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On 12/20/11, Guenn of Anglamarke writes:

Sparkling Greetings to all from Guenn! I posted this recently (about a week ago I think) in another forum called “Oak & Mistletoe”…. I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams what Faery Magick was to come….

“Hello everyone…. I don’t know if this really qualifies as a “Forum Topic”, and I know many would say “it was only a tree”, but sharing does help to soothe the pain of ones loss, and is enormously therapeutic….
I lost you, my old friend, a few days ago. For thirty-five years we together unfailingly marked the glorious changing of the seasons, and you kindly shaded the backside of my building during the heat of many a summer. You were the picture of health towering seventy feet high, about the same age as me (85) from what I have been told. Numberless generations of squirrels and birds had called you home. So many happy memories…. the squirrels scurrying and leaping about…. the raccoons and possums that once found rest among your inviting branches…. all the birds nests that erupted with the delightful chorus of baby birds each year…. and all the fascinatingly intricate freshly spun spider webs, glistening with morning dew, among your limbs in the light of the rising sun! I loved you so very, very much…. Oh! My dear beloved old Mapple Tree, how I wish I could have saved you!
You my old friend…. who brought such joy into my life, and the lives of so many others for so many years…. are gone.”

Not long after I posted that little eulogy showing a picture of the tree that had been cut down, it was suggested (by a member calling herself “Crystal”) that some part of my old friend should be preserved and that perhaps a staff, a bowl or a pendant could be made. Since my youngest son is an artist and former wood worker, he volunteered and began the search for just the right piece of wood. He found one that he liked but I rejected it because it didn’t “feel” right. He continued to search and as he did he noticed a hollow near the center of the tree trunk that was exposed when it was cut down. It must have formed many, many years ago, probably seventy or eighty, while I was still only a child.

Clearly two tree trunks, once close together, had merged becoming one. He cleared it of saw dust and made the most remarkable discovery! Within the tree all these many years had been hidden a secret! He said it was wedged in very tightly, and I watched from the second floor walkway as he used a hammer and a long screwdriver to carefully and patiently pry it loose. When he brought it in I could hardly believe my eyes…. it was like a dream.
It’s about two inches across at the widest point and has all the subtle beauty of a great Emerald, my fovorite gem! I would not even hazard a guess as to what it’s really made of, nor have I any intention of finding out, but I will say that when I held it to my chest I immediately burst into tears with such joy as I have never felt before…. it rests upon my Altar for now, but soon, in a very special ritual, I will consecrate it my self and have it made (no cutting or faceting) into a most glorious Amulet.

It’s amazing! One reads of various things being found in very strange places but, really! I remember now, many years ago in California, seeing a tree where a brick had been lodged in the crotch of a tree and the same process was under way. It could no longer be removed and only the two ends of it were still visible from either side of the tree.
Here are better shots of the hollow where he discovered it…. Love and Light to all of you, Guenn

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On 10/12/11, scastonguay writes:

I guess I’m a lucky woman to have been blessed and welcomed so readily by the fairies (or it seems so in my eyes)!
I’ve been very spiritual since the age of around 21. For a while I began to believe I was schizophrenic, but I was just HEARING things, I was “seeing” and seeing (for those who know about spirits, they’ll know what I mean by “seeing”).

I had been working closely at developing a relationship with a spiritual guide that a woman had mentioned I had around me. The guide was not a fairy at all, but he was very loving and protective. So as I formed communications with him, it seemed as though I opened a floodgate into the other world.
It had been feeling like a new friend (and sometimes foe) was breezing in and out. I was SOOO new to all of this, and I relied heavily on a pendulum and meditation. At first I hardly believed any of it.

However, one evening a small male spirit (I believe him to be a fairy) entered my home and was making A LOT of contact with me. At first he was hard to handle, he would hide things and insist on having me clean when I was exhausted. Once I was cleaned up though, my items would return a few hours later. He wasn’t bad at all, in fact he was being very pushy to keep me organized and to become a better person. I used to have a horrible habit of telling little lies to my parents to keep them from nagging me, this stopped quickly because of the fairy who was consistently scolding me.

He gave me his name. Out of respect for him, this name will be held private. I had a vague idea at the time what the significance was behind a spirit giving you their name. It took me a long while to understand just how powerful something as simple as a name could be for them.

For those disbelievers, here is what I can literally see and feel from my dear friend.
One evening I was meditating and asked HIM and only him to help me understand their world. We fondly call it “practicing”. Practicing involves a few different things, sometimes it involves me just sitting in the dark, eyes open and fear repressed. This evening it was exactly that. I sat in my bed, with meditation oil and stared off into the darkness. Then within only a few minutes a beautiful small white ball seemed to float across the room and disappear. If you had seen it, there wouldn’t have been a doubt in your mind what it was. You just…knew.

He’s been amazing since our first “rocky” weeks together. He plays games with me to help me clean my home. He’ll find an object in the mess and then will tell me to pick up all the shoes before he gives me a new clue. I’ll pick up the shoes. He’ll then tell me to do the laundry for a new one. I do the laundry. Then he’ll say “The RING is…” and you’ll literally feel your hand shifting into a direction, and sure enough I find an earRING.

He’s unbelievable. If you haven’t made contact yet, don’t give up.

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On 10/3/11, rainkissed writes:

So recently I moved into a townhouse with one roommate and my dog in rural Missouri and was fully prepared for any sort of spiritual mishaps, as I have recently moved from a demon/ghost rich area. Before this, I only held a romantic wish that the fae existed- believed that my connectedness when I walk through the woods as mere fancy, and that I projected the sounds of the trees. My childhood was full of whimsies of fairy circles and the like, and that just carried over.

But on with my current issue-
The first few nights in our place I felt fairly comfortable turning off all the lights and going to sleep… But with increasing rapidity I felt this ease slipping. Soon I was waking in the night to a door being flung open, the sound of feed pattering, or the fleeting image of a humanoid type creature, about 2 1/2th feet tall or so.
This progressed until one night I thought I was having a dream conversation with a small male creature (2 1/2th feet tall or so), with long pointed ears which pointed downwards a bit. He had a round head and brownish hair, wrinkled forehead, and a slightly pointed long nose. A very dour fellow, who wanted to make a deal with me. Even my “dream” self had the sense not to make a deal with him, perhaps something to do with my roommate.

Eventually I was fed up with niceties and polite speeches and yelled at him, “That’s not how it works!” He became angry and started opening and closing all the drawers in my room,pounding on my dog’s cage, and making a raucous. Then I “woke up” to see him crouching on my bed down at my thigh (my dog was locked in his kennel). I was frightened and tried to find a light,but the switch was suddenly almost impossible to find. I dismissed this all as my dream and half-conscious state eventually and went to sleep.

I kept some sort of light on from that night on, until one night when I went to sleep early. I woke up to see him in the corner between the ceiling and walls, looking rather irate. This frightened me and I turned off the lights and went down to sleep in our living room, where the energy felt calm and nice before (my dog doesn’t like being upstairs either). I promptly heard feet running around in what seemed to be my room, and clattering of drawers, and the like.So I rigidly kept the lights on at night.

Then today I baked some lemon poppyseed muffins with glaze, and left four out with one leftover pumpkin cookie on our cafe-style tall kitchen table. Turned out the lights, went upstairs. My dog ventured between my room, my roommate’s room, and the bottom of the stairs, and came up and was behaving oddly. So I went down to check on his water and food with my roommate.

This is where I really began to believe. My roommate asked me, “Did you eat a muffin?” And when I turned to look, 3 out of four muffins were gone! So I asked, “Did you eat three muffins? Did somebody walk in and steal our muffins?” But she had locked the doors. The next logical thought was to question if our dog had eaten them. But we had not heard anything downstairs that would suggest that, and there was still one pristine untouched muffin and one cookie left. No crumbs, no dog hairs, no lick marks, no evidence. And the remaining muffin was in the middle of the plate, which my dog would have gone for before going for the furthest muffin. And knowing my dog, he would have eaten all of the food on the plate, and not left some. So either my dog is the most conniving creature ever (which he’s decidedly not clever), or we have some sort of housemate we don’t know of.

