your habit into the apple (for example if I wanted to get rid of my habit for mimicking people I would carve the word “mimicking” into the apple).
Step3: Squeeze the apple again and this time think about how you feel when you do your bad habit, and focus on sending that energy into the apple.
Step 4: Get away from your house or property line (this is so the bad habits do not become a part of the ground beneath your home). If you can’t leave the house then you can go to the very edge of your property line, although going to a public place or a forest is preferred.
Step 5: Dig a hole and sprinkle salt at the bottom of the hole, then place the apple inside. Sprinkle some more salt on the top of the apple and bury the apple with your hands (very important). After it has been buried then sprinkle some more salt on the ground above the burial spot and then you’re done.
How this works: The once the apple is infused with your bad habit it becomes a vessel for that habit and is still linked to you. As the apple decays underneath the ground and is eaten, you will become less likely to continue your bad habit, and you should stop completely once it is all gone.
Fire: This type of spell can be done on pretty much any day and at any time and is also one of the simplest, yet most effective spells I know.
Step 1: Start a natural fire (no gas fires allowed for this one).
Step 2: On a piece of parchment (not paper, parchment. you can buy this many arts and craft stores) write down your bad habit in pen and focus your intent and your energy into the parchment. Focus on letting your feelings for your bad habit flow into the parchment.
Step 3: Throw the parchment into the fire.
Step 4: You must wait for the fire to run out naturally to be sure that this will work. You should not put it out yourself.
Step 5: Give yourself a pat on the back. You should be free of your bad habit either instantly or within the hour.
How this works: Ok so what happened here was the same thing as the Earth spell. You channeled your energy into the parchment and it became a vessel for your bad habit. Once the parchment was destroyed by the fire you were relieved from it. The reason that the fire must go out naturally is to ensure that there is nothing that could still fuel the fire, because if there is no fuel then there is no more parchment.
Tomorrow I think I will write about traditional protection spells for your family or your home.

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