There has been a lot of interest in communicating with dryads lately so I thought I would share an excerpt of an interview with Juno, the black walnut tree dryad who lives in our backyard. In this excerpt, Juno gives some very helpful advice on how to communicate with dryads.  His complete interview will be found in our upcoming book, Interviews from the Fairy Realm.–NL

Juno: I wanted to speak for the trees. I want humans to know that we exist and we are more than just wood, leaves, and bark, just as you are more than just flesh and bones.

Humans, as a whole, think they are the most intelligent or the only intelligent [beings] on the earth.

NL: I understand why you feel that way, that is generally true of humans. However, I know of many humans who know dryads exist. They respect and honor them and would like to connect with them. Would you ever be interested in befriending a human?

Juno: It depends on whether I like them or not.

NL: How would you know if you like them?

Juno: By observation. We pick up on who a human is and decide on whether or not we want to try and communicate.

NL: When I was learning to communicate with Grandmother, the mulberry tree dryad, it seemed to take a while to hear her. Does it take some time to forge that kind of connection?

Juno: Sometimes, we need to build trust. We don’t like to talk to just anybody.

NL: So, trust is a significant factor.

Juno: Yes, you need to build trust between yourself and the tree.

NL: How do you do that?

Juno: By showing you care for trees.

NL: So if you’re a good steward of the land, and you’re watching over the well being of trees, it will be noticed?

Juno: Yes, it will make a big difference.

NL: However, when I go to our park, I can talk to the trees without having to build trust beforehand.

Juno: You’re different. We can see the spirit of the human, or whatever is dwelling inside of them.

We look at ourselves that way, too. We see the spirit of other trees and recognize the dryad first before we acknowledge the actual physical embodiment of its spirit.

So, when we watch people, we’re watching their spirit more than the body they inhabit.

NL: If you found someone that you wanted to communicate with, what would happen next?

Juno: I would try to connect.

NL: How?

Juno: Through the earth that you’re standing on.

NL: Would it be easier for someone to communicate with you if they were standing on the earth barefoot or doesn’t it matter?

Juno: They could stand on the earth barefoot, that would be great. It would be even better if they were closer to the tree.

NL: What if they were physically touching you?

Juno: Oh, that would be extreme contact, yes.

NL: What is the best way to communicate with you?

Juno: Well if you could physically touch the tree, that would be best.

NL: Do you tap into their energy when you try to connect?

Juno: I can only do that if they allow it.

NL: I see, what is the benefit of doing that?

Juno: Communication.

NL: So, if someone wants a deeper communication with a tree, they need to give permission?

Juno: Yes, you must give permission.

NL: Do I need to verbally say, “It’s okay for you to communicate with me by tapping into my energy?”

Juno: Yes, you have to let them tap into your energy, and you need to tap into theirs after asking for permission as well. And, as I said, the physically closer to the tree you are, the better you will be able to hear.

NL: Would meditation help?

Juno: Yes, meditation would help a lot.

NL: But you can still communicate without meditating, if you get quiet within, relax, and focus.

Juno: Exactly.

NL: From what you’ve said, a great communication scenario would be to meditate (or focus) while sitting on the ground, leaning against the tree. That way, you have contact with both the earth and the tree.

Juno: Yes, that’s a perfect example.

NL: What happens after that?

Juno: Then, you need to clear your mind and listen. You may hear our roots first. Our roots make noise, a rattling, crackling sound.

NL: Beyond the sound of your roots, what should people be listening for when you are sending them your thoughts?

Juno: It will sound like your thoughts, but it is not your thoughts. If you ask a question, you will get an answer, and it will be something you don’t know.

NL: Or something you were not thinking at all.

Juno: Yes, and you may feel like you are rooted to the ground like I am. I become you, and you and I are one. Then, you will know what my thoughts are.

NL: I have one more question. If a tree has given someone their name, is that significant?

Juno: Yes, it means they want a bond of friendship with you. They do that so you can acknowledge them as a particular energy.

NL: Do you actually have names?

Juno: We have names.

NL: Do you use them?

Juno: Yes. We use them amongst ourselves to differentiate between us.

NL: Is it the same name that you give to humans?

Juno: It could be.

NL: The name I got from you was Juno.

Juno: Yes, that is my name.

NL: Is that the name you go by with other trees as well?

Juno: Yes, trees know me as Juno.

NL: There’s a tree near you that calls himself Woodhouse, and I thought he was making a joke. That’s what made me wonder if the names you give to us are your real names.

Juno: Woodhouse is a humorous one. That’s why he calls himself Woodhouse, because he knows houses can be made of wood.

NL: I thought that was very funny, but I wasn’t sure if that was his real name.

Juno: It’s the name he gives himself. I named myself as well–it’s not like a parent name.

NL: I see. When you leave the tree you inhabit right now, will it still be your name?

Juno: Yes, I will be Juno forever, or for as long as I want to be Juno.

NL: Thank you very much for sharing this information with us Juno, it is much appreciated!

Is there anything else you wanted to say to humans before you go?

Juno: I have already said pretty much what I came to say, but I want to be sure to get the point across that we exist, we are out here.

We are not just trees; we are spirits as well. We matter, don’t disregard us as so many of you have. We are not just a resource, we have something to say.

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