This was originally posted in our Real Fairies Closed Group.  I hope you find it helpful.–nl

Since many members of this group have indicated they are interested in learning how to see and communicate with the fairy realm, I thought I would add this bit of a conversation I had with Mr E.

For those who aren’t familiar with Mr E, he is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn, a group of elves that Susan and I have worked with for 15 years. Here, he is answering a question asked of him on

The question, was, “How can you tell if the voice you are hearing is actually communication with someone from the fairy realm or just your imagination?

You will hear them out loud sometimes but mostly in your head. You can tell it is real because the thought is independent from you. For example, when I am talking to Susan, I don’t always say things Susan wants me to. (Laughs) In fact, I often say things Susan doesn’t want me to say at all!

If it is not your imagination, what you are hearing in your head usually takes on a life of its own. You can ask it (the being) questions and often it will answer them in a way that you didn’t expect.

Can’t you do that if it is imaginary?

No, you can’t do it just like that. If it were imaginary, you’d have to think of the answer and create it but when it’s real, it just happens without you conjuring it up. It is very difficult to explain, unfortunately. I hoped that helped a little. How do you explain it? It happens to you too.

It is kind of difficult to explain, I have to give you that! One way to tell is if you weren’t looking for the information, you weren’t thinking about it and it was just there–it just dropped in out of nowhere. Often the voice that you hear has a different quality to it, it just feels different too.

When I first really broke through to Susan, she was meditating and I said, “Hi there, how ya doin’? I’m E____ (he used his real name), how ya doin’? Yes, you’re really hearing me, I know you’re hearing me, don’t give me that look (laughs). Don’t worry, you’re not hallucinating, this is really me.”

That is basically what the first conversation was like. I went in there gently and said, “This is what I’m going to tell you-you need to know this–elves are real and we’re out here.”

Then, she decided she was going to ask me a question to see if I would respond. She said, “Okay, how do I know you are real?” And I answered, “If you can’t tell by me accent to begin with, I don’t know what to say!” It went back and forth like that for a while but eventually, I convinced her.

So, you are saying, look for things you weren’t thinking about and an answer that you wouldn’t necessarily have come up with.

Right, I give Susan answers all the time and she will say “Oh! That’s how that happens…” I hear that from her a lot!

To begin with, it’s hard to let yourself believe but sometimes you just can’t deny it when you get information that you really didn’t know before.

Who is Mr E?

He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.