For the Fairies

Since it’s the gardening season, I thought I would give you an idea of the best fairy garden plants to use if you want to attract fairies.

First of all, a happy,  flourishing garden, created with fairies in mind, can definitely attract fairies to you. Your garden doesn’t have to be huge and labor intensive,  it can be as small or as large as you want.  For those who aren’t really into gardening,  a few potted plants and maybe a little fountain on your patio or apartment balcony would be great.  The main point to remember is that you are creating something special for the fairies.

Some Great Fairy Garden Plants

Here is a list of some plants that are known to attract fairies:

Lavender, Honeysuckle, Foxglove, Cowslip, Snapdragon, Jasmine, Rosemary, Lily of the Valley, Roses (especially the Fairy Rose), Coral Bells, Pansies, Primroses, Violets. Bluebells, Ferns, Sweet Pea, Mugwort, Pussy willow, White Sage, Gardenia, Lilies, Moonwort, Mullein, Cattails, Blackberry, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Bachelor’s Buttons.  Any plant that you love would also work great.

Lavender in a Fairy Garden

Lavender in a Fairy Garden

In addition to the above, consider adding the plants below for the reasons listed:

Elderberry – These berries can be burned in a fire to invite the fae to gather.  Fairies love Elderberry wine, and Elderberry will surely draw fairy visitors to you!
Thyme – Wearing Thyme (especially Wild Thyme) will increase one’s ability to see fairies.  It can also be sprinkled on window sills and on your doorstep to invite the fae to visit.
Heather – Greatly loved by fairies – they are very passionate about it!  It is also used to open a doorway between the two worlds.
Clover -This plant is very sacred to the fae, and any type of clover will attract them.

Some Trees to Consider

For me, trees and the dryads that inhabit them are always an essential ingredient to any magical, fairy environment. In our backyard, we have a powerful grouping of trees that include Oak, Ash, Mulberry, Black Walnut and Maple. Not everyone lives where they can have trees but if you do, see the list below.

Some trees to consider adding to your garden area:     

Beautiful Rowan branches with berries, a fairy favorite.

Beautiful Rowan branches with berries, a fairy favorite.

Rowan – Known as the Goddess Tree, rowan protects the home or buildings where it grows and also protects against troublesome fairies.
Oak, Ash, & Hawthorn – Legend suggests that “faery folks are in the oaks,” and the fae love to dance around this tree.  Also, where there is an oak, ash, and thorn (Hawthorn) together, it creates a sacred space which makes it easier to see the fae.
Mulberry – Connected to the faery Goddess Danu, mulberry is a tree of protection and strength.
Elder – This tree is under the protection of the Elder Mother who protects fairies from dark energies and spirits.  Because of this, it is a refuge for fairies and will attract them.
Hazel – This is a very magical tree that has been used to summon fairies.
Lilac – The sweet scent of lilac is said to draw pixies to your garden.

Other Things You Can Do

Consider leaving a small area wild for the fae – they love that.

Again, this is not essential but setting an area aside that can remain wild and undisturbed will attract the fae and earn you some of their respect and appreciation.  Anything that lets the fae know you support wildlife and nature is bound to make them take a closer look and show them you understand and value the same things they do.

Other garden attractors:
*A water feature in your garden such as a birdbath, wishing well or pond
*A birdfeeder or any other means of supporting wildlife and nature.
*Glass globes or gazing ball,
*Bells or chimes,
*Fairy Statues
*The Fairy Star on a flag or sign
*Because fairies are connected to “in between” places, consider adding an archway or gateway or a fairy door, etc.
*An outdoor fairy house
*A “Good Faeries Welcome Here” Sign or Banner
*Use plenty of rocks for decoration and borders and add some crystals or other personal treasures.
*Tie some ribbons to some of your bush or tree branches in bright colors – it works wonders!
*Add shiny objects to your garden such as silver to attract the fae

Hopefully, I have given you some ideas without overwhelming you with too many choices.  It might work best to start small and choose things that truly resonate with you,  growing your garden over time.

Happy Gardening!!!