Yes, it’s that time of year again, it’s Mr E’s birthday today–he’s 3,004!  Well actually, he’s only 3,004 according to the passage of time in our world, not his.  Time passes slower in his world so he’s still pretty much a youngster (plus they live a lot longer than we do anyway).

So, how does one celebrate an elf’s  birthday?  Well, in his world,  I expect he’ll be singing in a pub in Lakeside, celebrating with friends.

On our side, Katie and I plan to celebrate with him sometime next week. He  recently told us that his fondest wish was to sample different types of ale here in our world. Katie did some investigating and found a local brewery that happens to do beer/ale tastings, so we are  planning to take him there.  He just told me few days ago that he was really excited to be going .

Remember, he will be in Susan’s body so, this could get complicated.  This isn’t something we usually do–I think the last time he was out in public like this was when he went to a bead store with Katie.  That time, he ended up telling the woman behind the counter, “no, I’m not from Ireland, I’m an elf! ”  Wish us luck, it could get interesting!

Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.