Are Fairies Real?

Yes! We definitely believe they are real!  Why? We have listed our 5 top reasons below:

Below are the Top 5 Reasons We Believe in Fairy Folk:

The Fairy Flag

#1) Our Personal Experiences:

My sister and I originally began this website in 2008 as a blog to share our first hand experiences with a group of elves known as The Elves of Fyn. Much of the information here comes directly from The Elves of Fyn and if you want to know more about how all this came about, please click the on link below.


Modern Fairy Sightings

#2) Modern Fairy Sightings and Encounters:

Think there are more fairy sightings lately? Well, from what we've heard, elves and other fairy folk are focusing on increasing humankind's awareness of them in order to encourage better caretaking of the earth. This "save the earth" theme is often the first thing they try to convey. Click below for more about recent fairy encounters:


#3) Traditional, True Fairy Encounters:

There have been a vast number of documented fairy encounters throughout the centuries, many very real and quite convincing. Some are well known, while others are less so but you can check our our growing collection by clicking below.


#4) Video Evidence:

We have sifted through thousands of videos to offer this small but impressive collection of possible fairy sightings. Now, we can't be 100% sure that these are all real but our best bet is that they are. Check them out by clicking the link below and see if you agree


#5) Growing Belief and Cultural Presence:

There is a growing number of fairy believers who are willing to talk about their belief and even attend fairy-related events such as the more than 35 fairy (faery) festivals held each year throughout the world. This wave of belief has noticeably increased the number of fairy-themed movies, television shows, websites, music, magazines and books available worldwide as well.