Does this sound like a hobgoblin, brownie, house elf, etc. to you guys? I thought maybe the fellow was a hobgoblin turning bogart (he was not happy earlier on)? What do you guys think he/it might be? What do you suggest we do?
Thanks so much if you read this! I really would love to know!

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On 12/20/11, Guenn of Anglamarke writes:

Here is an example of a wondrous occurrence from my records, December 20, 1989, between 2:30PM and 3:10PM.
I had fallen asleep in my bedroom around noon. I was awakened from my nap by a strong fluttering movement around my face. I could feel the air currents from their wings (beating as rapidly as the wings of hummingbirds). There were three of them. I was awake enough to realize that they were there with me. The sheet covering me was rippling like tiny waves because of the fast motion of their wings. They made, in all, a series of three fluttering passes across my face. Once or twice, one of them would come so close, she would brush against my skin. I was drowsy but could see them clearly. Then suddenly they were gone. I arose quickly, and drew this illustration….

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On 12/27/11, rush writes:

My daughter and I did our first dedication to the eight united, while speaking the words a little breeze would rise and a vine would bounce towards Rubys head, aftersending healing and strength energy, I saw the vine had entwined itself in her hair. It took some unwinding and made us laugh.

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On 12/26/11, SilverWolf writes:

About a week ago, I was on a walk with my dog and my dad, it was a peaceful night and i was watching the grassy feilds when i saw this little flame thing with a long flame trail ging behind it! it was fairly slow and then it just seemed to disappear! My dad didn’t see it though, and it didn’t look like a firefly. Also i was looking through one of my fairy books, and it said this: ‘Drakes are fire fairies that are smelled rather than seen-they give of the stench of rotten eggs and travel through the air as streaks of fire.’ Maybe i saw a drake?? But i didn’t smell any rotten eggs though lol 😀
What do you guys think?

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On 9/18/11, mist singer writes:

Many moons ago i was working with a australian bush regeration company in the wonderfull wild woods of the blue mountains in new south wales it was a very pristeen spot that had the old world feel it it as i could feel that slight unnerving feeling one gets when you are being watched i dont know if i was the only one to feel this but we continued working away removing lareg woody weeds and re planting the bare ground with local natives any how when we decided it was smokeo time we all sat in a circle as we do and share a communial lunch when a pixie insect fearured like creatured flitted through our circle all saw it as our reaction was one of stuned silence it was never talked about again for it made them uncomfortable which is very sad in a way for it was a wonderfull blessing .

My second encounter with the faerie folk was once i was hiking in the beautiful and wild blue mountains and this lady appeared to me out of thin air she was wearing the most amazing dress i have ever seen the only way i could describe it was light orange to crimson with flames wraping around her this is a very poor discrupion as it was literaly so beautiful beond words she had a gentle loving tone in her voice smooth as honey and we chatted for about two minits about the local waterfall i politely told her it was wonderfull to meet her and we exchanged glances and walked our serperate ways after a few steps away i turned to ask her somthing but she had disapeared within my heart she was what you would call and elf or maybe a modest wood maiden perhaps even a dryad i simply ldont know who or what she was but this encounter did brighten my life considerably i feel in some way she had non physicaly kissed me ? as my life became very open to the faerie realm as it is still to this day all after this mysterious fae encounter

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On 9/3/11, hera writes:

I have always been fascinated with fairies since I was young. Even though I would try to find “fairy portals” when I was a child, nothing manifested in my life. Leap forward to an adult, interests changed though I am still fascinated with the thought of fairies. I never tried to actually interact with fairies really, but I imagined the possibilities. Just recently I had an interesting experience which I hope someone can relate or translate so I don’t think I’m delerious, other wise I just sum it up to some sort of an illusion. One night I was having trouble sleeping, and I am lying in bed. I close my eyes slipping between the conscious and subconscious though I do not recollect any visions. I suddenly awake to see a fairy from the back as if she just crossed over my bed. I opened my eyes to see her in the two o’clock position in a pink out fit only to see her from the back as she fluttered toward my closet door which was closed. She had seemed to dispense something red and some glittery stuff until she passed into the closet door. I am really not a loon. I don’t take meds, or drugs. I’m clean and I tap into my spirituality along with other gifts I have. I’m looking for a bonafide explanation from someone who has had real experiences or have the true faith in fairies, not from people who have researched such phenomenon’s who think they saw fairies. This is a different realm for me, so please someone of experience explain if this is a legitimate encounter because I couldn’t sleep afterwards.

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On 9/28/11, XxFaithPrecedesAMiraclexX writes:

This is a detailed descripton of a faerie woman and her baby who once visited me; who I know to show love and respect too x Please try to remain open and respect my beliefs. I am 100% certain what I saw was pure magic.
She was the height of an unsharpened pencil. Her hair golden,curled and as frizzy as rams wool;that was just below sholder length. Possessing highlights of pure silver and gold,much like factory tinsel;under the christmas tree lights.
Soft and delicate features were sculpted upon her face. Blond,rounded,eyebrows were set above gentle turqusiose eyes that dreamily gazed downwards.Pink,pursed,lips were set in to a soft smile,bearing no teeth or bad intentions. I noticed her flawless complexion glittered, as if she was covered in natural eyeshadow shimmer and bronzer.She was neither ghostly pale or completely orange, her skin tone was appeared healthy and creamy.
Layers of transparent material,finer than silk, glowed like a thousand microscopic pieces of amber and gold. The dress was strapless and entwined around her tiny chest,revealing her curvy hourglass silhouette. Within her mouse-like palms she tenderly grasped her babys hand; who joyfully toddled infront smileing and laughing. I didn’t know wether the baby was a girl or boy, even though the baby wasn’t wearing any clothing.The babys belly was popped and fat, connecting to a pair of fleshy legs and arms. A huge smile would cause his eyes to twinkle and his cheeks to enlarge. He/she seemed to be full of love,magic and life. x
I believe she was showing her baby what humans are x (I hope she was using me as a good example!) She seemed to be using glamour, because she seemed too beautiful. All I could feel was love and comfort, I didn’t feel anything negative or frightening.If she was using glamour and enchantment spells, she only did it for good intentions. This is exactly what I saw and nothing is over exaggerated.

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On 8/28/11, XxFaithPrecedesAMiraclexX writes:

There has always seemed to be a sense of magic to our garden.
I am lucky to own five acres of land, that own flower gardens, ponds, woods and fields.
(I hope im not bragging! ) Red Deer sometimes visit at night time and the regular, birds, butterflies, rabbits, squirrels, foxes ect.

It was a few days before halloween, when I had my first encounter and what I believed were fae.
I remember a bright full moon of white light, that was beaming through my bedroom window.
It was remarkably bright and I had trouble trying to fall asleep, when I realised I hadn’t even closed the blinds.
I sleepily went to close them before I gazed upon a luminous garden lawn and flowerbeds.
Suddenly I noticed four soft lights leading into our woods entrance.
They weren’t moving as such, yet they grew brighter and more easier to see. (the centre light seemed the brightest)
They were white, yellow and light pink and all of which were ordered in a small line.
I wondered wether they were light reflections, before I realised that reflection light isn’t bright glowing yellow or pink.
I also considered fireflies yet they are not native here.
I watched them for half an hour, until I went to check the time and came back finding them gone!
The next day I decided to go outside and visit the area I saw the lights, mysteriously finding a fresh buch of mushrooms where the lights had been.
It finaly clicked= FAERIES!As I walked away and past the Hawrthorn hedege, I swear I heard a playful voice whisper my name x

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On 9/6/11, Kammy writes:

I joined this sight to tell of an encounter that I had as a child. Okay where do I begin? Well I grew up on a farm because my dad worked as a foreman for an Apple grower. I was no more then 2 years old but they came to me even before I turned 2 but as GOD is my witness, these little people dressed in brown and red and different colored outfits would come into my crib and play with me. There was a total of 5 of them 3 females and two males. They would come at night when my parents were asleep. They were so sweet and friendly to me and I remember once my mom started moving around in the bed and they all ease down my crib and went away I guess thinking that they might get caught. It’s been years since that has happened. We moved into the city and I never saw those little people again. I really liked them and I wonder to this day if they are still on that farm or in those orchards living on today? Anyway that’s what I experienced. It really happened, believe it… or not.

