amuletbSince we’ve gotten a lot a questions about making amulets, we decided that maybe a post on the subject would be in order.

Making an amulet can be as simple or as complicated a process as you want it to be so I have included a few options for you to consider.

Note:  If this seems like too much work, we now have herbal amulets and wooden pendants available in our store.

Since we have already discussed what amulets are here, I won’t go over it again.  Instead, we can move right along to making different types of amulets.

HERBAL AMULETS–An herbal amulet, as the name suggests, is an amulet which is made of, or includes herbs. A simple way to make one is by following the steps below: 

1)  Decide how big you want your amulet to be. Finished size of the amulet we are making here is about 1 1/2″  square so all the directions will be for this size but you can make it any size you want.

2)  Transfer or paint your design on a 2″ x 4″ piece of felt or other suitable fabric. Make sure your actual symbol is on the bottom half as below: amulet1

3) Fold fabric in half, right sides together, and sew two sides as shown. You can use a sewing machine or you can hand sew it, it really doesn’t matter. Turn the sewn amulet, right side out.


4) Decide what kind of cord you want and attach it to the amulet. Of course, there are other ways to attach the cord and you can do it however you want but here’s how we do it:


Decide how long you want your neck cord to be and then thread a large needle with the right length of fine leather cord, making a good knot at the end. Going inside the amulet, pull your needle through the top left corner and then take your needle back into the amulet from the top right side as shown.  Remove the needle and tie another knot at that end.  The cord is now attached at both corners from the inside.


5) Fill the amulet with the appropriate herbs. There are different herbal formulas  for different amulets so you need to find out what they are before you fill it up.


6)  Sew up the remaining side by  hand and your amulet is finished!



For those who hate to sew, there are other options! You can put a magical symbol on a variety of objects so just use your imagination.  Below we have a some  of the easier methods available to you.

1)  Silver frame method–

This involves  painting or printing the amulet symbol on a piece of paper and then gluing it to a piece of cardboard or wood in this case.  Apply a sealant such as varnish to the symbol, apply glue to the back and insert it into the silver frame (available at a craft store or online).  Simple!


Finished amulet below:


2) Wooden Amulet

Another simple method, this just requires that you print out the design and glue it to a wood piece or paint it on directly.  Again, varnish the symbol, attach a bail (available at craft stores or online) or drill a hole and you are done.


Finished amulet:


3)  Glass Pendant

This method is a bit more difficult since you need the right materials which can be difficult to find…

Basically, all you need to do is print out or paint your symbol, glue it to the bottom of the glass piece, attach a silver bail and coat the backing.

amulet 011amulet10