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You can bring the real world of fairies into your life!

Mr E’s Blog, Post #13

Hello my people of Real Fairies! Today I am going to do some answering of some of your questions and I am sorry it has been a while since I put up a post. Susan has been unavailable due to a death in her family and she needed time to go to funeral and grieve […]

Mr E’s Blog, Post #12

A View from Lakeside, Vol. 12

Hello my people of Real Fairies, how are things going on your end? I’m gonna do my best to take you through an ordinary day with me because it seems to fascinate you so…

First of all, I sleep in a bed that is sort of like what you […]

Mr E’s Blog, Post #11

Hello people of Real Fairies!!

How has your week been going over there in your world ? Today, I’m thinking about how  fascinated I am with your ability to create such amazing inventions. Your world fascinates me along with the fact that you think my world is so charming.  I’m used to my world and you are used to yours […]

Mr E’s Encounter with the Bird People

Here’s Mr E’s account of his first meeting with a large, winged fae that he calls the Bird People.  I found it fascinating and I hope you will too! –nl

NL: Can you think of any type of fae that we haven’t talked about before?

Mr E: Yes, the closer you get to the mountain (Behradorn), you […]

Mr E’s Blog, Post #10

View From Lakeside Vol. 10

Hello people of Real Fairies!! It seems that I’ve  gotten a few questions from you and, in this issue, I intend to answer them. We will start with a question about  the veil  from B121:  “…so how is the veil between the worlds coming along? Is it being […]

Mr E’s Blog, Post #9

View From Lakeside Volume # 9

Hello people of Real Fairies! I’m glad to say Suzy has completely recovered from the nasty stomach flu and we are able to work on blog posts again…

Whats going on in Lakeside?  Well, on a personal note, I have been seeing a very nice lady friend and we have been spending time […]

Mr E’s Blog, Post #8

Note:  Apologies for the lateness of this post.  Unfortunately, Susan became ill with a stomach virus and high fever last week and was hospitalized for a day to stabilize her symptoms.  On the day she came home from the hospital, I also got the virus and high fever and that lasted for 3 […]

Mr E’s Blog, Post #7

The View From Lakeside- Vol.7 4/02/14

Hello my friends from Real Fairies and welcome back to Lakeside! Ta asked about my dragon buddies and some history on them so I’ll have to start back in Fyn with this one…

Alright–well, these beings have been around almost as long as […]

Mr E’s Blog, Post #6

The View From Lakeside – Vol.6, 3/25/14

Hello people of Real Fairies!!

How’s your week going over there? I recently got a question from one of you–her name is Paige–about how we tend to healing and what not. Well it’s a good question and I was actually planning to get to that this week. […]

Mr E’s Blog, Post #5

The View From Lakeside,  3/14/14…

Hello again! I hear that you will be celebrating St. Patty’s Day very soon and over here that’s always a happy occasion for us.    You see,  St.  Patty’s day is  when humans slightly remember we that actually exist, or at least they want to believe that we do!   As […]