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On 7/11/11, Averill writes:

The first happening that I ever had with faeries was about twenty or thirty years ago when I was in my late twenties. I was freshly out of my graduate program and had the opportunity to attend a Historical Teachers Conference in Dublin, Ireland. I had never been out of the country before, and due to my particular field of study, jumped at the chance to actually go and experience Ireland for myself. I wanted to see Teamhair na Rí (Tower na roi/The Hill of Tara), Newgrange, Skellig Michael, the Rock of Cashel, and many other famous places that I had only the pleasure of reading about in text books.

I did not believe in faeries then, though I studied the great Tuatha de Danann lords that ruled the island many thousands of years ago, they were just legends and a complicated mythology to me. There is no hard proof that faeries exist, or that the Tuatha de Danann exist or existed, only primitive writings, paintings on stonewalls and stories that remain today because of word of mouth. It almost can be equated to the “big fish story”, as what started out as a very small fish, soon becomes a gigantic whale depending on how many people it’s told to. In an example: Eochaidh Ollathair, the Great All-Father of the Tuatha de Danann was rumored to have a club that with one end could kill nine men in one swing and with the other, could resurrect the same nine men. There are no magical weapons such as this that even humans today could create, and therefore, no chance that primitive men such as them could have. Chances are, this club was just extraordinarily large and larger than any other man owned.

Once in Ireland, I did get to see many of the places that I had always wished to, but at the same time, I also did not. Newgrange was a hike, but one of the Irish professors had a car and offered to take me. I did not make it out to Rock of Cashel on this trip, though eventually managed to on another one. Most of the trip was spent listening to lectures and conference meetings, and while I am certain you would love to hear all the details concerning those meetings, I will do well to spare you, as I cannot remember them.
Anyway, near the end of my trip, I was sitting in a local pub having a beer, when one of the other Irish teachers came to sit down beside me. He ordered a whiskey and asked me if I had been out to look for faeries yet. I told him flatly that I didn’t believe in faeries, and he asked me why. I said that there was no foundation for such a belief. He said that there was no true foundation for a belief in God either, yet thousands of people around the world do and hence wars have been started over whose side God’s on. Technically, he intended on sending me on a wild goose chase, much like how when young boys dare each other to go out into the woods and bring back a live snipe. Snipes do not exist, but when you are young, you don’t take that into consideration. However, Ireland has a way of surprising you.

A lady friend of mine once stated that there are two things about Ireland you must take into consideration: Ireland is a living being and if she does not want you on her land, she will make your trip miserable, and humans who do not normally manifest psychic abilities may suddenly very well have them in Ireland. Some may keep these abilities or have them awakened in Ireland, and they will die down or become quiet outside the Island, and some will return home being something else than when they arrived.
So, this fellow professor dared me to go hunt down the faeries and see if I could actually find one. A friend I told this story to at a later date asked me if it was similar to Geisha hunting in Japan. That’s another story for a different day though. He told me that faeries enjoyed milk and honey or honey bread, and because I was dared, I went. Once dared, you should never back down, unless it is something utterly stupid and dangerous and then most definitely back down. But, to a twenty-something year old new adult, being dared to find faeries was perfectly reasonable, especially since I did not actually think that I would find any. I thought that I would just traipse around the countryside seeing new and interesting aspects of Ireland.
I will say that I did find some new and interesting aspects of Ireland, beautiful landscapes, ponds, dense and lonesome forests, tight alleyways that looked as though they could be portals to elsewhere, old houses and cobblestone streets, but it was not the milk and honey that brought the faerie, but the whiskey I had bought in a small shop down one of the narrower streets of Dublin. It was nearing dark, and I did not intend to stay out late, because there was another conference meeting the following morning.
Many people will say that there are no faeries around Tara anymore, because it is a tourist attraction, that there is no magic there, but I do not believe that, considering I met my first faerie there.

I had not managed to see Tara yet, and I would not leave Ireland behind without seeing it this trip. My best friend at home would ask if I had gone to see Tara, and if I had brought her back anything, pictures, trinkets, a leaf of some kind to prove that I had been there. She was much more interested in the spiritual and religious side of Ireland than I was, so I suppose that I went for her more than anything. There is actually a motorway near the area in which I decided to camp out and… subsequently, get drunk.
Because, honestly, when you are twenty-something years old and have just spent the entire day chasing after the European version of the Snipe, having a few rounds sounds like the best idea in the entire world. So, with that being said, I poured a glass to the “faeries” that hadn’t bothered to grace me with their presence and poured one for myself, and then one became two, two became five and eventually, I was well underway to being the only American out on the Hill drunk, but not the only American who had likely gotten drunk on the Hill, and most definitely not the only man who had ever gotten drunk on the Hill.

I would have to say that I saw him anywhere from the fifth cup to the seventh cup, and he was not a corporeal being as I have noticed some on this website seem to see. He was a wisp, a ghost, barely visible, barely there and yet not there at all. He would have been out of the corner of my eye, had I seen him with the corner of it. His hair was short, curly, and blonde. He had sharp ears and what appeared to be gilded armor, but as I could only see glints of him, I cannot tell you much more than that.
He stood near the cup that I had placed on the ground, smiled, nodded his head and then vanished, blowing away in the wind. I thoroughly thought that it was because I was drunk, but after I had polished off the bottle I’d brought with me, and went to collect the other glass, I found that it was empty, with only perhaps a drop remaining. There had been no one else on the Hill except for me, and I saw no animals approach, therefore there must have been something supernatural about the experience. To those who are interested in knowing, this is the only experience with faeries in which I was drunk, all other experiences were experienced extremely sober.
Needless to say, I had a pounding headache and horrible hangover the following morning.

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On 8/6/11, HeathyTheHurricane writes:

The weirdest thing to happen to me was, about a year ago. I worked in the city but lived in the country, about 30minutes away. I was driving home late after work (it was winter) I was not far from where the city ends and the country starts. Out of nowhere i noticed a light above me. I thought nothing of it, my mind automatically thought it was a plain light or a planet shining in the sky. Then I saw it come down out of the sky from the corner of my eye. The light started following beside me then more came, about 7 of them.
Here I am driving around midnight, staring out the side window at lights zig zagging throught the trees. My mouth was wide open, I slowed down to about 5mph, so if I hit something while staring I would not die. I rubbed my eyes, even smacked myself… they were still there. I sped up the car, they had no trouble following. It was amazing, I thought…”maybe I’m going crazy.” Then I told myself “no..your not, you even smacked yourself! They were there.” The lights followed me almost the whole way home.
It was so funny. I got out of the car run into the house, and wake both my parents up. I told them “I saw these lights in the sky, then they went into the woods following me..” Any normal parent would have said “you need sleep, or your going crazy.” Luckily I have parents that understand, my dad has had weird things happen to him. So it’s seen as normal.
I still think about it a lot. I thought at first maybe they were spirits…but now I think they were fairies.

