Hello everyone!

I met a lovely pixie queen last week, one who traveled all the way from Fyn to speak with me for our upcoming book. Queen Emerald was kind, generous and thoughtful yet I never once forgot that I was speaking to the ruler of her nation, the great pixie nation of Fyn.

Strangely, since she was being channeled by my sister Susan, she had a very small, high voice very much as you would imagine a pixie voice to be. You can check out an audio clip of her speaking at the end of the interview below.

Here’s a small portion of our 2 hour interview, I hope you enjoy it!

NL: Welcome! Can you tell me who am I speaking with?

Queen Emerald: The pixie queen.

NL: May I know your name?

Queen Emerald: I am the queen of the pixie nation of Fyn. They call me Emerald, Queen Emerald, and I’d like to clear up a lot of things about pixies.

NL: That’s great, what you would like to talk about first?

Queen Emerald: We’re not the little frail things that humans might think we are.

NL: Yes, I’ve known that for a while but many people are not yet aware of the true nature of pixies.

Queen Emerald: They think they can put put us in a jar because we are so small, you know? What they don’t realize is, once you put one of us in a jar– if you have been taught enough to do that–we have telepathy with our other hive members.

NL: You used the word hive…

Queen Emerald: I did, but it’s more of a community. It’s not like we all have one brain but we all work together, very much so. If one of us is in trouble, the rest will come to their defense.

NL: So, an action taken against one…

Queen Emerald: An action taken against one is an action taken against all.

NL: I’ve had communication with pixies before, telepathic communication, and what I remember most is that you see yourself as a great nation, which I think is very true.

Queen Emerald: Oh, yes.

NL: You aren’t to be–

Queen Emerald:  We aren’t to be tampered with! (laughs)

NL: Or underestimated. I think, in this country, we have characterized pixies as small little cutesy beings but that’s not really what you are.

Queen Emerald: No, we’re much more noble than that. Just because we’re tiny doesn’t necessarily mean we are insignificant. I mean, size is irrelevant.

NL: It can be, when you have a hundred or even a thousand pixies with you.

Queen Emerald: With all the little cutty parts (weapons) we have, we can do quite a bit of damage.

NL: Do you consider yourself an aggressive nation?

Queen Emerald: We can be.

NL: What will determine that?

Queen Emerald: Whether not I feel it’s necessary for us to go to war. If it’s for the greater cause and to protect our people, we’ll do it. We’re not going to be sitting there… what is the word for it?

NL: Like sitting ducks?

Queen Emerald: Yes, exactly! That’s perfect, you pulled the words right out of my head.

NL: In other words, you’re not going to sit there and wait for something bad to happen.

Queen Emerald: Right, we’re going to do something about it. We’re proactive. We’re proactive about a lot of things.

NL: Now, Mr E has temporarily moved to Lakeside to be closer to us while we are working together but you don’t personally live here in Lakeside, do you?

Queen Emerald: No, I have come here through a portal especially to talk with you today because I was told you wanted to speak with us.

NL: Thank you, I appreciate it very much.

Queen Emerald: I am glad that people (humans) will finally get true information about pixies. They don’t realize we have all kinds of things–we have magic and we have might in our great numbers. Unlike the elves, who don’t reproduce that often, we’re constantly reproducing.

NL: You are building up your numbers. When you say constantly, what does that actually mean?

Queen Emerald: I mean there’s lots of us.

NL: Would your average pixie reproduce once a year?

Queen Emerald: They could easily do that.

NL: Do your people form families and have mates?

Queen Emerald: Yes, we have our families and our priorities but we choose to reproduce as often as possible. The more people, the more arms.

NL: Is it harder to sustain a large group like that?

Queen Emerald: No, it’s very easy.

NL: Larger numbers makes things easier for you?

Queen Emerald: Yes, imagine a cloud of pixies.

NL: Yes, but then they have to be fed. That brings me to one of the questions I wanted to ask you, what do pixies eat?

Queen Emerald: It depends on where we’re located.

NL: But, what types of things? Do you just take in energy or do you eat actual physical food?

Queen Emerald: We eat actual food. We eat a wide variety of things but mostly things that have a high sugar content because we burn a lot of energy.

NL: Do you also eat milk or cream?

Queen Emerald: Mmmm, we love cream. We like milk, cream, berries, sugars, and nectar, lots of nectars.

NL: So you harvest nectar from plants?

Queen Emerald: Yes.

NL: People often want to know what they should leave out for pixies to attract them and make friends with them. The answer would be all of the things you just talked about?

Queen Emerald: Yes, and ice cream would be wonderful!

NL: Ice cream? That’s kind of a combination of all those things, isn’t it?

Queen Emerald: Yes, it’s everything we like.

NL: What is your relationship to nature? Honestly, some people think that you’re like devas and you work with plants to help them grow, that kind of thing.

Queen Emerald:(laughing, giggling) I think it’s funny that they think we’re like devas! (more laughter)

We love animals. (This comment was prompted by our German Shepherd Skye giving her attention, wagging her tail and licking her hand)

She’s such a precious!

NL: She really is. What is your relationship with animals?

Queen Emerald: Lots of animals are our friends even the smaller ones that are closer to us like, for instance, certain insects. They are sometimes used for transportation when it’s too hard for us to flap our own wings to get somewhere. For long distances, we sometimes prefer riding on a bird or a dragonfly.

NL: The pixie that would ride on a dragonfly would have to be very small.

Queen Emerald: Sometimes we are very, very small.

NL: Is everyone in your nation the same size?

Queen Emerald: No. You see, we have a strange ability to–how to explain this to you? I’m trying to convey it to you but let me see…our size can change.

NL: You can alter your size.

Queen Emerald: Yes! That’s what I’m trying to say.

NL: What is the advantage to being able to change size like this?

Queen Emerald: We can get into places we can’t get into otherwise and also for transportation like we talked about before. However, we will go to our full size when we have to go to war.

NL: So you are shape shifters.

Queen Emerald: Yes, we’re shifters. Shifters, that was the word I was looking for!

NL: You don’t shift into another shape, you just change your size.

Queen Emerald: That’s right, we shrink and expand.

NL: That’s very interesting and it makes a lot of sense. Now I understand why there is such a wide variety of sizes being reported by people who have seen pixies.

Getting back to your relationship to animals and nature, I think this is an important question because people seem to be confused about your role in nature. Many people believe you are working with nature to grow things.

Queen Emerald: We’re not devas. We know the devas, we communicate with them all the time.

NL: Maybe that’s where the confusion comes in.

Queen Emerald: Maybe, because we’re close to them, they think we are them.

NL: Especially if they happen to see both of you together but can’t see either of you very distinctly, they might think you are the same.

Queen Emerald: Devas have their own job and their focus is on just one thing, get that plant healthy and get it growing. That’s it.

NL: They don’t have time for anything else.

Queen Emerald: No, nothing else and they don’t really have a society like we do, we have a society.

We take care of nature, we care about nature.

NL: But it’s not your job.

Queen Emerald: No, no.

Audio Clip:  Queen Emerald talking about the responsibilities of being a pixie queen.

(You’ve just read a small portion of my interview with Queen Emerald.  In our two hour conversation she talked more about pixie society, her role as the pixie queen, pixie dust, why they come to visit us, what they think of humanity, what would attract them to work with humans and much more.  All of this will be included in our upcoming book so stay tuned! 🙂  )