d_lathrop31We have noticed that some of the same questions keep getting asked over and over and we thought it might be convenient for you if we had them grouped together so it would be easier for you to find the information you need:

1) Is this real – Are fairies real- Where did you get this information?

I know it is hard to really believe in fairies but there is so much more to our world than most of us are aware of.  Some of you have expressed concern that we might be making all of this up.  I really understand your concern but my sister Susan and I are very sincere and honest about all of this. We are not making this up but here’s what I do when I wonder about things like this–read the information with a bit of skepticism and see if it has the a ring of truth to it. Most people, if they think about it, can feel the realness of something and know the truth when they hear it.

You asked if fairies are real or if we had seen a fairy before and the answer to that would be a definite yes. Susan and I have been working directly with the faery realm for quite a few years now and have communicated and seen quite a few faeries of many different types. I would add here that they don’t always look like Tinkerbell – sometimes they look like orbs or mist or flutters that you just can’t explain.

You asked how I found out about the fairies/elves…
In my case, I wasn’t looking for fairies or even really thinking about them when they came into my (and my sister Susan’s) life. They began by coming into my meditations–one of them told me his name, which was a weird name and afterward I thought I must have made the name up. Then, as I was flipping through a magazine, there was the same strange name he had given me in big block letters followed by an exclamation point. To me, it seemed like he was trying to reassure me that yes, he was real and, weird or not, that really was his name.

That was 13 1/2 years ago and the communication with them has evolved from random moments to an almost constant presence. I can access them mostly in a meditation-type state but my sister Susan has been able to connect with them at will like a medium or channeler, which is what she is. So many times over the years, they have given us information that we ourselves had no way of knowing, yet it turned out to be absolutely true. So that’s why we are so sure about the things we tell you.

For more information, see our post on the Elves of Fyn.
2) Do fairies live all over the world, or just a select few places?

Yes, fairies can be found in all cultures and countries but are concentrated mostly in natural places and places where nature is respected. They tend to stay away from highly populated, big cities where there is more cement than nature but some can still be found there in gardens and parks and in homes that provide a nice area for them  . If you happen to live in a big city, go to a natural part of the city like a park or woods and try and communicate with them in their element.  If it were me, I might wear a faery star or something like that to get them to notice me. Once you get their attention, they will likely follow you back to where you live to get a closer look and see if they want to communicate with you.
3) A lot of you seem to be asking why fairies haven’t responded right away even though you have followed our suggestions and here’s my answer–

I know it’s disappointing and frustrating when you don’t get results right away but when this happens, it could be because there were no fairies around to interact with. It can take a while for them to notice you–especially in the winter time. And, even when they notice you, it isn’t an absolute guarantee that they will want to communicate with you instantly. Sometimes they want to check you out and see if you are the type of human they would like to connect with. Fairies tend to be shy and mistrusting of humans and they generally have little time for humans who, in their view, have thoughtlessly mistreated the earth we both share. This is often a big obstacle that has to be overcome and you will probably need to prove yourself and earn their trust before they will decide to reach out to you.

So, how can you prove yourself?  Well, in order for the fairies to have a good opinion of you, you will need to let them see that you care for our  earth and the environment.  Recycling, tending a garden, looking after wildlife (I was a wildlife rehabilitator, for example), conserving energy, composting, reusing instead of discarding, and using natural products are all good ways to show the fae that you are sincere. But, proving to them that you are sincere and that this isn’t just another passing fancy for you, can take some time. How long it will take depends on you, and how sincere they perceive you to be.

If you are patient and show them you are a caring, respectful, and dedicated person, they may reward and encourage you with a small glimmer of their presence. Be watchful because these offerings of their presence could go unnoticed to those who aren’t paying close attention. That little glimmer you thought you saw, that missing item, or that movement out of the corner of your eye could be one of those. If they see that you notice, you may get more of their attention and presence. Be sure to thank and encourage them anytime you think they have reached out to you.
4)  Dealing with bad fairies–
To eliminate bad fairies, it is a good idea to say out loud “those with bad intent are not welcome here.”

Another good idea, according to the Elves of Fyn, is to place the fairy protection symbol above the doors or windows of your home. That symbol can be found here.
5)  How to make the truth amulet / I would like to know in detail how to make the Truth Amulet to wear around the neck–
A simple way would be to make a square pouch out of cotton or muslin and fill it with Sage, Mugwort, Agrimony, and Graveyard Dust. Just take a rectangle of the cloth, fold it in half, right sides together, and sew up the two sides, leaving the top open. Turn right side out and either use a tshirt transfer to transfer the amulet design or draw/paint it on one side. Stuff pouch with any or all of the above herbs that are available and sew up the top and add a cord for hanging around your neck. That should work well and you are very welcome to make it for your own use.

If you don’t want to or can’t sew, you can paint the amulet on a wooden piece (people are using scrabble tiles for this right now, for example) and drill a hole through it for a cord. Pretty simple, really but very effective.

For more information, I have written a post on How to Make an Elven Amulet, which you can find here.

6)  Can we  print the flag and symbols out? What if I print the symbols in black & white? Will it be ok?
You are very welcome to print the symbols and flags for your own personal use. Printing them in black & white will work just fine. We have copyrighted them so please don’t post them on another site without our permission and please don’t sell them to anyone.  Thanks.
7)  What gifts would fairies like?
Fairies would probably  appreciate anything you decide to give to them if it is something you got (or found) especially for them but specifically, pixies love bright shiny objects such as silver and copper (a  bright shiny penny would be great), bright colors, lavender, the faery flag, cream and milk, anything sweet, fairy pictures or jewelry and of course bells. They also love natural objects and things you have  found in nature such as flower petals, stones, crystals, feathers, nuts (acorns), pine cones, leaves, twigs, seashells, and even a pretty dish with water in it would work well.  Pixies can be scavengers and often use things they find around for clothing and that would include scraps of fabric or anything else they can adapt including leaves, etc.
8 ) I’m thinking of planting a fairy garden, can you list some plants that would attract them?

Lavender, Foxglove, Cowslip, Snapdragon, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Rosemary, Thyme (wild, if possible), Lily of the Valley, Roses (especially the Fairy Rose), Coral Bells, Pansies, Primroses, Violets. Bluebells, Ferns, Sweet Pea, Mugwort Pussy willow, White sage, Gardenia, Lilies, Moon wort, Mullein, Cattails, Clover, Blackberry, Queen Anne’s Lace, Bachelor’s Buttons.

There are certain trees that attract fairies as well, so if it is possible, you might want to have the following near your garden:
Rowan (Mountain Ash), Mulberry, Elder, Hawthorn, Oak, Hazel, and Lilac.

It’s also a good idea to let a small area of your garden to grow wild–they love that.

You can find more information on fairy gardens here.

9) What do they eat?
They like lots of different things but pixies especially seem to like butter, cream, milk, honey, ale and cake.
The thing about the food is, they only take “essence” of the food so it might look like they didn’t eat it even though they did.


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