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About Psyche

Hello, Everyone! Well. I'm 16. I love to read, and write. I'm currently working on a story online!! I absolutely ADORE anime, and manga. The Japanese culture is of great interest to me, and I wish to be able to visit there one day. Hmmm, what else... I'm not fluent in any other language than English, sadly. But I'm intermediate in Japanese, and I know a little bit of both Spanish and French. I'm taking Italian classes right now... I suppose you can infer than I can't really stay and concentrate on one subject for too long. xD I normally stick to myself, but I'm not shy. Just more reserved and quiet than most. I'm also suffering a bit from Social Anxiety Disorder.... Yeeeeaaashhhh..... How depressing. CHANGE OF SUBJECT. My favorite place to read is: I like to read absolutely anywhere, but always under my thick comforter. And absolutely ALWAYS with my doll, Pinta. She's like... My muse. Other than that, I go to my favorite small park. Of course, It's a children's park for ages 3-6..... *releases a solitary tear* But... It's green. It's green and empties out at around 6:30 every night!! So.. I love it! I can't live without: Well, I don't really worship my phone... Not really... o-o. So I can't be a teenager and say that. Hmm... I suppose I can say that I can't live without Anime. And my favorite park (because I love to sit by myself and pretend I'm in the country.) I enjoy drawing, too. The eraser is my best friend. I also cannot live without a book. Can I say that? Without sounding like a weirdo? xD If I could be any literary character, I would be: Rashel Jordan; The Night World Series-#5, The Chosen; L.J Smith Favorite authors: Melissa Marr, Holly Black, Stephenie Meyer, Tom Leveen, Richelle Mead, Allison Van Diepen, L.J Smith, Ellen Schreiber, etc... Anime, is one of the best things that I live for. One of em. Ha ha. The other is Ice-cream... Mmmmmm... *rubs tummy, dazing off* Huh? Oh, yeah! xD *thinks* Lets see... *checks things off on fingers* Place to read, Living without stuff, Literary Character, Authors...Ice-cream... Hmm...Ah! I also love to sing and I cant dance without falling over :/ xD Well, I guess thats all. I'll think about what more to add here later. *leaves, thinking about Ice-cream*
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