Hello everyone!

In his 2012 post, Mr. E mentioned that, by the time 2012 arrives, “magic will be more accessible to humans who know how to use it.” His use of the word “magic” has seemed to make quite a few people uncomfortable, or worried–probably because  people often associate the words “magic” and “evil” together.

To help clarify things a bit, Mr. E and I had the following discussion.  We hope it helps!  –Natalie

NL: Some people have concerns about the safety of working with magic because they feel it may be connected to the dark energies…

Mr E: Magic is not evil–evil is evil, if that makes any sense.   Well  I guess, first you have to ask yourself “what is evil?”

Evil is closely connected to fear and is a negative intent that is created by anger and hate.

NL:  Hurting, dominating others…

Mr E: Yes, dominating, being the overlord of somebody.

NL: …and the all-consuming desire for power.

Mr E: Right, sometimes,  because they are feeling helpless and they want to have power, people go to the evil side to get it because they think it is easier.

NL:  and it is, sometimes…

Mr E: It is—it can be very powerful and very fast working.  But the problem with that is, you know, and what they don’t realize—there are rules that go around, you see.

NL: Which are?

Mr E: If you do something and create something evil through magic and project it at somebody else, you see, the thing’s gonna come right back at you. After it’s done “eating” that (the intended target), it will come back and eat you too!

NL: You can sustain that for a while if you keep the momentum of negativity going outward, there are people who do this for many years.  But eventually…

Mr E: Eventually, you will implode.

NL: Just look at the examples in history…

Mr E: Right, exactly.  Look at all the big baddies out there who have done evil, horrible things.  What happened to them?  Nothing good, now did it?

NL: No, nothing good.

Mr E: So what I am saying is, the best way to empower yourself is by using the positive and not the negative. And to do that, it is perfectly all right to use magic.  Magic itself is not evil, but evil can use magic.

If you are worried about not doing magic because it is evil, then you might as well not pray either, you might as well not worship any god.  You might as well not have any positive hope for anything in this world if you don’t believe in magic.

NL:  Why do you say that?

Mr E: Magic is the creating power of all there is around you.

NL: I think the word “magic” is the problem, rather than the concept.

Mr E: It’s just a word.  It’s a word that means the power of creating.  The power of creating  is what magic truly is.

NL: Energy is neutral and you can use it for positive or negative results.

Mr E: Exactly.  Energy, magic, same difference.

NL: Let’s talk about empowerment for a minute because it does relate to magic and energy. Maybe people need to be aware that they are inherently powerful, they are born that way.

Mr E: Yes,  every creature has its own power.

NL: How does one access that?

Mr E: By realizing who they truly are. They have to be connected to their spirit and realize that this is just…

Well, like…for instance, I’m in this body right now and technically I’m a woman at the moment (laughs) which is really freaky for me! Yet my spirit is here. The spirit is where the power is at in the first place.

NL: When dealing with magic or spells, people are often concerned that the devil will be involved in some way.

Mr E:  The devil…the devil is real.  I mean, I hate to say that because by even saying that I am giving him some credit and some power. So, yes he is real, but he is real because you have created him that way. And, he is only powerful if you create him that way.

NL: Yes, if you buy into it.  Fear is one of his greatest weapons, one of the connections to the devil.

Mr E: Right and he likes to surprise you—he’s a sneaky little devil (laughs). Hah-no pun intended! But there is a reason he is called that because he isn’t up in your face, he’s a little guy who likes to dart around things and surprise you.  He’s the type of guy who wants to manipulate you and to get you to fear him.  The more you fear the little man, the bigger he gets so he’ll feed right off of that energy, you know.

NL: It doesn’t seem like his methods are that different from the unseelie.

Mr E: Well, they kind of work with him. He inspires them and they like him very much.

NL: So…going back to the idea of power and magic…not only are we powerful from within, we are also surrounded by power.

Mr E:  Power is everywhere, yes.  The earth we are standing on has got power. My goodness, these crystals you have right here have power in them.

NL: So talking about magic and evil…

Mr E: Magic is not evil unless  you create it to be evil.

NL: Magic is neutral and can go either way.

Mr E: Right

NL: And you can make the choice

Mr E: It’s like water, you can either swim in it or drown in it.

NL: And those who are worried about using spells, well I can see their point if they are working with a negative spell.

Mr E: Right, you have to know what kind of spell you’ve got going there and who created it in the first place.  Learn to create your own damn spell and work with the energies around you.  Energies are just energies, you have to go with the basic energy and create your own  thing, you know?

NL:  A lot of people don’t know how to do that.

Mr E:  Right, but the information is out there and we can share our methods too as time goes on.