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You can bring the real world of fairies into your life!

A Dryad Explains the Best Way to Communicate

There has been a lot of interest in communicating with dryads lately so I thought I would share an excerpt of an interview with Juno, the black walnut tree dryad who lives in our backyard. In this excerpt, Juno gives some very helpful advice on how to communicate with dryads.  His complete interview will be […]

A Conversation with MR E on Communicating with Elves and Other Fae

Here’s what the elves consider when deciding to communicate with humans…

In our first podcast, you talked about how difficult and dangerous it would probably be for humans to go into your world without knowing what was considered appropriate behavior.

When communicating with elves or anybody on our side, there is a protocol you have […]

Fairy Gardens are Great Attractors

For the Fairies

Since it’s the gardening season, I thought I would give you an idea of the best fairy garden plants to use if you want to attract fairies.

First of all, a happy,  flourishing garden, created with fairies in mind, can definitely attract fairies to you. Your garden doesn’t […]

Common Types of Fairies

Below, we’ve listed some of the more common types of fairies that people are likely to encounter, but this is by no means a complete list.  Most of the residents of the fairy realm will fall into one of three categories: neutral, Seelie, and Unseelie fairies.  Neutral fairies are just that, neither aligned with the […]

Baking with the Elves – Elven Journey Bread

During the process of writing our book, my sister Susan who, as many of you know, channels Mr E and others from the fairy realm, has been gathering recipes and magical elements to be included in our book. For these last couple of weeks, she has been in almost constant contact with Danakin, Mr E’s […]

Mr E on Communicating with the Fairy Realm Through Dreams

A recent blog commenter asked the question: Can we be contacted from the fairy realm through our dreams?

“I would like to know more about magic, I have had dreams where I find myself in wonderful gardens and forests. I have had dreams with fairies and lights, and whenever I walk somewhere a white butterfly appears. […]

Mr E Talks About How the Elves Celebrate Yule

This is an updated and improved version of the original post–

Since Yule is upon us (also known as the Solstice to some), I thought I would share a conversation Katie and I had with Mr E about how his people celebrate this important day.  Happy Yule, everyone! […]

Mr E sends his Thanksgiving Greetings and Talks About the Elven “Thankful Day”

This is an encore reposting of  Mr E’s 11/25/14 blog post, I hope you enjoy it.

Hello Everyone,

A couple of days ago, I had a conversation with Mr E  about gratitude and why the elves believe it is so important. He also talked about the  American Thanksgiving holiday and explained how the elves observe their own “Thankful Day.” You can read all […]

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