Here’s what the elves consider when deciding to communicate with humans…

In our first podcast, you talked about how difficult and dangerous it would probably be for humans to go into your world without knowing what was considered appropriate behavior.

When communicating with elves or anybody on our side, there is a protocol you have to follow to have a relationship with our kind. We are very, very picky about who and what we trust. We have a different way of living than you do.

Is it different for each type of being?

It’s different for each being in some ways, but there’s a general protocol, you know what I’m saying? Even if you want to pick whether it would be a pixie or leprechaun or one of our kind, there are some general requirements. So, if you’re going to communicate, if you want a relationship with us, you’ll have to follow this.

OK, so the first one is?

Honesty, that is the major one. Your word has to be good with us–that is highly important for all types of fae. If we discover you are lying to us at all or not doing what you said you would do, we aren’t going to be very understanding. As soon as we know that you aren’t on the level, then we want nothing more to do with you.

Can you tell if humans are not truthful with you?

Yes, we can and not only that, we can also tell by your actions. If you say you’re going to recycle and you don’t recycle, you’re not keeping your word. So, if you want to be attracting our kind to you, you have to be a trustworthy kind of human. That is why not just anybody can make contact with the fae. There are lots of types of humans out there, and some don’t even trust themselves for God’s sake. If we can’t trust you, then it’s pointless for us to try to communicate. That is the main, thing that I want to try to get you to understand, first and foremost.

Even though it might not seem as important to some people.

It might not seem that important, as in, “Oh, I’m sorry I forgot to put that penny there like I said I was going to yesterday.” No, it’s extremely important. If you promise to put that penny on a windowsill, then you better be putting that penny on the windowsill. You have to be careful about what you say you’re going to do.

You’re saying people shouldn’t promise something unless they are going to do it. Making a promise isn’t necessarily a way to get them to like you.

No, it isn’t and you can’t go against your own word.

They don’t need to promise you something so that you will communicate with them, right?

That’s not the case, that’s a little wrong there. Yes, of course, we love to have little things here and there but what we want to know is whether or not it’s worth it for us to communicate with you, you know what I’m saying? It takes an effort on our part and your part to have this communication. So, if you don’t keep your word, we’re not going to be interested in you in the first place. It’s a waste of energy for both of us.

You don’t want to build anything on that kind of shaky ground.

Exactly, it’s very important. Now, honesty and keeping your word is the most important one but the second one is respect. We want to be considered equals. If you don’t respect us and treat us kindly and with honor then, communication is pointless again.

What is respect, to the fairy realm?

Respect is, when you’re in the presence of the fae, you are not rude. No rudeness is allowed.  It can be a little difficult to explain what we consider to be rude. Sometimes it is little things like, not acknowledging somebody else is in the same room with you even though you are on the other side. It would help to think about us as really being there because we are, we’re just not there in the same realm as you are. We can still talk to each other through the veil.

What is the third requirement for communicating with someone in your world?

The third thing I’d like to talk to you about is attraction. What type of person would we be interested in? We would be interested in someone that understands that all that she/he sees it is not all there is. If a person understands that, believes in ghosts and spirits and other things like that, chances are we will keep our eye on that one a little bit more than the others. That’s because, with that one, the chances are higher that we could come up to them and talk to them and actually be heard.

It is also essential that the person we communicate with shares our concern for the health and safety of the earth we both share. Are they are doing their best to help where they can to support nature and diminish their carbon footprint? If they aren’t the type of person who is concerned about that, we probably won’t have much in common.

Another consideration is how does the person live? Unfortunately, in order to have us around, it’s got to be a peaceful, pleasant place or we won’t be there. If there is negativity and turmoil in their life, they need to sort that out first.

Even if it’s something that is out of their control?

Even if it is out of their control, they have to find a place where they can put that away in order to come to talk to us.

Like going into the woods or…

Go into the woods or go to a place where there is quiet, where there is peace.

So, it’s important to note that, even if you have turmoil in your life and it’s not under control at that time, you could still find another way.

Right, you can find a peaceful place but we’re not going to be visiting a house that is full of negativity.

You mentioned recently that more elves are interested in connecting with humans than they were before.

Yes, that’s partly because of what’s going on here with creating more awareness of us. That information is reaching our side and they’re all saying, “Really? They want to talk to us?” I would say the general population is very surprised by the fact that some humans really care. That has piqued their interest. So now, they’re going around looking at the humans with a slightly different eye. They are saying, ” Some of them are good out there.”

That’s great news.

Yes it is, it is great news and we thank those who are reading and listening to us.

Alright, to recap what you’ve said here today, to communicate with elves and most other types of fae you need to be honest, respectful, and share their values. Those things have to be in place before you go any further.

Yes, in place before you go any further at all. Before you go out looking for one of us, you have to have those things within yourself.

Who is Mr E?

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