Lisa originally posted this as a comment under the “Fairy Communication” section but it was such a great fairy sighting story that I wanted to repost it here so that everyone could be sure to see it.–Natalie

Here’s her story–

I believe I made communication with the White Fairy Queen last spring.  My husband and I spent the day tidying the back yard, cutting back shrubs and trimming trees and bushes.  After a long afternoon of hard work, we decided to lay the children down for a nap, and dose off on the couch ourselves.  I awoke to hearing a woman’s voice calling my name–I was and am the only woman in my house–as I awoke, laying there on the couch, facing straight out the window towards the back yard.  There was the White Queen, on a white horse, which actually looked like a miniature unicorn!  She had three “soldiers” with her, on brown horses… and they were in mid-air, looking in my window… very angrily.  I felt terrible; it was obvious that they were upset we had done all that cutting down of what was probably their yard as well.  I have not seen or felt their presence since.  I had a feeling as we were cutting back, that something was wrong… now something is missing from my back garden; fairy magic.

The birds that eat off my cherry tree were scarce after that, the doves have not chosen our chimney to lay their nests in, either. The yellow and white butterflies have not returned in their 100’s to feed off of the honey suckle tree as they had the year before; and I was invaded by massive wasps that would fly into my house on a daily basis. The forced shaping of mother nature had angered that “love buzz” that used engulf my backyard. There was an energy there that I only felt before, a comforting, close to nature feel.  I thought it was because of my good natured family, my playful kids, our loving pets. Now I know, only because I feel that they’re gone, that it was more than that.

Never before had I seen fairies, or even knew that I sensed them.  Only when I knew they would be gone, had I even known they were there.

We’re moving this spring, in search of a home with the fairy essence, and I promise, I won’t cut back too much this time!


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