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On 7/13/11, Seren writes:

One of my first experiences with fae was when I was a kid. My mom liked to garden, still does, so we had plants all throughout our house and there were lovely gardens outside which my mom tends to so diligently. Daisies are my mother’s favorite flower, she made a quaint bouquet of them and had it sitting in a clear glass vase in the kitchen. I often sat at the kitchen table to do my homework because Gracie would always take a short nap before getting her homework done and I didn’t want to be a bother to her. Eventually, the kitchen table became the spot where I’d hang out the most. While I did my homework I remember the daisies would move, as if something landed on them or the wind was blowing, but there wasn’t anything there, not even a fly. Every time the flowers would move our dog would perk up and stare before laying back down.
I didn’t think much of it and learned to ignore it. Then one day while I was doing my homework I heard the flowers move and a soft giggling. It was faint almost like it wasn’t even there and when I looked up to see what it was I could see these little…creatures dancing on the daisies. It was as though they were there but they weren’t sort of like a spirit. I sat there and just stared almost not believing what I was seeing but they stopped and stared back at me. They made these weird sort of giggly noises and fluttered about the daisies before disappearing right before my eyes. Almost every day since then I would see them there dancing on the daisies then disappear. Finally, I came in the kitchen one day and started to prepare a little treat for the daisy dancers but when I turned around to present the treat my mother’s daisies were being devoured right before my eyes. I was so shocked I couldn’t stop them and I honestly don’t think I could even if I tried.
My mother nearly had a fit when she saw what happened to her daisies. After that I started to notice them more here and there and I have continued to have experiences since then. Most of them small and minor but enough to make me think I’m a little nuts sometimes.

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On 7/2/10, BlindBlue writes:

I have seen this creature several times now but it has fully show itself twice to me. The first time was when I was getting out of the shower. It has at least 6 rows of teeth and is no taller than 4 feet. It reminds me of the “my pressious” creature in lord of the rings (forgive me I have forgotten his name). The only thing different is the teeth.
The second time I saw him I was trying to talk to a young elf. Before she could speak the thing took her place and bared it’s teeth.
Does anyone have any idea what this thing could be? It concerns me. This little girl trying to speak may be getting harmed or block or she may just be the thing in a different image. Please I need ideas as to what it is. We do have a lot of unseelie around but I’ve never seen this.
Thank you everyone.

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On 6/19/11, Elffriend writes:

I found this forum after an internet search on “real elves,” and came across the posting on Elves of Fyn. I had a very strange experience at a Pagan ritual to honor the fey and land spirits and I was hoping perhaps someone may be able to help me make more sense of it.

At the ritual, a group of people, myself included, were asked to sing at a labyrinth. It was huge and marked with beautiful candles, alters to the environment were set at the four directions. We were instructed not to sing a song, but to use our voices as instruments. Which we did, but then the sounds became syllables and then seemed to be words and phrases. Then we, the singers started walking the labyrinth.  I have very little memory of the experience…I hope that you don’t think of me as some sort of crackpot…but apparently I stopped singing and started speaking
in a language somewhat like Swedish.  The people at the ritual just let me go about speaking, but I faltered on the ground and a friend took me out of the labyrinth. I suddenly snapped out of it and was left feeling very euphoric. I swear to you I had not a shred of any kind of intoxicating compound in me and this is not at all something I have ever done.

A few moments later the friend who helped me pointed to the edge of the labyrinth. There was a ghostly like figure standing there. I read the description of the Fyn and it fits it to a tee. It was
about human sized, and seemed to be in a long cloak. Once I looked at it, it turned and walked up the hill, and sort of faded away.  I have a strange sense of what I was saying and when I read the post on the Elves of Fyn it was so similar. I feel that I was speaking about the land and how important it was to give reverence and honor. I feel that there was joy about this ancient ritual being performed, but there is a sense of anger about the disrepair of the environment.  My five year old son asked me if I remember anything of what I said. He told me that “I had gone” and that there were “lights around my head.” I told him I didn’t really remember, but I told him the impressions I had. Then my son said “Osa mah,” it startled me because I recognized it as something I had said more than once.  It isn’t Osama as in the deceased Bin Ladin. The stress was on the Mah part. It seems to be of terrible importance.

I am a little familiar with Tolkien’s Elvish that was based in Scandinavian tongues, but what I was speaking, wasn’t that…though there seemed to be similarities. There were many others there at that labyrinth, and a few that work with fey entities. I was told I was speaking some kind of high Elvish language. But no one could translate. I think “osa mah” might mean “honor,” but I was hoping someone might know of some resources that could help me recover the meaning.  Those at the labyrinth said I was possessed. It that’s the case, I think it was the ghostly figure at the edge of the labyrinth. It left after my friend pointed it out to me, as if it wanted me to see it before it left.

Or I could be just mental.

Either way, your thoughts and assistance would be most appreciated.
Another musing…should I try to do that again? The message seemed so important…but I tell you, it was more than a bit frightening. Is there a safe way to go about it?

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On 12/11/10, phlox writes:

I’ve never actually told anyone about this before, so it feels good to be able to post it anonymously here.
When I was quite little, about 5 or 6 years old, I was out playing in the garden by myself when I spotted something moving in the hedge. When I went to have a closer look, I saw a tiny person, probably between 15 and 20cms tall. It didn’t have any hair, and its skin was brown and wrinkly, with long limbs. I can’t remember it having any wings, but it was sort of holding onto a butterfly that was fluttering its wings (it was the butterfly I’d seen moving – the creature itself wasn’t moving at all, it was as if it were frozen.) I don’t know if it was male or female, but I don’t think it was wearing clothes. I tried to reach it but couldn’t, so I ran to fetch my mum. She was busy doing something and wouldn’t come, and when I went back the “fairy” had gone.
It’s true that I was really into fairies when I was little, but I didn’t have a vivid enough imagination to have imagined it, and it was very different to what I’d thought fairies looked like (I thought they all looked like Flower Fairies!). I’m 21 now and I am still interested in and believe in fairies (although this isn’t something I ever admit to people who know me!). I know I saw one that day, and I hope so much that one day I get to see another. I’m not a superstitious person – I don’t believe in ghosts and am agnostic when it comes to religion – but I am certain that I saw something “supernatural” that day.
Has anyone else seen something similar?

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On 11/14/10, B121 writes:

Hi, I have been exploring this site for a while now and decided to make an account and post. Anyway in the past I can remember clearly 2 very strange encounters that I have had that can not deny of what I had seen. In one, I was in my room one day with the lights off watching tv, and then very slowly i started to see this transparent figures slight outline and features appear as this strange being slowly floated by my television screen, I was amazed, from the slight feature I could tell it resembled a humanoid being, but with wings…that was the first time I knew for a definite fact, that I saw a fairy, not a flicker from the corner of my eye, not a smoky substance appearing about, but an actual figure.
The other occurance was when I walked my friend home once, then I ended up getting lost and wandering around in circles trying to find my way home, I had to end up calling one of my other friends and ask her to go on mapquest and map a route from the street and house number I was nearest to, to my house. Safe to say I ended up walking for hours to finally get home, but along the way I passed my old middle school, and after that , as I was walking on the sidewalk i stopped at one spot after crossing the road and I was looking down. Then I saw something REALLY strange, there was this neon-green-ish colored thing, I thought a disk/oval shape at the moment, zooming around near my feet, it went really fast from one spot to the other and around me, until it darted of and I lost sight of it. Safe to say I was freaked by what I saw and told my friend about it on the phone (I was on the phone with her the whole time I walked back home to keep getting directions). I had never seen such a thing in my life nor read about something like it. So before I never really thought much on it, but now that I have been reading up a lot more on faeries, could this be some sort of being from the faerie realm that I glimpsed in our world? I know for a fact it wasnt a type of bug because of its precise zig zag like random movements, and the fact that it moved way too fast for any normal bug or creature I know could (which is why I only saw the smal blur of color darting about and not much else). Color was Similar to this, maybe a bit darker.

Just remembered of a 3rd occurence that happened to me. Back in my old elementary school there was this strange tree that we liked to refer to as the demon tree/demon eye tree, because it seemed to have a naturally shaped giant eye with a slit for its pupil (like how a cats eye can get at times). Right infront of this eye was a branch that pratically protruded from the ground upward, then stopped and had a steep curve before it continued up, which gave it a form that allowed people to easily sit and rest on it with the eye pretty much facing them. I liked going there a lot during recess and would sometimes get a strange sensation on it. One day my 5th grade teacher was taking pictures of us outside, and she took one of me while sitting on the branch of that tree. she later gave me the developed picture, thats when i noticed that next to me and the branch in the picture, there seemed to be this fiery form that I couldnt make out, it was small but looked similar to a bunch of flames together near me and the branch. I showed this to my aunt and mom, but they thought it was just lightining issues. I told them from the spot I took the picture, there was complete shade and it was impossible for that to occur in the picture. So to this day I’m not sure what that fiery thing was, perhaps a fire fairy? Another type of being? Who knows.

