Here’s a short conversation I had with Mr E recently. I hope you find it interesting.–nl

NL: Is there something you would like to share with us today?

Mr E: Yes, I have been doing a lot of observation of humans, you know, and I find it quite interesting that one person will judge another person when they really don’t have a grasp of who that person truly is. They just make the judgment ahead of time.

NL: You mean they make a snap judgment?

Mr E: Yes, a snap judgment. I see a lot of people making those without thinking about the consequences of that judgment. Without a doubt, judgment always hurts others.

There’s too much of that (judgement) going on these days, it is not the elven way. We try to look at people with compassion instead of judgment.

NL: From what you’ve told me, the Elves of Fyn send out lots of love toward people instead of judgment.

Mr E: Exactly, and compassion more than anything else. You see that  person over there who maybe didn’t pay her rent on time and has been a difficult roommate? You are aggravated at her for doing that and impacting your life, granted, but you’ve got to look at it this way: Here’s this person who is trying the best she can and yet she can’t come up with the money. What more is she supposed to do? What can she do?

Do you think she would really want to rip you off? She probably wants to live a happy life like everyone else. So, if she’s trying the best she can then you’ve got to be compassionate about it.

NL: Are you talking about somebody in particular?

Mr E: Nobody in particular, this was just an example.

NL: So, how would you show your compassion in this case?

Mr E: Well, if it was an elf situation, we’d find another way for her to make up the money. Instead of paying for it with cash, she could pay for it with things that she could do to make their lives better.

NL: Money can be awfully tight at times and not getting her portion of the money might put others in the same position she’s in.

Mr E: In that case, we need to find her a place to live where that doesn’t matter. It is difficult but it’s sad to judge people and be angry at people for things like that.

The truth is, that’s not why we are here in this life, we’re not here to focus on things like that. We call those “undertow” things because that stuff will drag you under every time.

NL: You’re talking about focusing on lack and negativity.

Mr E: Exactly! You’ve got to be focused on positivity and what you do have instead of what you don’t have.

NL: You will have more of what you want if you do that.

Mr E: That’s right and your life will be very bountiful.

NL: So, you’re saying, “don’t get caught up in the trap of looking at people and seeing their flaws and/or the negative because that’s going to impact you as well.”

Mr E: Yes, you’re going to take that into your soul and you really don’t want that in there. You want to have happiness inside of you, not negativity.

You’ve got to change this yourself and not let the negative affect you, it’s part of self empowerment.

NL: If you accumulate all this negativity, is there going to be room for the positive things in your life?

Mr E: No, you won’t have room for it.

NL: You almost have to make a choice. “Am I going to be living in the negative or living in the positive?”

Mr E: Right! Are you going to be happy or sad, that is your choice. It’s everybody’s choice to be happy or sad.

NL: What you choose to focus on is also your choice.

Mr E: Yes! And I feel bad when other people end up judged because of these things, you know? I think people need to look at other people differently instead of judging them so harshly.

Don’t look at someone and see a loser. Instead say,”it’s a shame that she’s struggling.” Send her energy and think about whether there’s something you could do to make her life better.  In doing that, your life will be better too.

Who is Mr E?

He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.