During the process of writing our book, my sister Susan who, as many of you know, channels Mr E and others from the fairy realm, has been gathering recipes and magical elements to be included in our book. For these last couple of weeks, she has been in almost constant contact with Danakin, Mr E’s baker friend from Lakeside.

An Expert Coach

Danakin, who we also interviewed for our book, spent many hours talking with Susan, explaining the fundamentals of bread baking, the various ingredients needed, and the specific form each particular bread should take. He also taught her how to bake with intention so that the finished bread becomes infused with the proper magical energy for it’s intended purpose.

Although Susan had no previous baking experience, she was able to bring this bread, called Journey bread, from their realm into ours with fantastic skill. The bread was, by all accounts, quite delicious!

A Hearty Bread

As its name suggests, journey bread is often used for nourishment on long journeys. Chock full of many types of nuts. seeds, and dried fruits, it is highly nutritious and tends to keep well over more extended periods of time.

This bread is often given to soldiers right before they leave for battle and they carry it with them for times when food might be scarce. Mothers and wives of soldiers often bake this bread and enchant it with protection and care to keep their loved ones safe.

On another, special occasion, this bread is frequently given to young elves when they have reached adulthood, thus ending their childhood journey and beginning their journey as an adult.

The importance of Journey Bread

According to Danakin, the elves use Journey bread for both physical and spiritual journeys. For this reason, they bake it in the shape of a spiral, a symbol which is often used to symbolize journeys, growth, and enlightenment.  Danakin has told us the bread’s spiral design represents the spiritual journey we are all taking in the desire to experience the god force in a clearer light and achieve a deeper understanding.

The recipe for this bread is included in our book, Interviews from the Fairy Realm, due out by summer.