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On 7/2/10, hera writes:

Well, someone said I should post about my fairy ‘encounters’ on here, but since it’s less of an encounter, and more like daily socialization, it’s quite difficult to classify.
As a child, I always had some sort of ‘friend’. I’d steal them from books, or make up my own, but I quickly began to realize that I wasn’t making up over half of them. My parents worried. They said I was in ‘another world’. I guess I was technically, and this didn’t go over well at school. I was too involved in my worlds to pay much attention to the one I was physically in. This made me an easy target, but half of the time I didn’t even notice I was being bullied. Faes were a big part of my life at the time; they kind of have always been. I didn’t go to them, they went to me. That’s why it was strange for me to realize what has always been a part of my life, people have had to work for, and that made me feel kind of bad.
Anyways, I haven’t really had a regular, familiar face that stays rather than flits and flutters up until around a year ago, when Thiss came into my life. We are on a nickname basis now, but it took a while for it to get to this stage.
How she came wasn’t unusual, I’ve always had some fairies occasionally hanging around, and she just hung around a bit longer I suppose. She talks to me all of the time, and it’s nice. I built her a house once, but it got blown down D:
Thiss is quite pretty looking 😀 Instead of hair, she has a flower growing out of her head. Her dress is made of purple thistle petals, though her head-flower is more like a magnolia flower, and is light pink. Her eyes are a deep forest green, and she has dragonfly wings and very pale light green tinted skin. She almost looks entirely pure shining white, mixed with a bit of honeymelon green.
That’s all that comes to mind at the moment really, I guess.

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On 9/22/10, little mermaid writes:

Well I have been trying to conect with nature spirits for a long time. I have a fairy garden and fairy house in my bedroom. The night before last in the middle of the night around 2:00 a.m. I couldn’t sleep, and as I was looking around my room in the dark I started seeing lights moving around my room. It was a very strange experience. I stayed very relaxed and just watched. It continued until I decided to close my eyes and finally fell asleep. Does this sound like the fae?

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And again on 10/5/10:

Well I posted a few weeks ago regarding lights in my bedroom at night. This has now happened several times. Last night I woke up and was mentally asking for them to appear. I opened my bedroom french doors as well. After awhile I saw lights in the corner of the room and a small light figure move near my face. Then I didn’t see anything after that, and I went to sleep.
My question is this: Would I anger these beings if I tried to take a photograph? I feel very fortunate to be experiencing this and don’t want to risk anything, but I would like to try to photograph. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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On 8/30/10 Bluefirephoenix writes:

I think it might be a matter of knowing where to look and when. But yesterday was interesting. I had to work night shift. ( have to again tonight) I went out to the area where the fairy houses are I’d been kinda frustrated I can sense them but I can’t see them and communication is difficult. I went there and told them how I was feeling what I wanted and why. Left the area feeling like something had fallen into place like a key into a keyhole in my head or something.
I left an offering and went to go to work. Get off at 7 I’m really sleepy I dont’ do well on nights. I walked out the ER door and to the right is a garden. I felt I should look at the flowers there and I saw it. It was like a shadowy shimmer like watching fast running water in the air. He/she didnt’ seem to be aware of me so I left and went home but I feel like something broke through this morning. Doesn’t hurt to ask does it. Well it’s not like I haven’t before but I must have said something just right this time like the spell was almost there but not quite before.

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On 8/29/10, Lisa A.- Grey Eyes writes:

I am one of the volunteers now at that Dairy Farm Garden area and I thoroughly enjoy watering the plants and helping the garden flowers.. There are two formerly homeless cats on the property that were neutared/spayed and now belong to the Dairy Farm. They come up to greet me every time I go there- and the youngest one is now my little buddy.
Her name is Lola, and she was really neglected and abused before she found her new home at this Dairy Farm. I see her play throughout the garden and enjoy the pettings from the children customers. Last week she jumped on my back , purred and cuddled her face right at my neck. What a little charmer she is!
Well that night I worked right into the night watering potted plants (they close at 10:00 pm) and it was already dark outside. I felt sad that I had to go home without saying goodnight to my little Buddy, Lola, and the other cutiepie cat named “Jack” — an older male Tabby tomcat who is also a sweetie.
So walking towards the back of thier greenhouse with a bucket of stuff to add to the mulch pile, I asked any faerie that may be in the area, to get the attention of any of the cats so that I could say good night to them before going home. I ddint really expect I was being listened to- or that there may even be a faery in that particular area to hear me., but within minutes as I was walking in the dark, I heard this dragonfly/hummingbird-like noise with a woosh of air pass right by my left ear (my hair was pulled up in a ponytail) It was very ethereal-like- and yet it was also very obvious to me as well and not my imagination.
“Hmmmm”, I thought- “Could that be a faery?” Suddenly I see Lola bounding towards me — in the same direction as where this hummingbird/dragonfly like vibration wooshed off to. It was as though she was chasing it, and had no idea I was there. I bent down to pet her goodnight as she purred, and now I realize more than ever that when I see Lola chasing at things in the garden that noone else can see– it may be the Pixies or other Faery Beings having fun with her once in a while. A faery apparantly heard me, and they were nice to find a way to get Lola to come to me before I had to go home 🙂
I think back towards some weeks prior before I started volunteering at this Dairy Farm- recalling that golden white flying light zoom past my car near the Dairy Farm fields there and head towards the Dairy farm. It caught me off guard as I was driving, and I knew it was Fairy related!

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On 8/16/10, Adamaris writes:

I think I might have had my first fairy sighting. Yesterday, I had the house all to myself so it was pretty calm and quiet. I actually did some gardening too and chilled out in my backyard. Last night, I was on the computer googling “elf ranger” (I was trying to find some good concept art) and I felt like someone was bending over my shoulder to see what I was doing. I thought that my family could be home early, or perhaps some stranger broke into my house. I heart skipped a beat. When I turned I swear I saw something right there was swiftly moving out of sight. There was this yellowish, faintly glowing “smudge” in reality just in the corner of my eye. What’s even crazier is that I felt a slight breeze against my arm. This is not the first time this has happened. I once had seen and felt something yellow zip past my face when I was alone in my room poking at some moss.
I don’t exactly know what prompted me to go outside, but I did and I thought it would be best if I did. I mentally sent out a message to any spirits around that could hear me, if they could make their presence known. So I sat down. And waited. The sky wasn’t that dark yet even though it was technically nighttime, so I figured that it might be a good time to see a fairy since I read that it’s best to look for them during “tween times.” Anyway, after a few minutes, I saw this white little light appear over my neighbor’s fence that is covered in vines. It floated over it and through the playscape in my backyard. It appeared and disappeared two times. Then it appeared again in the oak tree nearby. It was really clear and looked like a little star. I realized that a part of my brain starts panicking when I experience something unexplainable. But I was waaaay more curious and excited than afraid. I went closer to see but the little light disappeared. I looked for every logical reason for what I actually saw, but there was no way I could explain how a light moves the way it did. It wasn’t moving fast. I don’t think it was a car light. And the playscape was made of steel and wood. Fairies don’t like steel so I don’t know. Later, I thanked the spirit for that experience.

