If you want to communicate and work with fairies, you’ll either have to go out and find them in nature or attract them into your world.  If attracting fairies is your goal, there are lots of things you can do to create a fairy friendly environment.

I Believe In Fairies

Most fairies/elves experience humans as non-believers so a great way to attract them is to show them that you believe in them. If you place the faery flag (see below) on a shelf or wall, it lets fairies know you are a friend and invites them to visit.  When they see the flag, they will be very curious and come closer to investigate.  (More about the Faery Flag in another post)

The ElvenFairy Flag of Fyn Copyright Natalie Lynn, 2008

Respect and Care for the Earth

Fairies are very concerned about the way humans have mistreated the earth that we both share.  One of their main purposes in communicating with us is to teach us to empower ourselves so that we can help heal the planet.  Often, healing and respecting the planet is one of their very first messages so being environmentally friendly and doing your part to help heal the earth is a must.

Caring for the earth

In talking with many different types of fae they have repeatedly told us that they seek out the company of humans that share their concern and respect for the earth. If you don’t show them that you are of like mind, they won’t be interested in having a relationship with you at all.

Here are some of the ways you can show them you care about the earth:

1) Recycle.
2) Reuse whenever possible.
3) Be considerate of all life forms.
4) Support the efforts of others to save our wildlife and environment.

If you do this, you will be more attuned to their vibration and they will be able to pick up on the type of person you are and that is a very big factor in their decision to communicate.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Just like humans, fairies are more attracted to lightness and happiness rather than sadness and depression. In fact, much that has been written about fairies has to do with them playing music, dancing, singing and basically partying all night.  When you are trying to attract them, try playing beautiful music, dance a little and feel happy!

Give Them Some Space

Fairies enjoy the idea of hospitality and prefer to go places they are invited and welcomed.  One way to make them feel really welcome is to set aside a special place just for them such as a corner or a shelf and put things you think they would like in this area. Placing a fairy house on a shelf would be an excellent way to do this and encourages them to visit and stay a while (see our post about fairy houses here).  You can place all sorts of offerings and fairy gifts on your fairy shelf such as fairy shoes, a thimble of honey, maybe a bit of good Irish ale(!), a fairy cake, a fairy drum, some shiny objects (they love shiny things!) or something copper (one of their favorite metals). No fairy could resist such an offering!  NOTE: Just make sure there is no iron anywhere near this area–iron saps their strength and repels them.

A Pixie House.

A Pixie House.


One thing they have made very clear to my sister and me, is that they need to be treated with respect and they need to be valued. Any sign of disrespect or condescension, and they will be gone. If you talk to them and interact with them as if they were a treasured friend then all will go well.

The Good People Only, Please

One last thing to consider when inviting the fae to visit is to make sure you only invite the friendly fairy, not the dark, scary, difficult fairies.  It’s best to make a declaration out loud such as, “those with bad intent are not welcome here.”  Another good idea, according to the Elves of Fyn, is to place this symbol above the doors or windows of your home:

The Faery Protection Rune– this rune should keep all the harmful fairies away.


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