Handmade Genesa Crystals

Today, I thought I’d share with you a little bit about Genesa Crystals and  how I use them to strengthen energy and communication when working with the fairy realm.

What are Genesa Crystals?

First of all, for those who have never heard of them, it would probably be a good idea to explain what a Genesa Crystal is.

There are volumes of information about this crystal but, for our purposes here, I’m going to stick to the basics.  The Genesa Crystal, although not naturally found in nature,  is a crystaline structure–a cuboctahedron–that was first discovered in the 1950s by agricultural geneticist and author, Dr. Derald Langham.  Dr Langham derived this eight point pattern from the cellular pattern of an embryonic living organism, after the third cell division.  Langham felt the Genesa Crystal  had the ability to “make visible the invisible, make visible the geometry of the energy fields that envelope our 3rd dimensional system and penetrate it to the core.”

Some of you may have seen pictures of a large, copper Genesa Crystal in the famous Perelandra and Findhorn gardens.  According to the people at Perelandra, their Genesa Crystal  is at the center of their garden and has been placed there with devic guidance because it “draws to it the life-force energy contained within all form, cleanses and balances that energy and releases it back to the form.”  The  Perelandra crystal measures three feet in diameter and is said to draw to it the life-force energy within an impressive three-mile radius!

Because the Genesa Crystal  draws in energy, cleanses it, balances it, positively charges it and radiates it back out, it is a great tool for enhancing communication between realms.  I have several of these crystals and use them whenever I feel that the connection could use strengthening or more clarity.  For those who are just beginning to connect with the fae, having a Genesa around would be very helpful because nature spirits, fairies, and even angels are known to be highly attracted to them.  The Self Help and Awareness Center, which sells some amazing Genesa Crystals, has also mentioned that ” many people are reporting seeing fairies near the crystals or of having increased communication with nature in its presence.”

How to Use Them

There really isn’t anything special that you need to do in order to make the Genesa crystal work.  The easiest way to use it is to place  it  somewhere near you (indoors or outdoors) and bask in the resulting energy field.

In addition, you can consider doing some of the following:

Silver Pendant

1) Simply wearing a Genesa Crystal Pendant will have a wonderful effect as it will effectively surround you with its energy field where ever you go. Even the relatively small 1.5 cm Genesa Crystal pendant, seen left, has an impact radius  of over 100 feet  (30-50 meters) so it can be used both as a pendant and an “energy purifier” for the house and garden as well.

2) As with the Perelandra example above,  a Genesa Crystal would be a good addition to any garden, especially a fairy garden and would help to grow your garden and attract fairies at the same time.

3) The effects of the Genesa crystal can be further enhanced if you place a crystal in the center of it. Choose a crystal that is related to what you are working on–for example,  to attract the fae, you can use a clear quartz crystal or as Mr E suggested, a green quartz will work great.

4)  If you have several Genesa Crystals, try placing 3 of  them in a triangle pattern and sit inside the triangle while meditating and/or trying to connect with the fairy realm.

Where to get them

There are several Genesa Crystal Sources on the web and I have listed a few for you to check out:

Room and Garden Crystals –

1) The folks at Young Design make crystals in sizes ranging from 12-36″.  They are pricey but wonderful.  You can check them out here.

2) The Self Help and Awareness Center sell crystals made by Joe Fielder in sizes ranging from 8 – 36″ in all sorts of styles.

3)  BJ Christian Designs makes the crystals in 10 and 14 gauge wire, depending on the size of the crystal which ranges from 4 – 16″.


The people at Ka Gold Jewelry offer Genesa Crystal Pendants in silver and gold, with and without crystals inside.  The silver without a crystal (pictured above ) is an affordable $40 and is a really nice pendant.  (Note – we are affiliated with Ka Gold Jewelry)

Make your Own –

The copper Genesa Crystals in the pictures above were handmade by me out of the sheet copper that you can buy in craft stores.  The only problem with these is that the copper is very soft and the crystals may need to be reshaped from time to time – otherwise they are great!  The instructions to make these were generously provided by the folks at Young Design and you can find them here.

I hope you will consider working with Genesa Crystals, I find them to be a wonderful tool to work with.  I know some of them can be very pricey but, since you can make your own–out of paper if you want–anyone can afford to work with them.  Let me know how it goes!