I am delighted to share the following fairy house story from Stef at EightSpokedWheel.com.  Stef is an artisan who makes incredible wands and fairy houses and he makes them with integrity and dedication to the old ways, using only fallen branches and mostly natural materials.  The story you are about to read is featured on his site and he insists that “what you are about to read is completely true!”  Enjoy the story!–nl

Now, I have no idea if fairy’s exist or not, I just keep an open mind on most things. But when I made my second fairy house for my late wife something very unusual happened. The house was made of a different construction than I use now and the biggest difference is that I used to make the roof tiles from the softwood pine. Now I use clay. Well I made the house and gave it her, which she placed on the shelf which covered our brick BBQ on the patio. The roof tiles on the house where glued firmly down using a hot glue gun. Now when she put it out the weather was not very nice. Winter if my memory serves.

The next day I got up and went into the kitchen overlooking patio. I looked out and saw that there was something propped up against the fairy house door. I slipped my shoes on and went to have a look. It was a roof tile from the lower back of the roof. Now did I think to myself that must be a fairy, well of course not! I thought what most people would, an animal possibly a bird or mouse pulled it of and walked round the house and discarded it. But I examined the tile and there was no evidence or marks at all. So to test the wood I gently pressed my finger nail into the wood and it marked straight away so how a birds beak or a rat or mouses tooth didn’t make a mark baffled me. I mean how could an animal tear odd a softwood tile without making a mark?’

So I popped off into my garage and got my glue gun, I then glued back the tile but making sure I used 3 times more glue than usual just to make sure that wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry. I put the house back outside and didn’t think anything more about it

Now I should at this point tell you a bit about my garden. It can’t be accessed except from the the house. My twin girls were young and hadn’t been in the garden as the weather was so nasty. They were also not mischievous and payed no attention to the house anyway. My late wife wouldn’t of done anything to it as it was a present for her and she would of hardly broken it. I also no that no one except me had been in the back garden for days, so an animal was the only explanation.

Anyway the next day I came down and walked into the kitchen. Well I was surprised to say the least. The tile I had glued back on with so much glue had been accurately ripped off from  the back and was in front of the door. Again no marks or dents except my nail mark fro the previous day. So an animal took off the same tile twice and walked it round to the front of the fairy house and left it it the same place two days running!

It was then for some reason I tested the fairy house door to see if there was something unusual about i. There was, it didn’t open. It was jammed shut. I took the house back into the garage, glued the tile back on and filed the door so it opened easily and put the fairy house back.

It never happened again!