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You can bring the real world of fairies into your life!

The Hills of Ruel by Fiona MacLeod

Taken from The Book of Fairy Poetry, published in 1920:

“Over the hills and far away”–

That is the tune I heard one day,

When heather-drowsy I lay and listened

And watched where the stealthy sea-tide glistened.

Beside me there on the Hills of Ruel […]

Fairy Magic – Five Fairy Power Symbols

In the previous post, I talked about some of the ways fairy/elven symbols can be combined to make powerful magickal symbols.  In this post, I’m going to introduce the five fairy power symbols that were given to us by the Elves of Fyn.

In the Great Hall of the Elves of Fyn, all five symbols […]

How to Attract Fairies

If you want to communicate and work with fairies, you'll either have go out and find them in nature or attract them into your world. If attracting fairies is your goal, there are lots of things you can do to create a fairy friendly environment.

Fairy Houses- A Good Way to Attract Fairies

Handmade Fairy House If you want to encourage fairies to visit you, try putting a fairy house in a place of honor in your home. A fairy house not only shows fairies that you believe in them, it also shows that you are making an effort to extend your hospitality and provide them with a fairy friendly environment

I Believe in Fairies. . .

Well... I'm probably leaving myself open to all sorts of criticism from the non-believers out there, but I think it's time I admitted the truth, my truth anyway--fairies exist, they REALLY ARE REAL.