If you’ve ever wondered what a real fairy (pixie) encounter might look like, we have a great example to show you, thanks to a very nice woman named Ashley, who lives in Virginia.

Ashley recently contacted me when a video of her dog revealed “something unusual” that she could not explain and could not get out of her head. Her first thought, upon seeing the anomaly in the video, was that she “may have caught a glimpse of a fairy.”

That was the exact same thought I had when I saw her photos and video. This looks remarkably similar to pixie sightings my sister Susan and I have had in our house so it is exciting to see this captured on video for all to see. Granted, there are people who see pixies that look just the way they are pictured in books, etc. but they aren’t always that defined when you see them.

Now, I suppose there could be other explanations for this phenomena but, in this case, Ashley has been having similar sightings and experiences in her home which makes the “random balls of energy” theory rather unlikely.

Ashley  has recently moved into an older house (circa 1950’s) where she has felt a presence and seen “small flickers of yellowish-white light” that moved quickly and looked quite similar to what is seen in the video. Moreover, her dog and  cat can also see the lights and follow them with their eyes.  Her cat will even, on occasion, jump and bat at nothing which is interesting because our cat has done the very same thing many times over the years.

There is one last experience that Ashley mentioned which pretty much leaves no doubt in my mind that these are pixies.  She and her dog were watching TV (well, I don’t know if her dog was watching 🙂 but they were together) and  she ” heard tiny foot steps patter quickly across the floor.” She and her dog both looked but she saw nothing that was visible to her eyes.

It sure sounds to me like some pixies and perhaps even brownies are getting settled in for the winter–that’s not  bad thing but her life could get rather interesting in the months to come.

Okay, now that you have heard the story behind the video, you can check it out below and let us know what you think.