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On 8/13/10, Tutti writes:

I was sitting on a chair in my room just relaxing, while looking towards the ocean outside my window, suddently a blinking light inside my fairy house among the house plants cought my atention. Unsure of what I saw, I kept looking, inside the fairy house it was dark, but this round litttle orange light kept showing itself to me, changing size a little bit while blinking as if trying to comunicate, it was there a long time atleast over five minutes. That evening I gave them some new fresh honey, as I have a little bowl for them for some honey by the fairy house.
This would not be a lightning bug as I live in Norway, we dont have those here. It really looks like they like it when people wish them welcome into their homes 😀

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On 4/13/10, Cocoa writes:

Just a quick post to tell everybody that I saw some pixies playing together with some birds! Sounds incredible, right?! Too good to be true, to me! I watched and watched and could tell they weren’t butterflies the birds were eating or anything like that, but pixies playing with tiny little birds. I was amazed. They had such a bubbly, light energy. I was on a balcony a bit away, maybe around 15 feet, from the tree they were in and around; it had bright red leaves. Are they usually in groups? Occasionally they would disappear– my sudden sight through the veil gone momentarily– and then they’d reappear. They looked small from where I was but in relative size to the tree leaves they weren’t teeny tiny.
Eventually I couldn’t see them at all anymore. The whole rest of the day I felt light and breezy, giggly and happy. What a wonderful day. I’m glad I was given the chance to see such a sight on such a beautiful day. It had been raining in the morning and water was still clinging to the grass and trees though the sun was out and the sky was blue.
Simply put: I’m so happy!

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On 8/3/10 Natty writes:
It happened one night, my boyfriend’s father was working as security in a company. It was summer and all the agents were watching the screens of the security cameras, when suddenly, from an air vent there was on a wall, lots of sparkles began to fall on the ground, and as they fell they formed the shape of a little man who when fully formed was about 30 cms tall (about 1 feet if I’m not wrong).When he was fully formed, he jumped and left to a side, sliding from a side. He then dissapeared because the camera that should have caught him next, didn’t show anything.
The weird and scary part is that, afterwards, one of the agent’s sister-in-law died, another got robbed and my boyfriend’s father lost that job.
My boyfriend was offered to watch the video but he was afraid to.
I know them both really well and I don’t think they’d be making all this up. I believe their story but I’m having a hard time identifying what it could have been… I had never heard of a shining gnome…

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On 9/9/09, Cob789 writes:

About 3 days ago me and my brother had an experience.
It happend really late at night almost when the sun was about to come up. We stay up that late alot lately idk why.
I kept going over to my brothers side of the room kind of teasing him but just trying to get him to lighten up and not always be so mad because hes always mad at me. When i finally gave up because he wanted me to get out of his room so bad i said
and was walking away when he said
“look at that bug”
i didnt see any bug but for some reason i knew he didnt just see a bug because the look on his face was shocked.i asked.
“was it glowing?”
and i think that scared him even more. He opened up a little bit and stopped being so mad and said that he saw a tiny glowing red light that looked like a moth but it dissapeared. He said it flew by me and then back to his computer. I didnt see anything because my back was turned but i dont think it was intended for me to see. After that i stayed in my brothers room for a while to let him know to not be scared and he stopped telling me to get out of his room and it was kinda nice.
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On 7/24/10, Lisa A.- Grey Eyes writes:

I wanted to share with y’all how just this week I saw two flying faery lights zoom by – I saw one of these lights around 4th of July (long after the fireworks were finished–and close by me . He /she flew from our patio table umbrella up into the air and vanished.
I was speaking softly to some scared chipmunk or bird hiding in our hedges– that was freaked out from the firework noise– when I saw this Faery’s Light 🙂
The second time I saw them outside at night was when my pastor’s wife died last weekend. Out of sadness I played some inspirational choir music on my CD with the attic window open. I lit a candle too. Suddenly while the beautiful music was playing, I saw a warm white light zoom past our attic window outside. 🙂
I was verrrrry encouraged!
And just this Thursday I was driving home at night from a local Dairy store near our area when I saw the same kind of flying warm white light (the size of a golfball or small softball) zoom along the road heading towards the Dairy Farm over the farm fields while I was driving down the hill. This Faery was flying in the opposite direction going UP the hill towards the farm .
There are lots of wonderful animals in that farm which are all humanely cared for and loved by the staff.
It made my night 🙂
So if you are seeing flying lights– wether warm yellow/white , red , blue, green, multi-rainbow colored, etc.. zooming about, you will often see them unexpectedly and they are (I would personally say) almost definitely faery and you are seeing their energy that surrounds them as they fly in the night.
Fireflies are blinking- they don’t stay lit up constantly while they fly as the Faeries do.
When you see a faery light flying about gardens and yards, etc., you will notice that they will zoom rather fast at times when they are crossing yards and such– and they don’t remain in our field of vision for long.
Sometimes you will see a sparkly comet-like light zoom by then dissapear. This is a faery.
One of these beautiful Beings flew over our apple tree near the faery garden the week I put a quartz crystal in the garden for them. And the reason I placed a quartz crystal there was because I mysteriously found this beautiful carved split top stick laying along the side of the road near our property- where it is unusual to find anything but gravel laying there. I placed the quartz crystal into the stick and that week, I saw that sparkly pink zooming light 🙂
And later that Summer when playing some music for the Faery on our CD player, I saw this same pink sparkly light dancing near the living room ceiling to the music — so I KNOW it was not “Swamp Gas” or something like that!
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On 7/18/10, fairyfaith93 writes:

ok so the other night i wa outside…jus looking around because i was so i look at this light pole that the light is burned out at..and i keep starring at it then all of a sudden i see a glowing yellow light then another and then another..pretty soon there is like 6 glowing lights flying around the lightpole…i dnt think it was fireflies because fireflies lights are not as big as these glowing lights were..and usually bugs are atractted to light..but this pole had not light it was burned out!! im pretty sure it wasnt fireflies..idk what it was..i looked out there at the same lightpole tonite and the glowing lights are bck..could it possibly be fairies or not?

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On 7/9/10, Brittany W writes:

Okay, so last night I left out some candies and a bit of chocolate for the fae.They didn’t take my plastic rings and bead bracelet but I think they liked the flower.What I found is a string like bit of green plastic that looked like it chewed or cut at the ends.Then, I found a green plastic thing that looked like it used as a container or hat.After that I found a what looked a tiny blue blanket woven by tiny hands!It was about a foot away from the fire pit and my sister did have a fire going last night.Maybe we had some visitors?Anyways I brought it all inside and took pictures!Here are the links!Note: It’s really bright because I turned off my lights and flash was on.Thus it was easier to see details on blanket.
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On 5/3/10 Tiffy85 writes:

Well when I was about 6 I was in bed late at night maybe 12 or so. I was awaken suddenly for no reason at all and I looked over at a toy kitchen that I had ( about 4 feet tall the kitchen) I saw a kinda plump man wearing green clothes and a beard. He was sitting on top of my kitchen, when he saw me he stopped looked at me and then quickly hopped down and went into the refrigerator part of the kitchen. ( it was at the bottom of the kitchen and had two door that opened and closed. It was about a foot tall) I watched him until he went into the kitchen and then screamed. MY mom came running in the room and I told her what happened. She said that she would look in the refrigerator of the kitchen and see if he was there. She opened it up and he was gone. So she told me that she believed me but he wasn’t there now so I should go to sleep. She turned the light on and I soon fell asleep.
I had forgotten about this untill I stumbled across this website. Now I wonder was he a fairy, elf, lepraucon….. I dunno maybe someone can help. Natlie if you read this could you please give me your thoughts?
I also wanted to say that I have had things come up missing and reappear my whole life and always in the back of my mind I thought it was the Fae. Now that brings me to one other experience that I have had.
A few months ago I was doing house work and I started folding clothes and my engagement ring fell off of my finger. I saw where it went. I turned and put the clothes down and went to pick up the ring and it was gone. I have tore my house apart looking for that ring and have never found it. My husband bought me a new set but it wont replace the old one. So if it is the Fae that has my ring, I really hope they bring it back.
Well I would really love to read anyones thoughts on these encounters.
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On 9/9/09, AvalonNight writes:

just a few minutes ago i saw a fairy in a tree! i mentally asked her name and im pretty sure i heard “Lorantha”, she had yellow wings and a yellow dress on. i thought about taking a picture of her, but when i thought of it, i got a negative feeling, so i decided against it. it was just after i let the fairies know i knew about aloud from my backyard. i swear seconds after i did it i turned around and saw a group of birds and a squirrel in the tree behind me, staring at me. after they realized i caught them, they scattered as if to say “i was’nt listening”. then after i saw the fairy, i saw a shadow in that tree, looking at me. it had horns, and i felt like it PUT fear into me. i tried to think about love and stuff, and that it had no place here, it still stared at me so walked into the house.
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On 7/3/10, treesandcoffee writes:

