Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I thought it would be appropriate to revisit this evergreen post, originally published in 2010, on this special day. ย I hope you enjoy it!

Hello Everyone,
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Mr E and I had a conversation yesterday about the significance of St. Patrick’s Day to the elves and the faery realm. Here it is – hope you enjoy it.–Natalie

NL: Today is St. Patrick’s Day…

Mr E: Ah yes, one of my favorite days…

NL: What does that mean for you in your realm, anything? Or is it basically a human holiday?

Mr E: It’s mainly a human holiday and it’s a good thing because they show their belief in the leprechaun and this is when they celebrate the leprechaun.

NL: Is that really what they do, you think?

Mr E: Yes, they seem to celebrate them and appreciate them.

NL: Well I know the holiday is named after Saint Patrick (circa 387-461 AD), one of the most well known patron saints of Ireland but I don’t really know why it is connected to leprechauns…

Mr E: Nor do I really but what I find most interesting is that this is the only human holiday I know of where a member of the faery realm is focused on and celebrated. It seems to be a time where peopleย  stop and think “oh, remember, there’s still fairies around,” so yes, we are very happy about St. Patrick’s day.

NL: This is also a time when people are reminded about the luck of the Irish but I have read that many feel that is rather ironic because the Irish seem to be rather unlucky, historically.

Mr E: (Laughs) Well, the real luck of the Irish has to do with the faeries, it’s all connected to us.

NL: So, what about leprechauns? Why are they featured in this holiday?

Mr E: Well,it’s because the humans in Ireland can see the leprechauns better than they can see other types of fae.

NL: I wonder why that is?

Mr E: The leprechauns…they are very bold and outgoing…

NL: And they don’t seem to be afraid of humans.

Mr E: No, they’re not afraid of humans at all and their energy is strong. They’ve never been afraid of humans, they just know how to deal with them. They think “oh, all right, we’ll trick you into doing this or that if that’s what you want.” They can be very clever and you have to be very careful when you strike a bargain with them. Unless you are good friends with them, watch the fine print, as they say.

NL: They seem to enjoy playing with humans this way, sort of yanking their chain.

Mr E: Oh, they love it! It’s like their hobby but they’ve got a good sense of humor too.

NL: So, they aren’t necessarily being mean.

Mr E: No, they’re not mean spirited, there’s not a mean bone in their body but if a human makes them mad or tries to catch them and use them, look out. Really, catching them and demanding money isn’t a really nice thing to do, is it?

NL: No it isn’t and I can’t imagine it ending very well for the humans.

MR E: Back in the day, humans used to think they were superior to the much smaller leprechaun but it shows what little they really knew. Who is superior to who here? Who knows more than you do? Believe me, size isn’t an indicator of intelligence or wisdom.

NL: Exactly! So, ideally, how would you like humans to observe St. Patrick’s Day?

MR E: It would be great if humans would remember to be thankful for the leprechauns, the little folks and the faeries of all kinds.

NL: Is there anything special people should do on that day if they want to connect with the fae?

MR E: Not especially but I would say that it would be a grand day to connect with the fae. And, not only that, it is getting to be spring, that’s always a good thing because that’s when a lot of them are waking up. I can see them out there waking up so I am happy very about that.

NL: So what do we want to tell people about celebrating St. Patrick’s day?

MR E: Uh…drink lots of ale (laughs) and leave a little bit out for the elves–oh and leprechauns, of course.

NL: So, basically, celebrate the fae on St. Patrick’s Day?

MR E: Yes but actually, I think it’s also a time to celebrate the fae and human relationship,it’s really good to keep that in mind too. Don’t forget, it’s the humans remembering the fae that is so very important-now more than ever before. This is the day that you can thin the veil one extra time because so many people are focused and thinking about the leprechauns.

You know, now that I think of it, I believe we need more fae related holidays to help with the veil thinning.ย  So…how about an Elven Day? A day to remember all the good things the elves have done for humans. (laughs)

NL: Sure…when would you like to have Elven Day?

Mr E: Hmmm…how about me birthday? Yes, that’s a grand idea… all right, May 24th, Elven Day it is! Mark your calendars everyone! (big laugh)