Hello Everyone!

I finally had some time to post a couple of audios from Mr E…

The first one is a 2 minute portion of a conversation that Mr E and I had about how elves spend their free time.  I thought his emphasis on expressing creativity and joy with family (and friends, I presume)  would be of interest to you all so here it is:

Mr_E_on _free_time_activities1

The second audio clip came about as Mr E thought about the first question and realized that there was a bit more to add, specifically  a yearly mega competition involving centaurs that the elves love to watch.  I know it seems strange but apparently, centaurs and elves are great allies and enjoy a pretty good relationship.  There will be more about centaurs when I can find where I put the audio–I misplaced it on my computer but I WILL find it.

Now on this one, Mr E and I were having a conversation but my portion of it is basically inaudible (no great loss) so sometimes it sounds like I am shouting off in the distance.  I tried to edit most of that out but I apologize in advance if it is annoying.  Hope you enjoy it!