As some of you may know, Mr E shares many of the responsibilities of his nation with his brother who we refer to as Mr A (I know, it’s not very original but it works!).  In fact, Mr A was the first of the elves to make contact with us so he has played a very large part in establishing our connection to the elves and consequently with the creating of this web site as well.

While he is often away as part of his job, we recently had a chance to talk with him. Like Mr E, he is also able to come through Susan, take over her body, and speak with her voice (more about how this is done, here).  Even though the voice is the same (Susan’s) I think you might notice a difference between the two  brothers.  Mr A, while very nice, usually has a  much  more serious tone than his brother does.  They both say that they are nothing alike but I will leave that up to you. 🙂

On a prior visit, Mr A had intrigued me by saying, “without belief there is no power and without power, there cannot be change,” and when I got the chance, I asked him to talk a little bit more about this.  The audio clip below is the result of that conversation.  I found it fascinating and I hope you will enjoy it too!

mr a talks about power

More on the “No Fear,” Empowerment Symbol can be found here.