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About geminilla

Hey there, I'm geminilla, but you can call me Gemini if you like! Or Gem, Laz, Lazarus, Nil, Nilla, Gemi, or any such variation. Or even something of your own creative design!I am a polytheist, and I believe in multiple pantheons. I am also an eclectic, 87% secular witch. I love astrology, nature, tarot, yoga, singing, painting, swimming, sleeping, reading, palmistry, divination of all sorts, pranks, beauty and fashion, love itself, ghosts, and ouija--and, please, no accosting me on these; I promise I am safe and take precaution in all my practices. Though if you want to talk about any of them, then I'm so game!I am a gemini sun/virgo moon/cancer mercury/leo venus/virgo rising/gemini midheaven/mars libra. I identify as genderfluid; please feel free to use she, he, and they pronouns. My exact age shall remain a mystery, but I'm a teenager in high school, to give some an idea.I love many musical genres, and also have a huge obsession with aesthetics. I really love witch house, vaporwave, glow grunge, alien, anime, roadtrip, chillwave, glitch, and, actually, pretty much everything!My favorite band right now is Mother Mother, and I'm pretty much always on 8tracks. I love video games, many movies, a lot of anime, and honestly quite a few cartoons too. I just love a lot of things!!I feel a deep connection, respect, and appreciation for death, beauty, love, sacrifice, martyrdom, sleep, despair, identity, communication, redemption, the concept of reality and duality, envy, and wrath. I write a lot of poetry, songs, and short stories featuring these concepts, and I feel closer to deities who encompass, represent, or reign over these things.
i have decided to leave your house and home unhaunted
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