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Lisa A.- Grey Eyes

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About Lisa A.- Grey Eyes

In 2008, I asked God to allow me to meet a "Nature Guardian" if they exist-- and one month later God answered that prayer. He opened my eyes for just a few moments to see one of these Beings He created before He created we humans. She did not know I was able to see her at first,-- when she saw that I was staring at her, she was surprised, and then dissapeared. One thing I noticed about her was that she actually had Christ in her eyes- that Light you see in the eyes of those who love Him. She did not want to call attention to herself. I'm a Christian in Progress.--who seeks a closer personal relationship with Jesus. Since my encounter, the Lord has shown me that the wisest thing for we humans is to focus on Him-, alone- we were created for a close connection with the Holy Spirit first - above all Since my encounter, Jesus has shown me that I let my experience become an idol which took my eyes off of Him. He was nice enough to allow me to see a pixie being that works for the Creator, but know that there are many many fallen angels and other fallen beings that work on the side of satan. We all should be seeking God . If we seek Him, He will let Himself be found by us. Even the faery that I encountered did not feel comfortable with me staring at her , and did not want to call attention to herself. Any true servant of God of whatever realm prefers that attention be given to the Creator and not to him/herself.
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