I recently came across a wonderful site that shows  how we can each make a difference by choosing to reduce our carbon footprint one “act” at a time.  Some of these acts are really quite simple and actually require little more than turning something off or down when were aren’t using it–it’s an awareness thing.  Others may require a bit more effort but the thing is, each person can choose how much or how little they want to do to help ease the burden we have placed on our mother earth.

I found it very encouraging to see how a small change in behavior can make a big difference and the website–One Million Acts of Green–lets you know how much you reduce your carbon foot print with each act you add.  Seeing how much I can reduce my footprint inspires me to want to do more.

If we all do a small part, the effect will be huge.

I recently joined One Million Acts of  Green and registered my acts and pledged to do a few more.  Why don’t we all give it a try?  If you want to work on this together, you can go here and be part of the Real Fairies Group that I just created for us at OMAOG.  The Elves would be very pleased.