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You can bring the real world of fairies into your life!

Mr E Answers Some Questions and more…

Well hello!

I finally got some time to upload some clips from a conversation that Mr E and I had fairly recently.  I asked him some questions that were on the “Ask Me E” forum section and I got some answers plus a few other bits of info that I thought might be interesting.  Here they […]

Audio: Mr E Talks About Helping the Eight

Hello again,

Today I have posted a small  portion of a conversation that Mr E and I had about how those of us on this side of the veil can help the Group of Eight.  I asked him this question twice – the first time he gave me […]

Audio: How Elves Have Fun…Centaurs too!

Hello Everyone!

I finally had some time to post a couple of audios from Mr E…

The first one is a 2 minute portion of a conversation that Mr E and I had about how elves spend their free time.  I thought his emphasis on […]

Audio – Mr E Talks About Protective Shielding

As I mentioned in an introduction to an earlier audio, Mr. E and the Elves of Fyn have become very focused lately on sharing information about defense and protection as well as empowerment. Here is a 4 minute audio conversation that Mr E and I had on the subject.

Audio: Humans, Fae and the Balance of Power

Hi Everyone,

Mr. E and the Elves of Fyn have become very focused lately on the information that they wish to share with all of us in the near  future.  Some of it deals with defense and protection–they are very intense about this topic–and another focus […]

Audio – Mr E and the Chant of the Eight

Hi Everyone,

It was great to hear all of your comments when you got to hear Mr E talking for the first time, thank you for that!  Since quite a few of you were interested to hear him speak some words in his native language, he […]

Mr E Talks About His World…

This is a recent conversation I had with Mr E. Here he discusses the differences between his world and his people and our world. Hope you enjoy it.

NL: Would you say that your world is of a higher vibration than our
world? The Seelie world, at least?

Mr E: Hmmm, the seelie […]

Susan and Mr E Talk About Channeling

Today, I  wanted to share a couple of conversations I had recently with both Susan and Mr E about the process of channeling, as they experience it.  For those who are not familiar with them, Mr E is an elven being channeled through my sister Susan.