We get all our magical information from a group of elves known as The Elves of Fyn.  You can learn more about them in our post entitled, Who are the Elves of Fyn? For now, I am just going to give you a general overview of some of their symbols and how the elves use them magically.

Two Type of Symbols

Fairy Symbols from the Elves of Fyn

Elven Symbols from the Elves of Fyn

According to the elves, their symbols, which date back thousands of years,  are considered either representation symbols or activation symbols. Representation symbols are simply a graphic representation of an idea such as home, family, truth, sight ( to see), Prosperity, etc.

Activation symbols are used to bring about a desired outcome. These symbols are used when working with magic which the elves define as the gathering, focusing and directing of natural energy. One of their key activation symbols is a symbol called Veldor:

The Veldor Fairy Symbol

The Elven Symbol Veldor

Using the Symbols to Create Something

If we were to want to bring about a result, such as “seeing the truth” we would combine Veldor with the representation symbols for Truth and To See  (above) to  create this outcome for ourselves magically:

The combined symbol for

The combined symbol for “seeing the truth.”

Another example would be combining Veldor with the prosperity symbol to bring prosperity into your life:


If we want to create success, we would use Veldor and the success symbol:

The combination symbol of Veldor with the success symbol to bring about success.

Using the Symbols to Remove Something

Just as Veldor can bring things that we want into being, it can also be reversed to remove things from our reality.  An example of this would be using the reversed Veldor and combining it with the symbol for conflict to remove conflict from your life:

Reversed Veldor with the conflict symbol to remove conflict from your life.

Using Veldor in this way and combining it with other representation symbols can give us many different magical symbols.  These symbols have power of their own but to really work well in the human world, they must be used with a strong belief and focused intention.  There are other things that can be done to increase the power of these symbols such as combining them with the proper herbs and using a crystal or other stone to amplify their power.

For more magical symbol information, be sure to check out Fairy Magic – Five Fairy Power Symbols to discover some singular elven symbols that are very powerful when used alone.