I actually am uncertain they are fairy encounters. I attributed much of it to ufos for many years, but now that I am doing research on Celtic folklore, I’m thinking about them in a new light.
1. Growing up, I could see a huge mango tree outside my room. When I would wake up and look at the tree, before my eyes would adjust, I could see distinct figures around the tree. They were friendly and would turn to wave at me. I always thought I was seeing things, but I saw them so clearly and consistently I wonder about it now.
2. I did a ritual in the woods at night during my first year of college with some girlfriends. It wasn’t a bad ritual, we were ridding ourselves of negative energies. While we were leaving, we spotted this gentle, glowing, floating orb fly away. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen, and we didn’t have fireflies in the area (although it seemed a little big for a firefly). We didn’t get bad vibes from it and marveled at its beauty for about 2-3 minutes until we could no longer see it.
3. A couple years back, I was talking on the phone in my parent’s yard at almost sunset when I noticed these weird dark feathers were falling in my yard. I got off the phone and went to see what it was, but it seemed to have disappeared in the grass. Then, I noticed they were still falling. I caught one in my hand and rubbed it to see what it was– it dissolved into GLITTER. It was the weirdest substance.
A few minutes later, I decided to take my dog on a walk. By then it was dusk, and I was trying to hurry since there was no one out and a very creepy silence around. I began to walk on the side of the road when asomething about the size of a softball hit my head. Whatever it was, it was invisible. It didn’t hurt, but it was hard and abrupt. I looked around to see what kid threw something at me and no one was there. I think this may have been a practical joke of some sort, although there was a creepy feeling as well, and I got the feeling I was being watched. I hurried home.
4. There is a beautiful tree near my parent’s street that I always loved. It had these long vines growing from it, and one day I looked at it and saw a woman, the most beautiful woman with the vines as her hair. It was just a moment, but from then on I would bow to the tree in reverence and put my hands on her when I needed strength because I felt a powerful spirit resided there.
5. Just the other day, while walking back to my apartment, I got this inner feeling to go through the forest instead of on my usual path. So I did, and on the very edge was bits of beautiful colored glass, and I picked them up and put them in my purse. I jokingly called it “gifts from the fairies” and realized well, why not give a gift back? So I wrapped a piece of candy and a note of thank you. I went there, and looked for any more glass, but there were none. I found a good spot at the base of the tree to leave my offering. What’s weird is I could feel them– or something there. As soon as I turned around, I gasped since there were three glass pieces where I had just checked! I took them but nothing much has happened since. I said my thank yous, but my offering is still there as far as I can tell. Maybe I freaked them out?
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On 9/9/09, Lisa A.- Grey Eyes writes:

I’ve seen a pink sparkly comet-like outside in our yard two times in the Summer, and once inside our home towards the ceiling when I was playing music on the CD for them. I’ve also seen a faery Being close-up face to face–and not in her energy light form., so I know that when we see these Beings, we often see only their energy –which appears as light.
Well my co-worker blurted out the other day that there are faeries in our workplace. I was taken aback, because she doesnt believe in much of anything– including faeries. I asked her if she was joking. She said no- and she described a silvery glittery orb of light hovering near the back exit, then dissapear. She said, “It could have come in from outside and was checking things out in here.” ” It dissappeared after I looked at it; Faeries are skittish”, she said
I often ask the faery to come with me to work- and I do feel a joyful presence outside at times when I eat my lunch outside near the trees and field flowers in the back. I am very happy that one of these Beings appeared to her. While he /she was inside of our workplace they chose to appear in a sparkly silvery white orb– I wouldnt’ doubt that a faery was inside of that orb- and the orb was for protection from human negativity.
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6/10/10, anouk writes:

When my first daughter was born I had ‘new mother anxiety’ of leaving her to sleep. I would check she was breathing every 5 minutes!
Before I went to sleep for the first night in our little cabin together I closed my eyes and prayed for her protection and a vision appeared in my head as clear as day of 12 beautiful faery children bathed in golden light all surrounding my daughter, Willow. They all looked up at me and smiled. It was such a reassuring experience.
I’ll remember that vision for the rest of my life. (especially when she’s a teenager! yikes! 😉
While I was pregnant with her my husband had an amazing dream about her soul being fiery blue light and since she was born we see blue sparks flitting around her at bed time when we turn off the lights or out of the corner of our eyes during the day.
It’s fabulously curious. 🙂
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On 6/3/10, anouk writes:

my first fairy encounter that i am aware of happened with my husband.
We were walking in the woods in winter. It was a beautiful night with snow everywhere, when out of the corner of my eye i saw a little green spark dancing about in the trees. I thought it was just a play of light and dismissed it. But then my husband said, did you see that!?
It lasted just a few seconds, dancing around in front of us and then it disappeared.
I’m not certain it was a faery but i like to believe so. 🙂
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On 6/8/10, Samura writes:

I’ve been working on my yard trying to make it very attractive to faeries. Recently my children and I set up a faery village. We painted a few small bird houses and set them up in a really overgrown area of the yard that I felt the most pulled to for having any faeries activity. The other night we decided to put out some food for the fae. I found my old doll house pots and pans and filled 3 of them with honey and put them on a tiny serving platter and placed them out before betime. My children made sure to ring our windchimes and announce to any faeries in the area that we had a special treat for them. When we came out in the morning all three bowls were empty of honey. The odd thing was two of the bowls had been completely filled back in with dirt. One bowl was completely empty. There was no dirt on the serving tray, or even on the rims of the bowls- just dirt tampted down in them. There was no rain that night, nor was there any evidence of dirt being disturbed anywhere near them. Very odd. The next day when I went back to clean up the plates, the two bowls with dirt were now completly empty. No dirt still on the tray. So do you think we had a visit from the faeries? It just seems too odd to be made by animals. I’m curious to hear what everyone thinks. Thanks!
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On 6/18/10, DawnFlower writes:

I left out a little dish of raspberries and almonds out in my garden (not a fairy garden-dont have one 🙁 ) and left it there. This morning Me and Arie (Aurora) went to check on it, and the dish was moved, no food left, and near it were cicada (Sp?) wings, and a cicada (again, spelling?) outgrown skin (isnt it too early or late or something for those?) with a wing sticking up out of it like it was put there.
Arie, MourningSun and I went to the park and left a leaf filled with honey in this tree. (This tree is often reffered to as the “fairy tree” lol cuz people find random objects in it and its pretty cool-looking.) This morning we checked it and as I ran up to the tree a bird flew away really fast. We saw that the honey was all gone and there was a little green bead-like thing sitting in the middle of the tree. (There is like a whole little flat space in the center of the tree.)
This morning, Arie and I left some honey, two flowers, and some pieces of pear out on a little stone. We came back a few hours later and all that was left was the little glass dish and one of the flowers laying on the ground. A few inches away from where we had left the dish or honey, there were two really, really tiny green clay (i think) balls.
We don’t remember the bead, or the clay balls being near where we put the stuff when we put it there, and the fact that there was two wings and an old cicada (sp? lol) skin.
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On 6/14/10, Yamal writes:

