Hello again, everyone!  As we continue to do interviews for our upcoming book, I am finding it hard to resist sharing at least a small portion of some of these conversations.  So, today I am sharing a small sample of a 2 hour talk I recently had with Etherwings, one of the Dragons of Behradorn.  This was a channeled interview, channeled directly by my sister Susan.  Was Etherwings everything I had imagined dragons to be? No, she was way, way more. I hope you enjoy this small part of her interview.

NL: Thank you for agreeing to talk with me!   Could you tell me a little bit about your relationship with the Elves of Fyn?

Etherwings: Well, we live a long time and we watch over generations of Fynian elves as they come and go. We interact with the elves a lot–what else are we going to do, we get bored!

NL: (laughs) That’s funny!

Etherwings: It’s our entertainment.

NL: The elves?

Etherwings: Yes, pretty much, especially when they’re doing their warring against the dark elves, and all the reasons for that. (laughs) We’re really into politics .

NL: You’re really into the inner workings of elven society?

Etherwings: We are very fascinated by that.

NL: From what Mr. E has told us, you worked with his father before him.

Etherwings: And his father before that.

NL: He said you guys would warn of trouble coming and give them advice on what to do.

Etherwings: Yes, I remember one time, my mate (the green dragon) sensed some trouble in Fyn and he gave me that look and off he went without even a word. I said, “Oh, okay, I’ll stay here, I’ll be fine. Come back later honey.”

(laughs) You know, he’s a very loving dragon, he’s very sweet but like most of us dragons, you don’t mess with him!

NL: That’s a great position to be in.

Etherwings: Yes it is, you don’t mess with a dragon and you don’t mess with people who have dragons (connected to them, like Mr E), that’s the thing too. You never mess with a dragon’s interest.

NL: What would happen if someone did?

Etherwings: Should they cause physical harm,  I would come down on them like you wouldn’t believe.

NL: Why would you do that for the elves?

Etherwings: Because I am very attached to the rulers of Fyn.  We have a long history and I watched over them when they lost both their parents at a young age, it’s a maternal thing.

NL: Your reason for doing this is because you want to help them?

Etherwings: Well, that’s a very important part but truthfully, if we didn’t, we’d be bored. We are also involved because what they do  affects the world around us. The last thing I wanna see is things getting out of hand.

NL: You want to keep everybody growing in the right direction.

Etherwings: Right, and not only that, it also helps to keep everything balanced. We need everything to stay balanced on the earth otherwise we will all run out of food.

NL: So you want to make sure they aren’t over using their resources?

Etherwings: Yes and we also want to make sure they’re making plenty of food for us!

NL: But isn’t most of the food you eat from natural resources?

Etherwings: Some of it is natural but (laughs) those cows are delicious!

NL: Here’s a question: How much have you influenced the society of the elves and their sense of right and wrong?

Etherwings: Well, I think that the current leaders of Fyn have listened to us quite a bit. The elves I watched over from childhood, I think they have learned quite a lot from us.

NL: They have learned what you consider to be–

Etherwings: Right and wrong. People tend to listen to us because we’re quite intelligent but it’s more than that, it’s what we sense. We sense everything, every little scales of ours are like little sensories. We sense and we feel everything.

NL: Mr E talked about that one time, about how you could pick up everything, beyond what anyone could imagine, and even project into the future.

Etherwings: Yes, that is true.

NL: That’s an incredible ability.

Etherwings: I know, we’re quite amazing creatures (laughs).

NL: Let me rephrase my earlier question–how much of the elven way of living is really the dragon’s way of living?

Etherwings: Hmmm…I believe that we have influenced them quite a bit but dragons don’t live the same way the elves do.

NL: So, what I’m trying to figure out is what your reach and your influence has been to the elven world.

Etherwings: I think, with the royals, even in the past, we influenced them quite a bit. We influenced Fyn, for sure. I can’t say for other countries but yes, I would say we had a great influence.

NL: If you’re influencing the rulers of the country, that’s going to trickle down. I’m trying to figure out how how much is elvish and how much is coming from the dragons.

Etherwings: I think it’s a combination of both.

NL: What about their connection to the goddess Danu?

Etherwings: Oh, we have a connection to her as well. You go right straight to the god and goddess of the creation of it all. We’re very into all of that, we understand and sense everything.

NL: What is your relationship to nature other than when you’re feeding?

Etherwings: We get along quite well with most natural things. Surprisingly, because we are fire breathing, we actually do care about the trees.

NL: (laughs) Meaning, you try to avoid burning down the forest!

Etherwings: That’s right! Do you realize how hard that is? Heaven forbid we should sneeze! Oh my goodness, there goes a forest.

