fairy_communication_symbol copySince so many of you are looking for ways to connect and communicate with the fairy realm, we thought it would be a good time to share this wonderful Fairy Communication Amulet with you.

Given to us by The Elves of Fyn, this amulet was designed to assist you in communicating with the fairy realm and to enhance that  communication by making it  clearer and more focused.   According to elves, the circle in the center represents the space where both the human and fairy worlds connect.

The elves use the word “amulet” to describe an object that contains magical power and can be worn, carried or placed in one’s home.  This amulet can be made small and worn around the neck so you will always have a connection to the fairy realm. The elves also suggest that making a dream pillow with this symbol on it and filling it with  equal parts Elder, Graveyard Dust (Mullein) and Mugwort, could help you connect with the fae in your dreams.  A good size for the pillow would be a 5 or 6 inches square.   Note:  this amulet is now available at our store as both a pendant and a dream pillow if you don’t feel like making it yourself.

All amulets need to be activated to be their most powerful so we suggest you do that before you use it the first time.  To activate your amulet, empower it with your desire to communicate with the fae by sending that thought, surrounded by white light from your 6th Chakra (or third eye), directly into your amulet.

To use the dream pillow, you will need to do the following:  Right before you go to sleep at night, ask the fairies to come and connect/work with you in your dreams and ask to be able to remember these dreams when you awake.  Make sure you activate your dream pillow as explained above and place it inside your pillow case and sleep on it that night.  Keep a paper and pencil near your bed so that you can write down what you have experienced before it fades away.

For those who wish to print out the amulet,  a  larger sized picture can be found here. You can either print it out, or right click and save it to your computer if you want.  Please note: This symbol is copyrighted and is for your own private use and is not to be used for any commercial  purposes without permission, please.


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