My Nana tells us of a faerie she met when she was a youngun. She was quite fond of going out around the woods around her house and one day while looking at some flowers a figure landed on the big stone that was next to her. My Nana could see her perfectly, she’s even found a garden statue that sits in her house now that looks almost exactly like what she saw as a child. As for myself, aside from some meditation work and what occassionally comes through on the spirit board, I haven’t experienced much. Most I was able to experience that I felt was the most tangible for me was when I still had a room to myself and had a faerie altar set up with all my plants and flowers in my room. It was mainly a feeling of someone else being there in a very comforting manner. Though my roomates at the time experienced more than I did lol. They would see lights all around the apartment and even once say a short figure dressed in light with what they said was a crown walk away from my room and just dissapear. I miss those times, though I do still experience them when i get a chance to meditate. Other than that there is the claims that come from the spirit board that I have both spiritual and blood connections to the other realms. But I guess that is neither here not there. Though what one faerie told me on the board, the best way to connect with the other realm is to live like those of Faerei, in unyeilding joy!
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On 5/14/10, Cob789 writes:

Something strange happened yesterday.I was in my backyard and i found a perfectly cut leaf.I picked it up and put it in my pocket and then all of a sudden I saw bright white tiny lights flying at me for about 3 seconds. It kind of shocked me but while iI was standing there like what the heck was that iI felt a warmth that was soothing. Then all of a sudden a Cardinal which I haven’t ever seen in my backyard flew down and stared at me for 5 minutes. I dontdon’t know what this was but it was certainly strange.
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On 5/3/10, Seriad writes:

I have only had one encounter in my life with what I can only presume to have been some sort of fae creature. I have never heard of anyone else having seen one like I saw, despite looking everywhere I can think (though I have not read all posts here yet).
I was eleven years old, walking along a dead end road to take a path through the woods to my house, as I regularly did. Where I lived it was very quiet, and I heard someone walking down in the woods, so I stopped and listened and looked to where the sound was coming from. I presumed it was one of my friends, and that I could surprise him. So I waited for about 15 seconds, hiding and watching where the sound came from.
From behind a low rise in the woods, a humanoid shaped creature which appeared to be about the same height as me emerged. It wore a grey cloak with hood drawn over its head. The cloak stretched to the ground, and stayed wrapped around its body, concealing arms and legs. I watched it walk for probably 10-20 seconds. It was a good while, as it went from the right side of my field of view, to the center. It walked maybe 20–30 feet from me, when I stood up, and said “Hey!”.
It snapped its head sideways toward me, but its face was hidden within the hood, so I saw no face. I guess the clothing it wore under the cloak must have been grey as well, because I saw no other color on the creature. As fast as it spun its head, it took off running. So I ran after it, saying “Hey, wait!” and other things trying to get it to stop. But he kept running. I was very fast (thats all I did was walk and run as a youth), and was gaining on it, when it ran behind an uprooted tree stump.
The stump lay sideways, with roots and earth stretching a good 8-10 feet tall and wide, and lay about 6 feet long. Well, when it disappeared behind the stump, it was gone. Once it evaded my field of vision, it just *poofed*. There was no way it could have kept running, because I would have heard it on the dry leaves, and surely would have still seen it once it made it a few feet from the stump. I looked all around the stump, and under, and climbed to higher ground to look, and saw nothing else ever again.
Had this been just a glimpse with a poof, I might have written it off, but the whole experience lasted probably around a full minute, with the first part of it with me observing it both with sight and sound, fully unobstructed. It made no sound of its own the entire time, just the crunching of leaves as it walked, then ran. I chased it approximately 100-150 yards before it disappeared.
So, anyway . . . this thing has been burned into my memory for almost 3 decades now, and is one only a few completely unforgettable experiences I have ever had. Every time I think of it, I see it as clear as the day it happened. A very strange day indeed. Any futher information on what exactly it may have been would be appreciated.
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On 12/16/09, Tutti writes:

I was about to sleep, suddenly a weird warm feeling came over my face as I lay there in the dark of my room with my eyes closed. Worried for fire I decided to open my eyes, to see if everything was ok.
I looked down on the floor infront of my bed, out of nowhere the brightest sparkles of solid light appeard right there on the floor, as quick as they lit up the floor they vanished again, the sparkles was solid, bright and strong, it almost looked like fireworks! This happend a week or so ago.

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On 11/14/09, Lisa A.- Grey Eyes writes:

Hi folks– I still have yet to write this in my personal journal- as it just happened Thursday night.
I was driving home from the Shopping Mall yesterday after work, and I was heading onto the highway when I saw this bright red light fly over all the cars at the exit entrance and zoom over to the left side of the road. Where it came from there was alot of grass- and it was heading to another area with grass.
I was shocked! it was totally unexpected as I wasn’t thinking of the faeries right then– i was thnking about what Christmas presents I should pick up for the guys at my work when I saw it.
At first I thought– “oh a firefly’ then I realized fireflies are NOT red! and this is late November anyway, and they are not around this time of the year here in Pa.
Just wanted to keep you all updated- I wonder what kind of faery it was- wether a Sprite, a Pixie– I don’t know , It wasn’t sparkly like the pink sparkly ones I’ve seen fly in our yard . It was sold bright red and it was dark outside so you really could see it. I wonder if other people saw it too in the car behind me!
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On 10/20/09, Jaylene writes:

Hi everyone! I had a neat experience with a gnome once! A few months ago I had a reiki session and was feeling really light headed! I went home and had lots of water and something to eat but still felt woozy! So I went to bed, then around 2 am I woke up and sat up straight away and looked at my window seat, there sat a gnome! I instantly knew what he was. He was crazy looking! He had a real wild expression on his face and wore mainly green clothes and had a long green beard! His skin was greenish too. He was quite small, maybe would come up to my knee? I gasped and looked away and looked back and he was gone. His wildness kinda scared me! The next day I googled about gnomes and they said they help with grounding! Well I certainly felt grounded after that experience hehe. My guides told me that he looks wild because he is wild! Not wild as in the “bad” stereotype but wild as in how nature is! Cool huh?
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On 9/23/09, autumn writes:

Hi, My name is autumn. I’m new to this site…
I believe I saw a fairy the other morning… But first I’m going to give you a little background information..
I began reading novels about fairies and other paranormals this summer. After reading many books about fairies I decided to do a little research about them online. (which is how I found this site). After reading various sites about meditating and communicating with fairies I attempted to meditating. I introduced my self, and welcomed fairies.
The next morning (around 8 am) I walked in my hall way and by my door I saw what I think might be a fairy. It’s hard to explain.. It was goldish color light (very bright), and was sorta in place like flying infort of me. I stepped closer and it like zipped off and was gone.
My mom believes in fairies also. Her room has many pictures, books, and other fairy things. She has a garden with flowers and plants that are said to attract fairies. My mom and I both use pendulums and crystals (asking questions with them, i don’t know if anyone on here is familiar with them). My mom and I both asked about what I saw.. whether it was an fairy, orb, ext. Both of our crystals said Yes, it was a fairy.
I really hope it was a fairy… Has anyone had any encounters like this?
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On 9/9/09, talitha writes:
I have a woodland fairy theme bathroom and have a hollowed out log turned into a fairy house in it. Shortly after setting it up in the bathroom I opened it up, first knocking on the door of course, and noticed on the bed a round indentation about the width of a quarter as if it been sat on. On the bed I place soft moss and made a cotton spread over it, it was puffed up and smoothed out initially. Even my skeptic husband was impressed.
The next encounter happened a few weeks ago. I have had recent back surgery and was on the bedroom recliner, which I could see into the bathroom from. I was watching TV when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I looked directly into the bathroom and saw a VERY bright white light surrounded by bright red. It was about 4inches and I watched it float in a straight line about 2-3 feet in front of the closed cabinet under the sink. I watched it and then thought to myself “Wow I am really seeing this” at which point it then vanished.
I have always felt a lot of energy since redecorating the bathroom and have had no doubt about fairy inhabitants, but it was such a rush to actually see one.
As mentioned above whenever I want to check the inside of the fairy house, since the start, I always knew that I needed to knock before entering, as well as respectfully announcing my intentions. I also have a container of water beside the house and always apologize if I forget to refresh it.
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