Many of you have been waiting for Mr E’s thoughts about two of our new members who are channeling various fae beings. We recently had a conversation on this subject and below are a few audios that address this subject.  This is probably going to be ongoing so we will continue to add more audios on the forum as we go along.

  1. Mr E sets the record straight about his connection to the ancient city of Finias.  mr_e_on_finias
  2. How does Mr E feel about being joined by his own kind on the forum? He lets you know here.  mr_e_on_new_fae_in_forum
  3. For some reason, Mr E felt the need to explain his royal status so here he discusses the ruling of Fyn:  mr_e_on_ruling_fyn
  4. His idea of the faery courts is quite different from our new fae members.  Here is the way he sees it:  mr_e_on_the_fae_courts
  5. Finally, he has a question for our new friends:  mr_e_on_question_for_new_fae