Hi Everyone!

Today I am posting Mr E’s answers to two of your most recent questions. The question will be listed below, followed by his response. He loves answering your questions when time allows so please feel free to ask any thoughtful question and perhaps it will be chosen the next time. Enjoy!

Question #1–from Faecat

Hey Nat and RF!
I’m an older member here named Faecat for all you new comers! I haven’t been on in a very long time, and I haven’t communicated with the fae either. I wanted to ask Mr. E for any suggestions on an old Alum getting back in touch with the fae.
I really missed everyone on here, and I hope to stay on more often! My love to my old members, Susan, Nat, and E!

[It’s great to see you back here, Faecat!–NL]

Mr E’s Answer:

Transcript of answer:

NL: So, if you’ve been gone for a while and you’ve kind of let it drop, is there anything in particular that you can to do to…

Mr E: Reconnect?

NL: Yeah

Mr E: Oh, well the thing is, that even though you disconnect, they are still there. Even if she does ignore us for a while, you know, we’d still be there, checking in on her whether she notices us or not. So, it’s mostly on her side that she has to reconnect.

NL: Okay, so she has to be the one to open up to them.

Mr E: Right

NL: Anything else?

Mr E: Uh…yes. In order for her to open up to them, I would highly recommend using some Damiana (burned on charcoal like incense) and perhaps putting some Mugwort in her tea.

NL: Okay, put Mugwort and Damiana together and burn it?

Mr E: Yes, but don’t drink the Damiana–no drinking the Damiana, just the Mugwort. And, you might want to put some Mint in there and maybe Elderberries because that’s also Faeish related. I would put that together and drink that to help you sense–to help you get your senses back. Sometimes it helps.

NL: That’s a great answer, thank you.

Mr E: Does that help any?

NL: Yes, I think that would answer the question for her.

Mr E: Alright

Question #2–from p_sunshine23

I have a question for Mr.E: so in Human schools(I am mostly referring to higher learning, like college) people all learn the same basics, like arithmetic and writing skills, but later on they can focus their studies on a certain field. For example a person can choose to study medicine and another person, might choose to study to become a teacher. I was wondering if their are different fields of study in magic? Do the students have any sort of autonomy in their learning, can they focus their studies to a specific aspect or application of magic.

Mr E’s Answer:

Transcript of answer:

NL: Do you Get what she’s asking? You know, like if you could specialize in, like say…

Mr E: Healing magic

NL: Right, or war-type magic. Are there people that are known for a particular specialty?

Mr E: There are people who are known for certain specialties but the thing is, you’re taught all of them. And it all depends on if you feel you are atuned to one particular type. Of course you can center your attention to one particular thing if that’s what you want to be.

NL: So that would answer this question – “Do they have any choice in their learning.”

Mr E: Oh, very much so. In order to pass that wizardry part, you have to know everything.

NL: To begin with, but then, like she said, everyone learns the basics but then does it go past that into…

Mr E: No, no pretty much the basics is the basics.

NL: Everyone’s taught the same exact thing.

Mr E: They are all taught the same exact thing. They are all empowered in the same way. However, if you wanted to learn about the healing types, that’s a different, separate thing.

NL: Do you go somewhere else to learn that?

Mr E: No, same place.

NL: Does everyone learn that?

Mr E: If you want to

NL: But you don’t have to

Mr E: Right, that’s more of an elective.

NL: Okay, so that is one that’s different

Mr E: Yeah, I’d say healing would be but that’s…and most everybody has to learn the war-type

NL: Okay, defensive–

Mr E: That’s absolutely mandatory

NL: So the only thing so far that sounds optional is the healing one?

Mr E: Yeah that’s the only optional one

Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.