Since we had an interesting question related to fairy wishes posted on our chat this week by Fallon  ( I think that was the name, there was more than one name used), my daughter, and Real Fairies team member, Katie stepped in to answer it after conferring with Mr E.

To Fallon and all the others that weighed in on this question, I hope you find the answer helpful.  I enjoyed reading the ongoing conversation on this topic, thank you to all who participated.

By Katie Hajjar

Recently we were asked an interesting question: Do wishes (as in the common fictional types) exist in this universe and if so what type of fae can actually grant it?

For example, if I wanted to wish something outrageous like the portal gun from the game Portal, or for something that has never been into existence, can it possibly come into reality? Is that kind of wish possible?

Possible but not Likely

The truth is, there are many powerful beings (including dragons) in the fairy realm that are undoubtedly capable of doing just what the questioner asked. However, for the most part, they would not be inclined to grant that or any other type of wish.

First of all, doing so may unbalance an already precariously balanced world. Power or energy needs balance and they would never risk disturbing that balance for something that was not of grave importance. Secondly, granting such a wish is usually not in the best interest of the person who made the wish.

Powerful Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Good

This question immediately brought to mind a type of being known as Jinn. These, we are told, are powerful magical beings that are known for their ability to instantly manifest anything into this reality.

Mr E tells us that, when released from their bottle (where they probably deserved to be), they can grant the one that released them some wishes. But, there is a dark side to this story because, once they are freed, Jinns often become a negative force in the universe. Unfortunately, those that freed them could easily become their first victim because there’s always a reason the jinn came to be contained in the first place. It seems likely that a powerful wizard with the good intentions imprisoned him there to prevent whatever negative plans he had in store for the world.

An Unfortunate Bargain

This is the story of the devil’s bargain. By asking an entity that doesn’t have your best interest in mind for a favor, you could end up trading your self-worth, become indebted, and lose your power. There are no free rides in the universe. You can’t merely ask for money, confidence, or whatever you are wishing for and have it be magically bestowed upon you. Beings that can quickly offer you those things, whether it is a genie or another negative entity, do so with the expectation that they will be able to take advantage of you in the end.

There is an Alternative Option

With that said, much of the material we have been given from the elves has been provided with the intention of teaching us how to have happier, more empowered and magical lives. In the new year, we are looking forward to adding classes so that we can share how the elves live their lives magically with simplicity and intent. Beings like the elves are open to sharing their wisdom and support, but after giving us their knowledge, it is our job to put it into practice and create the lives we want.

Throughout many of our interviews for the book, the common consensus between every being in the fairy realm is that most of humanity is disconnected from the earth, their source of power and each other. Most people don’t have a clear idea about what they want in life, which is the foundation of any goal. What is it you are wishing for? After you have a clear idea of what you want, then you can create a plan to bring it into being. With dedication, intent, and knowledge, anything is possible!

So, as it turns out, many fae-kind are probably quite capable of granting wishes. Speaking from what we know about them to be true, it makes sense that they would not want to. The idea that you can catch a pixie in a jar, and make it do your bidding comes from the glamorized Disney version of the fairy realm where fairies are dainty, docile little people. We strongly reject that stereotype. Each being that we have met has their own life and personality. While they would want to support you and wish you well, only you have the power to create your destiny.

Who is Mr E?

He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.