Hello Everyone!  It’s definitely been too long since we posted but we will try hard to post more often.  The book is coming along very well but it is taking up most of our “Mr E time.” Even so,  I plan to get some more questions answered the next time I talk with him. The question he is answering today was asked by Alexander F. on our “What’s New in 2015…” post.  There are other questions on that same post that will be answered very soon so please don’t think we have forgotten you.

Alright, let’s get on with the question and Mr E’s answer and our discussion below:
Here’s the question:

Alexander F.:  Well I am a guy, and from what I’ve seen, most men are scared to even consider your existence Mr. E. There is another fellow who goes by the name of Peter Tompkins, who gave me something of a re-awakening, because here I am at 53 years of age talking about my first meeting with fairies and nature spirits, and all these amazing living things that are all so involved in the living world all around us…

I’m at the point where I’m bewildered as to how most people are simply oblivious to all this… So my question go out to both of you Mr. E. & Natalie: Is something much more than just the, “Veil” involved in this seeming waking sleep that human beings find themselves living in. Or is it simply something like the fact that most people have 99% of their Light-Body (The Real Ones) only partially activated ?

There could be many reasons, and you have a person here, who is going to really listen to what you have to say, and give it very careful consideration. Also you should know, that I am willing to study quite hard etc., as I went through schooling for engineering. It does not mean I am smart. School never imparts wisdom. Only the Heart Connected to the Head can give that. I guess I am trying to learn to hear with better ears and see with better eyes…

I have met some of your fellow people Mr. E. The Beautiful little caretakers of two very nice Flowers I was growing for several years. They were the sweetest little Maidens, and both curtsied to me, apparently as a thank you forcaring for the Flowers they were connected to… I’ll just remain silent now, and wait patiently for an answer. Please do not hurry, as I have at least developed a little patience in my 53 yrs. here, and every journey of a thousand miles begins with one step 🙂

NL:  That’s a very interesting question.  Basically, why is so much of humanity unaware,  and oblivious, as he put it, to the vast amount of beings and energies that surround us?

Mr E: Well, first of all, I commend you Alexander for not following the crowd and being willing to consider that I exist.  (Smiles) I do, by the way–exist, that is. Now, I’m not sure I can speak with absolute certainty to the reason why much of humanity is in a matrix-like, hypnotized state but perhaps I can give some insight  and suggestions. The veil between our worlds and it’s construction plays a pretty big part so let’s start by talking about that.

The veil between our two worlds didn’t always exist. There was a time, long ago when we lived side by side with humanity, coexisting peacefully.
However, as time went on, some humans decided they wanted to be able to work magic the way we did but they were disappointed and frustrated because they didn’t have the ability or knowledge to do so. Instead, they found another type of magic through their own inventions, military might and weaponry.

Our most wise and learned people looked into the future and foresaw the creation of a world that we did not want to be a part of. They foresaw the horseless carriage, the atom bomb, the disrespect and the spoiling of the earth and we decided to separate ourselves from your world by creating the veil.

Our world was created from your world so our faery realm is a world within your world. Interestingly, your scientists are beginning to realize this because they have recently detected what they call a “shadow biosphere.” They haven’t figured it all out yet but they have found hints that may lead them to us one day.

When we separated the worlds, we caused humanity to forget we were once among them. In fact, the veil is held in place today by humanity’s lack of belief in us. This seemed like a clever thing to do back then but we have come to regret it.

What we did not understand at the time we created the veil was how much our world would ultimately be affected by the damage humanity would do to their world. Perhaps we should have known this, since we created our world from yours, but this was a horrible realization for us. Now, we are trying desperately to let humanity know that we exist, that we are being seriously impacted by their choices, even though we caused them to believe that we are little more than fairy tales.  Believe me, the irony of this dire situation is not lost upon us.

Now, let’s get back to the original question – Is there’s more at work here than just the veil? In a way, yes but it’s connected to the veil for certain.

Let me explain: When we left your world, a certain energy or light, as I think of it, left too.  I don’t think it is an accident that you refer to part of your history as “the dark ages.”  Without us to balance the energy, humankind was left to its own devices and, as they focused more and more on external things,  their connection with their internal selves diminished as well.

Fortunately, as humankind has progressed over the years, some among you have developed a “mind opening” experience where you can believe in new possibilities, including us.  This was not true at all in the beginning but now there are some who have the ability to believe in us.  However, much of this depends on the person’s belief system and what they allow and don’t allow in their lives.

NL: Their belief system is something they often learn from and pass along to others so that would perpetuate itself forever if something doesn’t intervene.

Mr E: That’s true and it also has to do with human cultures. You know, you don’t realize what a culture is sometimes. For example, there is the working culture made up of people who are out there working and doing their job. Their career, money, and the daily grind becomes the most important thing. The physical things around them tend to be the most important things. People of the working culture tend to be oblivious to our kind.

NL: Is it because all their time is taken up with the physical and the here and now?

Mr E: Yes, exactly, it’s about the here and now and their own perception of what life is.

But, in some countries, their culture includes folklore–something we worked very hard to create–and you have people who have grown up with it and can say, “well, it’s a possibility that the faery realm exists.” This is true of places like Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, England, Iceland, certain areas in the United States and lots of areas scattered throughout the world.

The people who are more apt to see fairies are those who can at least consider the possibility that we exist or perhaps believe in the paranormal.

NL: And yet, I have gotten emails from many people who’ve had experiences with fairies and had no idea they existed beforehand. In fact, they were quite shocked.

Mr E: Here’s what I believe, this is just my theory, because it’s still a little bit unknown on my end. The reason that those sightings were even possible is because there are portals between the realms and those portals or rips in the veil are created by the local belief systems.

So, if there’s enough believers to weaken the veil in the area, this type of thing can occur. Let’s say there were 50 people in this one particular area made up of one person who didn’t believe and 49 that did. These 49 people believe that there’s a good possibility that fairies exist and sometimes have the ability to be seen in our world.

Now, the one person who does not believe happens to be in the same location as those other people and one day, he is shocked to see a member of the faery realm through the veil. He was able to see this because of the beliefs of the other 49 people.

NL: Now he will actually become one of the believers and now there are 50 believers instead of 49.

Mr E: Exactly, and that’s how it grows, just like that.

NL: And where there’s more believers, there can be more sightings.

Mr E: That’s exactly it. It depends on the mindset your area has. For instance, this area in Traverse City has a lot of believers, new age type thinkers and people with open minds here. That’s why this is a good place for fairy sightings.

NL: Now, Alexander said he saw caretakers of flowers in his garden and they curtsied to him in appreciation for what he was doing to care for them. I’m not sure if this was his first experience and then he started to think about fairies or something else caused his awareness. Perhaps he was in an area where there were a few people down the street who believed in fairies…

Mr E: Right, and that could be how he encountered the maidens, as he put it. They were physical enough so that he could see them perhaps because of the power of the locals, their network. Then again, he could have been the one with the strong belief.

NL: So, the bottom line is that belief affects the veil and one’s willingness to be open minded affects one’s belief.

Mr E: Yes, and the veil is affected by the belief of the people. The more people believe, the weaker the veil becomes. So, eventually, when enough people believe, the veil will disappear altogether.

NL:  That’s the plan, anyway…

Mr E:  Yes! That’s definitely the plan.

Who is Mr E?

He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.