Here’s a fun little conversation I had with Mr E on May 1st about the elven tradition of using an egg as a divination tool. I hope you enjoy it!–

NL: So, egg divination…

MR E: It’s a little thing we do, you know and it can be done on May Day or any day you want to know what the future holds. The egg represents new birth and whatever is coming into the future is inside that egg because it is being born, you see? So that’s why it is called egg divination…

NL: I see, that’s pretty interesting…can you tell us how you do it?

MR E: Well, first you get yourself a pot of water and you boil it.  Once you have a good, rolling boil, you take an egg, crack it, and you drop it into the water.

NL: Can you show us how to do this?

MR E: Sure, get me an egg and boil me up some water…

(We used a medium sized pan and filled it 2/3 full with water. After the water was boiling, he took an egg, cracked it against the rim of the pan, said “What will our future be?”  Right after that, he dropped the egg–just the yolk and white, not the shell–into the water)

NL: Oh, so you’re not being careful with the egg then…

MR E: Oh, no, no, no, you don’t want to be careful, because if you’re careful, it’s going to be nice and neat and you don’t want that. Just crack it, drop it in there and watch what forms.

NL: And then, do you turn off the heat so you can actually see what’s there?

MR E: Yes

NL: All right, so now you look at it and…

MR E: You look, and you see what’s there.

NL: So…what do you see in there?

MR E: Well, you see the little things bubbling up and  you will see your egg forming into different shapes. Then, you will look for things that you recognize and have meaning. For example, if you see a bird, that could mean flight or travel…

NL: I see, it’s kind of like reading tea leaves.

MR E: Yes, it’s like tea leaves only with an egg, pretty much only you get to eat the egg afterward!

NL: No wonder you like this so much…

MR E: Oh! Look at that! Do you see that? There are two people together – they’re getting married!

NL: Yes, I see that…

MR E: There’s a marriage in the future.

NL: Your future?

MR E: No…not mine!

NL: (Laughing) Are you sure? Hey, you’re the one that cracked the egg – it’s got to be your future!

MR E: No, no, no, not mine. .. OK, there’s a man and wife so let’s see what else there is…

NL: Oh wow, look…there’s a horse’s head, see it? (If you look carefully, you can see it in the photo below.)

MR E: Oh yes, I see it! (That has significance to someone who was present and he spoke about it’s meaning to them.)

MR E: hmmm, I want to move the pan around so I can see it better…

(He turns the pan around in a circular motion to change the formations a little bit)   There’s a dragon! See it?

(He continued to point out things he saw and their significance to those who were present for quite a while.)

NL: So, what period of time does this cover in general?
Six months? A year?

MR E: Six months to a year…let’s see, what else do I see in here…I love egg divination, don’t you?

NL: Yes, I never thought we would be able to see so many things that we would recognize in there, it’s fascinating. Hey! I see a little gnome head there..

MR E: Yes, I see, in the corner here – (laughing) that’s probably me, I look just like that, you know!

(For the record, he doesn’t look anything like a gnome!)
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Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.