One of the first fairy sightings we experienced here was a rather large, misty figure dancing and twirling in our living room.  My sister Susan, who was walking past the living room,  first registered the mist in her mind as incense smoke.  But a few seconds later when she replayed it in her head, she thought, “hmmm, maybe that wasn’t incense. . . ”  Right away, she went back to the living room, found there wasn’t any incense burning and then checked to make sure no one had burned any recently.  It definitely wasn’t incense and, with all logical explanations ruled out, we had to consider the possibility that something paranormal was going on.

If Susan had quieted that questioning voice in her head or decided that she must be imagining things, then a fairy sighting would have been lost.  So, for those of you who want to learn how to see fairies (which is why you are reading this, hopefully) here’s one of the first things you can do:  keep an open mind and try not to discount and discredit what you might have seen or experienced.  Of course, there are several other things you can do to increase your chances of seeing fairies and I have listed them below for you:

Remember to Believe – Your chances of seeing fairies increase if you believe in fairies or at the very least have an open mind. Most fairies tend not to bother with non-believers.

Know When to Look – The “tween times” between day and night are often the best times to see fairies so try looking for them at dawn (between night and day) and dusk (between day and night).  Other good times to see them are at midnight (between one day and the next), any solstice or equinox day and May 1. Susan and I have discovered that we can see and hear them really well on October 31st when the veil between our worlds is very thin so you might want to try that too.  Don’t look for them in bright light -they are much easier to see in low light situations, especially for beginners.

Know Where to Look  – Outdoors in the wild or in your garden is a great place to look for the fae.  You can also look for them indoors if you have a fairy house or other things there to attract them (more on attracting them here).

Know what to look for – Not all residents of the fairy realm are small, winged and pixie sized. In fact, fairies are a diverse lot and can vary widely in size, appearance and attitude. People don’t always see fairies distinctly, it can happen but I think it is more rare.  Lots of times you will see them as mists, balls of light (various colors), something moving out of the corner of your eye, or something fluttering or darting quickly.

Know How to Look – Sit in the garden or other fairy place in shade or low light and try to relax as much as possible. Try not to focus on anything particular- in fact it helps if you unfocus your eyes a bit. To help you do this, you can place your attention on a wall or other object in the distance and then,  a second or so later, bring your attention back towards you so you are focusing midway between the wall/object and you.  Keep your focus there as long as possible and watch for movement or activity in your field of vision.  If music and incense will help set the mood for you and help you relax, give that a try.  Don’t work too hard at this– the “harder” you try to see, the less you will see. The more often you try this, the easier it becomes so keep at it and don’t give up!

Use a Chant to Call Them – This can sometimes be effective–it depends on the fairies involved but it is worth a try.  Here’s a chant you can use:

Good Faery folk, wild and free

Beyond the veil, please let me see.

Some Tools You Can Use – If you have an affinity for crystals, they can help strengthen the energy between you and the fairy realm and make seeing and hearing them easier.  Go with quartz unless you have a favorite crystal you always use.  Another tool that seems to help some people is a holey stone, which is a stone with a natural hole in the center  Put the stone up to one eye and close/cover the other.  Look to the right and then left, slowly turning in a circle.  Look for movement, etc as mentioned above and be patient but know that this works for some and not for others.

Look for them in your dreams and meditations – A great place to start to bring fairies into your life is in dreams and meditations.  The Elves of Fyn have said, “Look for us in dreams and we will communicate with you there if you really desire it.”  Dreams are sometimes easier because our belief can be much higher in dreams and the higher your belief, the clearer the communication with them will be.  Try asking the fairies to appear in your dreams right before you fall asleep.

I hope these suggestions will help you see your first fairies.  Please let us know when it happens – we would love to hear about it!!!


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