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About nightwalker

Hello everyone I am a retired 64 year old white male. I am very much a believer but have no talent in lifting the veil to communicate with the Elves and fae. I have tried magic, with no success, and numerous other things, begging and pleading to hear or see. But alas, my mental powers are sadly lacking. I am sadly married to a woman who feels that I am only a paycheck, my own fault, I was stupidly searching for romance so I am very lonely As a boy and even now I read the Scandinavian sagas the Star Mill, read about Queen Mab, and other fae, J.R’s stories about the Middle earth, many Navajo, hopi and other American Indian myths and legends, finding much to believe in, but try as I might to communicate nothing. I am as you might expect extremely lonely and feel isolated , I Walk every evening hoping to meet a elf or fae friend, ah! What a dream that would be
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