NL: And you can’t really put the fire out, can you?

Etherwings: NO!

NL: Wow, that’s a problem!

Etherwings: It is a problem–we have our problems. We have dragon problems, and our problems are big.

NL: I believe you.

Etherwings: When we are hunting, we try to find ways to hunt in an open field. We try to avoid hunting where there are a lot of trees whenever possible, especially in the dry season. If it has been a really sunny and dry season and forest fires are common even without our help, we tend to be very careful about what we hunt and how we hunt it.

NL: You’re so big,  do you really need to use fire to hunt?

Etherwings: No, we don’t, but sometimes it just happens. It happens, it’s like breathing. We really try to control it, we do. We try to get it away from anything that could burn, you know? It’s like, “Oh god, don’t set that on fire!” It’s difficult, it’s like having a blowtorch in your mouth!

NL: I have seen visions of the pathway up to Behradorn.

Etherwings: It’s all stone, you noticed.

NL: Yes it was!

Etherwings: And there’s a reason for that!

NL: But there were trees in the area…

Etherwings: Not many! N-O-T many and trust me, the few that are there are a miracle.

NL: Wow, that’s not good

Etherwings: I know, it’s a problem!

NL: What about the dryads that live in the trees, don’t you feel bad?

Etherwings: I feel awful about them!

NL: Do you communicate with them?

Etherwings: Yes, occasionally I do and I apologize. I apologize almost every time I see one.

NL: It’s not a personal thing, you don’t do it on purpose.

Etherwings: I apologize constantly to the dryads. They’re not real fond of us.

NL: They’re not?

Etherwings: Ah, no.

NL:(laughs) Ok, so they hold a grudge.

Etherwings: It’s not really a grudge but it’s more like they know, if we’re around, they’re probably in trouble.

NL: When they see you they know there’s a  threat.

Etherwings: Yeah. We are a threat whether we intend to be or not. We are physically a threat.

NL: Oh my, since they can’t get out of the way, when they see you, they’re thinking, “Where is the next tree I can jump into when this one goes up in flames.”

Etherwings: Unfortunately, yes. They’re thinking, “Guess what, it might be moving time soon.”

NL: Hopefully there’s an opening somewhere away from the dragon danger zone.

Etherwings: Yes, and we feel bad about that. There are bad dragons that don’t give a damn and will burn up anything just for the hell of it but we’re conscious dragons, we’re not like that. We care about what we’re doing. We want to sustain life so more wildlife can grow.

NL: Alright, I was wondering what kind of relationship you currently have with humans.

Etherwings: I don’t trust them, I immediately don’t trust them. In general, no, I don’t trust them.

NL: Taking your history out of the equation and looking at them impartially, what do you think of the human race?

Etherwings: The human race is such a complex thing.

NL: Even for dragon that can see everything?

Etherwings: Yes. (big sigh) Humans put their beliefs in boxes and they keep them there which is not where they need to be, they need to be more expansive than that. They close themselves off into boxes because they fear knowledge.

They fear it, even though it gives them control. Knowledge stops others from controlling you, that’s what I’m saying.

NL: So you are saying that there are people that don’t want the masses to know anything so that they can control them.

Etherwings: That is the truth, as I see it anyway.

NL: But the masses would like knowledge so they could be empowered.

Etherwings: Yes, most people would like to know and would like to be empowered but a great many of them have been washed of any thought of being able to do anything on their own (brainwashed), with their own thoughts.

NL: Are you  referring to the use of religion to tell people what to believe?  Are you saying a person can’t strike out and try to create things on their own because they have to give it to a higher being and ask them to do it for them?

Etherwings: That is exactly right. There’s nothing wrong with the idea of religion, they usually start from a good source but then, mankind  always seems to use it to control. When that happens, they became an absolute truth. And the absolute truth is, there is no absolute.

There are many truths, there are many answers to many questions and more answers to the same question. You could have one question and a hundred answers that would all be right. If you wanna know the truth, that is it.

NL: But see, a hundred answers seems like too many answers, really.

Etherwings: Well, you have to find your own. You have to pick your answer and you stick with your answer. If that’s your answer for that question, and it gives you what you want, then go on with that answer. If it produces the energy that you’re looking for then you are doing it right. If it’s not, then you have to go find another answer. There’s always another answer.

NL: And that’s how you navigate.

Etherwings: Yes, and by the way, I don’t want people worshipping dragons, I want to make that clear. Even though we’re great and wonderful beings, don’t worship us, we’re not gods. Well, we’re all gods, actually.

NL: That’s really the truth but some people consider that blasphemy.

Etherwings: I know, perhaps they just don’t understand.